Episode 12

September 2021 Horoscopes: It’s Party Time!

Published on: 8th September, 2021

IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY, VIRGO! And we have a giveaway...

You are in for a great month! After the terrible time that all the signs had in August, Susan Miller is here to tell us about better things for September. She has even promised both Taurus and Scorpio that September will be filled with enchanting social events, which Laura and Alex interpret as Susan inviting them to the glamorous launch of her collaboration with Louis Vuitton (translation: they will stand outside a store and peer into a window to see a trunk Susan designed by sending inspirational stock photos to the LV team via FedEx). 

As always, Laura and Alex dissect Susan’s Note, which surprisingly focuses on the aforementioned trunk rather than her recent injury (Susan, we hope you feel better soon!), and let Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio know what September holds (plans that go your way, an event straight out of the silver screen, and fleets of cherubs, respectively).

*Giveaway Announcement* One lucky listener will receive their zodiac sign’s illustrated page from the Susan Miller Astrology Zone 2021 Calendar! To enter to win, send an email astrologyzoned@gmail.com with your name, your astrological sign, and something you liked in an episode of this podcast. Sorry, winners must reside in the USA and we must receive your email by October 1, 2021. 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Giveaway Announcement: 04:14

Note from Susan Miller: 08:15

Virgo: 15:30

Taurus: 21:19

Scorpio: 27:34

Share your own thoughts on Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone with us (and enter our giveaway!) by emailing astrologyzoned@gmail.com.



Laura: Hello, Alex!

Alex: Hi, Laura! How are you?

Laura: I'm great! Thank you. I think I'm great. It might have just been an automatic response but thank you for asking.

Alex: Of course. Anytime. I'm glad that you're great or maybe pretend great.

Laura: Yeah, great! I just thought of a joke. It's September, so if anybody in the audience likes when people break into song I'm just going to delight you right now and say: (singing) ai y ai podcast in September ai y ai. That's all I got.

Alex: I hope there's a big overlap with people who enjoy our podcast and people who enjoy other people breaking into song.

Laura: Yeah, me too. I mean, let's podcasts in September.

Alex: Here we are.

Laura: Here we are. Well first we have to say: happy birthday, Virgo. It’s Virgo season. It's also the season for Virgos, and Virgos rising. I just want to make sure I say that.

Alex: Yeah, that's right. Very inclusive.

the Susan Miller calendar for:

Alex: Yeah, she posted about it recently, being on sale and I was just looking at the Instagram post shaking my head, if people only knew.

Laura: If they only knew. She did ask for reviews and I might review the calendar and also be like I would prefer a USPS shipping option, not just UPS or FedEx. Thank you.

Alex: Something tells me you won't be the only one making that suggestion.

Laura: I'm sure actually and that's the kind of suggestion that I think she takes action on, so we'll see. So anyway, the mystery was that the calendar came shipped from a Sarah Miller, and then Alex and I were like, is there a conspiracy, does she have two names, what is this? We did some digging the best we can figure out is that Sarah Miller is a business associate who produces the calendars in some way links to the business, so it's not a conspiracy theory, it's not a secret identity, it's just so a lady who shares a last name, I guess. I don't know. Anyway, they're welcome to their own privacy so we will investigate further but just so I just, you know, rest assured, we did not discover, like a secret ring behind the Susan Miller astrological calendar.

Alex: We did not and also like Susan Miller is not her stage name.

Laura: Yeah, it's not. It’s just Susan Miller.

Alex: So, I received the Susan Miller calendar and then Alex and I had a lovely dinner, and we were able to look at it together, which, you know, was a joy. We had thought that maybe we would like pick a week and live by the calendar, but she doesn't have advice on every day and the advice is very vague. So, that didn't work, and we're trying to figure out some way to include our listeners in this calendar experience. And then we realized the artwork on the calendar is a very beautiful. It is a high fashion illustrator, and every month has some sort of high fashion, like interpretation of that sign, you know like, what they're doing. Are they lunching? I think Leo looked they were vacationing on like the Riviera or something or Positano.

Alex: Yeah, it's all like, there's an activity, but like make it glam.

u your sign’s page from the:

Alex: Yes, and this is a recommendation from Susan herself as Laura said. She said, the illustrations are so great, not only should you frame them. you should give them as gifts.

Laura: Yes, so we want to give them as gifts to our listeners. And you never know like

their sign’s page from the:

Alex: So delighted.

Laura: So delighted. So wow we're just really giving back. Wow, look at this.

Alex: Yeah, we’re really helping the community though Susan Miller calendars.

Laura: She always says tell a friend and we are. So other things going on in the Susan Miller world: there was quite an upset on social media. I was very alarmed by some of Susan Miller's posts. She had warned everyone that the August new moon was going to be very dramatic and maybe calamitous or catastrophic. And it turned out it was for Susan because she reported that she had an accident. She did not report on what the accident was, but what we heard from her was she was lying in bed and couldn't move an inch, and then it got more dramatic because she mentioned a bleeding disorder, and then there was a lot of things about being in a lot of pain not able to move, and that she was just waiting for the soft tissues to be absorbed back into her body, and for Mother Nature to do its work, and I was very alarmed but I had a very practical friend staying with me, and she was like, I'm reading between the lines and this sounds like there's a big bruise and her bleeding disorder makes it like swollen and harder to heal. And I was, like, very relieved.

Alex: Yes, I think that's right. She has alluded to that before, that it's like trouble for her when she gets bruises because whatever she expects Mother Nature to do, Mother Nature is not doing it as quickly as she might do it for someone else.

om Susan Miller for September:

Alex: So the plot twist was that Susan Miller businesswoman took over for the Note.

Laura: Yes, it was not Susan Miller human woman with a healing body, it was Susan Miller businesswoman in full force.

Alex: Yes, so Susan has been working very hard to collaborate with Louis Vuitton on a project

Laura: That’s very high fashion and her calendar has all these high fashion illustrations, and I was like I don't actually think of this Miller's that high fashion but she's collab-ing with high fashion. Haute couture.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. So I guess the project was that Louis Vuitton the company invited 200 quote artists and visionaries to take a Louis Vuitton trunk and design something. So of course, Susan, you know, she's got a lot of ideas, she knew it was going to be about astrology, something about planets and stars. And man, she wrote a lot about the process in this Note. Laura: Yes, and my favorites are that it all happened via FedEx and Zoom.

Alex: I agree that was very high on the list for me too, but what I did love even more is that she said she sent via FedEx and Zoom, like, ideas to the team to make it happen. And one of the things she sent to them was stock photography. Susan loves a stock photo.

Laura: She loves a stock photo. She loves a stock photo, as we can tell by her social media. Stock photo she loves. Wow. Yeah, I also in my mind didn't know what like via FedEx meant, so in mind they were just shipping a trunk back and forth.

Alex: No, they were, Susan was getting printouts of stock photos.

Laura: Via FedEx.

Alex: Not a whole lot better.

Laura: Not the whole trunk back and forth. And I was imagining some weird decoupage project.

Alex: That sounds fun. I would like to do that.

Laura: Yeah. Maybe we'll all be inspired and make our own like LV trunks. Yeah.

Alex: Yeah. So, it's very exciting because these trunks are going to be featured at the Louis Vuitton stores in what Susan calls fashion cities around the world.

Laura: Fashion cities. And remember it’s the 200th anniversary of the birth of Mr. Louis Vuitton, which is why the astrology angle makes sense. She's an astrologer, she could read his chart. Alex: Absolutely, and she did his chart and the whole thing, and we're going to go see the trunk when its unveiled.

Laura: Yeah and she made sure to let us know that it would not be like at Bloomingdale's or any sort of department store. You can see these trunks only at like the real Louis Vuitton stores, but she specifically said she will be there on September 18, 1pm, at the Louis Vuitton store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. Alex and I are going to go, and most exciting, Susan Miller says that she's doing her best to get there. She is trying to heal, so that she can be there at the store for the big reveal.

Alex: Exactly. It sounds like she's made a little progress. The last post, what did she say? She was able to dangle her legs off the bed for three minutes.

Laura: That was my favorite thing that she's worked up the dangling her leg off the bed for three minutes and I was like, that's a great measurement. Thank you. Again, she said it was an unforeseeable accident and her note but did not tell us what had transpired. We may never know. But you know what, maybe six years from now we'll get some more information.

Alex: Maybe six years from now, maybe the next time she does a five-hour Clubhouse session. Laura: Right. I can say that she has been off, she's been resting, there have not been any more Clubhouse sessions. Oh, side note on that one. The last time I recorded she was doing one while we recorded, and we said like, oh we've been going on for two and a half hours, when we started recording, and then Alex and I ended the recording and checked back with it and she was still going and it had been at that point five and a half hours that she had been talking on Clubhouse for, so she's very thorough and I'm sure what she's feeling better she’ll be back on Clubhouse.

Alex: Yes. I know I call her out for a lot of things, but he is very devoted to her fans and I appreciate that.

Laura: Very devoted. So I’m still reeling from Susan Miller businesswoman coming out strong on the Note from Susan Miller when I was just expecting a long note about her poor legs.

Alex: And she had a lot to say and she also she is very good about just plugging everything and she said, you know, you can follow Louis Vuitton on social media and check out the press coverage of this trunk extravaganza.

Laura: There's an article in Vogue and the Times about this, and the Vogue article is about Susan Miller, which we were curious about because one of the things she said straight away in her reveal of this project is that she's been sworn to secrecy, but now she could talk about it. However, the Times article predates September. So, well anyway, I guess she can reveal to us now in the month of September when it's happening, that this project has been ongoing.

Alex: Yes, and it's so much more dramatic to say, I was sworn to secrecy. But I definitely read this and said, I already know about this trunk, but that's okay.

Laura: That's okay. Well you know and actually I really have to say, Alex, I'm just very pleased to know about this trunk because the first time this year that we really covered Susan Miller and collaborations was the CBD fizzy water, which you and I had strong feelings on, and I really would like to let my past self know like, don't worry, she goes from CBD fizzy water to Louis Vuitton collaboration all within six months.

Alex: I wish we had known at the time. I would have felt a lot better.

Laura: I would have felt a lot better.

Alex: But that is an excellent point.

Laura: It's just month to month, you just never know what can happen, you know.

Alex: I feel like she's on the upswing. She has left CBD water behind, she moved on, TCM, Louis Vuitton, the sky's the limit.

Alex: Sky's the limit. So congratulations Susan on your Louis Vuitton collaboration. Alex and I will be there on September 18 at 1pm at the Louis Vuitton store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue. I don't know what I'm going to wear.

Alex: Wait, what if we wear a white blouse. One of us wears a white blouse and one of us wears a red dress because she you know how she always has those two photos of herself.

. A red slip dress from about:

Alex: Absolutely. It is an important social business function.

Laura: So I think that covers a note from Susan Miller. You know, exciting developments, as always, and Susan Miller did promise August had some bleak stuff in the horoscopes but she did promise that September would be better, and her horoscopes for September are much more encouraging so keep the faith everyone. So with that said, should we get into Virgo?

your horoscope for September:

Laura: Happy birthday, Virgo. So, Virgos, things are looking up for you. Susan had a lot of positive things to say. The horoscopes are a little briefer this month I think because of her injuries. But one of the things that stuck out to me was that Mars was going to be in Virgo until September 14, and Susan says that that will help you see good progress with any personal desire you have and want to advance, and you will be more determined than ever to see plans through to completion and to capture your goal. No obstacle will stop you for your passion for your goal will get you over each one. I was like that's very encouraging.

Alex: Wow, Virgo, you can do anything this month.

Laura: Yeah, and I think Virgos usually find it pretty comforting to know that things are going to go their way because they have a specific way.

Alex: That's true.

Laura: I think that will be very comforting to the Virgos in our audience.

Alex: This is good news for the Virgo. Unfortunately, we may as well just get it out now. Mercury retrograde is coming. Yeah, so the Virgo live your life and accomplish all your goals until September 26, which is when it begins.

Laura: Yes, but just to be like Susan Miller for a second. It's always good when Susan Miller plugs one of her things and somebody else's things, so Virgos were gonna let you know that we have a whole episode on Mercury Retrograde that you can go and listen to and that will help you through this Mercury Retrograde season, but, yes, she did advise us achieving a lot before September 26 because you never know with Mercury retrograde what will happen. She also really said that September 14 was a great day to make presentations, schedule interviews, institute important ventures, sign papers, and put big plans into motion. So that's well in advance of Merc retro and the shadow period, so I know you Virgos like your planners. Get your planner out. September 14. Big star. I also enjoyed that on the new moon of September 6 she said that Virgos were due for a stroke of luck possibly from a foreign person who speaks with an accent or is based abroad. And it could be someone close to you who loves you, who will suggest that you both take a spontaneous trip to a foreign country. And then there was a long paragraph about several different legal matters and maybe this could also apply too. So, I don't know, Virgos, but maybe for something the foreign accent, a foreign trip, or some sort of arbitration matter. Just want to let you like have a heads up about that on the new moon.

Alex: Yes, and it's going to be a good thing because and she says, in other new things I learned about astrology, she said on your annual new moon like this is the new moon in Virgo, it's not necessarily always positive. But this one will be.

Laura: That's very comforting. And then of course we always have to move on to the full moon, and there was some stuff about love and relationships. I kind of skipped over that because the Virgo friend that I was thinking about is an artist, so I wanted to keep an eye out for them on artistic matters, and she did say the full moon on September 20, if you're an artist, it might affect you differently. You may be collaborating with a partner in early September, and if so, at this full moon your project will reach a finish. It will be quite beautiful. And the fact the full moon is in Pisces suggests this full moon will produce a soft poetic romance and memorable artistic creation.

Alex: Great.

Laura: Yes, yes. So, I thought, oh and also she said a few days before the full moon on September 16, there will be a client or VIP that will be enthusiastic about one of your artistic ideas. Yes.

Alex: So, okay, this sounds very good for you Virgo artists.

Laura: Really good, really good.

Alex: I did read the love section.

Laura: Okay, tell us.

Alex: I thought it was interesting because she talks a little bit about how love will be affected this month by the planets for Virgo. But then as Susan likes to do she just throws in a little kind of practical advice, you know Susan has lived a life and she's got a lot to say. So she said, make sure you truly love your partner, and you're not simply in love with love. Being a bride or handsome groom is a dream for most young people growing up, but the dream ends if they never knew their partner well enough when entering marriage.

Laura: Wow, that is great advice. Just don't get married just because you're in love with love. Alex: Right, so I think that was not specific to a Virgo making a bad choice. Just generally, you know, don't rush into marriage.

Laura: I really appreciate that word of caution. Wow, thank you. Wow. Yes, she was also saying kind of related to love but in general for Virgos that Mars is in your sign and that will make you more attractive and charismatic so trust that your natural charm will be evident to everyone you meet this whole month.

Alex: Wow, that's good.

Laura: Yeah, yeah, especially before Merc retro but in general just like the the whole month you're very attractive. Very charming. Magnetic, I think.

Alex: She also did say that Mars in Virgo is like having ten cups of coffee each day. It's a lot of stimulation. There's a lot going on but I think that also has to do with the magnetism.

Laura: Yes ok Virgos I mean sounds like you're going to have plans, you're gonna be busy, and the plans are going to go your way.

Alex: Yes, I think you're going to have a great birthday month. I hope you enjoy it.

Laura: I don't think there's a greater gift you can give a Virgo than telling them that they can make plans and those plans will go their way.

Alex: That's true. Enjoy your plans, Virgo.

your horoscope for September:

Alex: I think you had just the right reaction to that, Laura.

Laura: So, however, if you're a Taurus and conception is interesting to you right now, you should go and read those paragraphs for yourself. I did not. I did not. So, but what I did do is I continued on to the full moon on September 20, which she said will mark a magically social time, and within five days of the full moon on September 20, you are likely to be invited to a dream of an event, one straight out of the silver screen. And Alex, you know what I just realized? She had given a range of dates, which were September 18 to September 25, and that is the day that we get to go see her Louis Vuitton trunk at the Louis Vuitton store and and that is a very, like, silver screen social event. So, I, for one, I don't know what else will happen on the full moon, but I'm very excited that, like, the stars are aligned for me to go see her Louis Vuitton trunk at the Louis Vuitton store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue on September 18.

Alex: I think that's absolutely what she's referring to.

Laura: Yeah, I think so too. So then she kind of went back a little bit to the new moon and so that if you are an artistic soul, you'll get a boost from the new moon, and the weeks of follow it. You might give yourself an assignment or be given one. And if so you should commit yourself to adjust after the new moon on September 6, and you will be surprised at how well the creative progress goes for you. Mars in Virgo will give you the motivation and drive to create something truly expressive in a completely new way. So for my artistic Tauruses or at any sort of creative generation, the weeks after the new moon and all the weeks of September sound positive for creative expression. And then she said that September 14 to October 30, Mars will move through Libra and enliven our sixth house of work and health, so Mars will see to that your life becomes very busy, and the only problem is that Mercury will be retrograde, and Alex what are the Mercury retrograde dates again?

Alex: It was September 26 to October 18.

Laura: Okay great so we have an episode on Mercury retrograde, which you should go listen to, but anyway Merc retro might throw some twists into those plans. But at month’s end, a project that you may have been looking forward to doing but had to put aside may now seem worthy of consideration. So that's always interesting because Mercury retrograde likes things that are renewed or revisiting or re- anything. Are it's usually positive so we'll be revisiting some, some sort of project. Back to the full moon. She said that Neptune will be conjunct the full moon suggesting that this full moon will bring you a highly visual, beautifully magical, and enchanting event. Again, I think she's talking with all of us on trunk show. But it's not a trunk show. A trunk show is a fashion show.

Alex: It is, but it’s still a trunk show.

Laura: It is a trunk show of trunks that have been inspired by the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis Vuitton. So yes, there's an enchanting event. I'm very excited, and it will survive with many friendly people, all very supportive of you, and you will revel in their warmth. This full moon will be very special socially but can also be helpful to your career so anything from September 18 to 25 if there's a social event, Tauruses, it could be helpful to your career. Now, however, she did not give any epidemiology warnings about this so I would say, use your best judgment about what events you're choosing to go to, you know, like I, Laura, I'm just saying you know, don't throw away caution just because Susan Miller said a social event will be helpful to you.

Alex: I think that's good advice. And I realize Susan is not immune to Covid fatigue. However, remember the forecasts, a few months ago where she said, make sure your cousin isn't a super spreader, and take your mask everywhere you go, and you know get vaccinated, and now it's like party time.

Laura: Yeah, now it's party time. I don't know, you know, Susan Miller lives in New York City like we do where there are vaccine mandates for a lot of events, so hopefully it'll be fine but anyway I just thought that was interesting. There are auspicious things for social events but we all have to still use our best judgment. And anyway what she said, though, is because Mars will be in Libra, something about it will reach out to Saturn and which is the 10th house of your chart and this is where like for months she's been telling us that there's like honors, awards, and fame like right around the corner. So she said again Saturn is in your 10th honors, awards, and achievement, and Mars is contacting Saturn there from his position in your workaday 6th house, so the work you did earlier should now reached a pinnacle point that brings praise and adds to your career. So we're still on that train of honors, awards, and achievements. And then she said meanwhile, good fortune Jupiter and Aquarius, you're prestigious 10th House of fame, will reach out to Mercury and Libra. This is just another piece of evidence that you may hear very good news about your career at the same time that a social event comes up. So, around the full moon, Tauruses, good news, possible social events, very positive. I mean, I think Tauruses, you know, enjoy good news, social events, and feeling very famous, so, my fellow Tauruses, I'm so pleased for you and I just hope that you will let us know how that goes for you. Alex: That sounds like a great month for Taurus.

Laura: Definitely.

Alex: Great. Well, Scorpio, you have a great month as well.

Laura: Wonderful.

lex: So here's your September:

Laura: I was going to say that same thing. That’s the most generous interpretation of Twitter that I have ever heard.

Alex: Yeah, Susan is feeling positive. So she said, try something that is unfamiliar to you, you'll probably make new friends, maybe join some kind of charitable organization, work with others and these new friendships should form. So there's a lot going on, it's all very good. I feel like every month, she talks about Scorpios redoing their places where they live, and she says it again. So you could do that. She also says that September 6 is Labor Day and you may have some time to do some creative daydreaming. So get ready for that. Again, lots of stuff with the friendship but I should say she specifically says if your birthday is on November 7, the new moon is going to be great because you're going to make a lasting new friend.

Laura: Well, that's nice.

Alex: Yes, and also Uranus is sending sparkling vibrations to the new moon, so you have some surprises in store.

Laura: (laughing)

Alex: I know.

Laura: I just imagined, like, somebody’s butt sending sparkling rainbows.

Alex: Basically, that's what's gonna happen.

Laura: Sign me up. Wow, Scorpio, what a gift.

Alex: Yes, you’ve got some sparkling butts coming your way. Okay, so what you've all been waiting for: are the fleets of Cupids back, or are they taking a break this month? They are back.

Laura: Ok fleets of Cupids are back on.

Alex: Venus will move into Scorpio putting the icing on your cake. Venus will make your charms visible and irresistible so if you are a single dress your best because Cupid will be watching out for you with his fleet of little cherubs with their tiny bows and arrows. So she said that this is happening around the full moon, September 20, and she said you might meet someone new within five days of this full moon or you may hear a confession of love.

Laura: Wow. around the full moon.

Alex: Yeah, I mean I'm excited for that.

Laura: Alex, what if we go to this Louis Vuitton trunk show and it’s like a sparkling social event and then we just receive confessions of love. So much could happen.

Alex: That would be amazing. Susan really would have nailed that.

Laura: What if there were fleets of cherubs at the Louis Vuitton trunk reveal?

Alex: Ok wait, now I have a new idea. We dress as cherubs.

Laura: Yes! Why would we dress as Susan Miller when we could just dress as cherubs?

Alex: And there's two of us. That's a fleet.

Laura: We are a fleet. 100% yes.

Alex: What we're missing in numbers we make up for in enthusiasm.

Laura: Exactly. That is my life motto. What I’m lacking in numbers I make up for in enthusiasm. I would also like point out that I think it's very interesting that a Taurus and a Scorpio are going to go to a Louis Vuitton high fashion reveal and we’re not like, which Louis Vuitton outfit should we wear, but should we dress as cherubs or should we dress as Susan Miller?

Alex: Yes, that is a good point. I actually didn't even think about the first option.

Laura: Well, I don't own any Louis Vuitton. So that's why I just couldn't, I can't even.

Alex: Right. And so, speaking of, she says, you're going to get invited to a lavish party populated by many creative people around September 20. I will give her some credit, she does say to wear the mask.

Laura: Okay, great. Thank you, Susan Miller epidemiologist.

Alex: But she says go. Wear your mask and go. What else is happening? Well, you know what I just said about Venus moving into Scorpio, she spends a lot of time on that and I know that I need to be more flexible about what she says in terms of appearance, especially when it has to do with Venus. I get it, that's, you know, ruling your appearance and whatnot but she goes into quite some detail about what you can do to make sure that you look your best while Venus is moving into Scorpio. So she said, pick up some new clothes for the upcoming season and look into ways to improve your looks while you have Venus in Scorpio. If you already had Botox or fillers, this could be the time to go see your dermatologist or to see your hairdresser or barber, although there is more in our episode, but do not get any plastic surgery or injectables during Merc retro.

Laura: Yes I'm glad you brought that up, Alex, because that's one of the biggest, most important things I learned from doing our Mercury retrograde episode is that like you should not do those kinds of beauty treatments during Merc retro, so Scorpio is get those before Merc retro.

Alex: Yes, and she says Venus focuses on the face, so when you choose to make improvements, your face is the part of you that benefits most. And then she writes, I will admit Venus also puts an emphasis on your entire body, suggesting you could improve its overall tone and look.

Laura: Ugh.

Alex: I know. I talk about it every month. I just don’t love it.

Laura: I feel again a very Taurus and Scorpio response to that is like: you're gonna like what you're going to get.

Alex: Exactly. Like, you will love me in my cherub outfit.

Laura: You will love my cherub outfit.

Alex: Okay, so it's very, very positive forecast. However, I have to end on a note that's not so great, which, Scorpios, you need to know about because she says there is one day you must avoid. Only one, but it's September 23, and she says this day will be no fun. So Scorpios, maybe, stay in on September 23, if possible, because the universe plays tricks on us and this could be happening on that day, September 23. And then of course, Merc retro is coming. So, you know, I don't know if it's related to the fact that he is a scamp and he is coming in to be Dennis the Menace a couple of days early for Scorpio but just don't be concerned if things go wrong on that day. It will be fine.

Alex: That is really, really good advice. Yeah. Okay, Scorpios, you have been warned and I think Scorpios appreciate a warning.

Alex: I think so too. Yeah, we can handle it. You know, I just don't want any surprises.

your sign in the Susan Miller:

Alex: Yes, we would love to hear from you.

Laura: Yes, we would love to hear from you. Astrologyzoned@gmail.com is the email address. You can email us from your email. That's how you email. I feel like Susan always gives very specific directions for tech.

Alex: That was very Susan of you.

Laura: How so I tell people how to email? Email astrologyzoned@gmail.com from your email address on your computer or your phone or your tablet.

Alex: She would say that.

Laura: She would. And tell us your sign and something you liked from a podcast, and you will be entered to win.

Alex: Yes, and trust us that these drawings are really quite something. And quite large.

Laura: Quite large, yes. I will have to think really hard about how to mail this to you, but don't worry I’ll send it USPS. Well, I think, I think that's it and you know as usual if you can leave this podcast a review, we would love to see it. And then we will be back next month in October.

Alex: Yes. And we'll let you know how our glamorous September 18 outing went.

Laura: So much. We might have to do like a little quick recording right after to tell people how it was.

Alex: That's true.

Laura: Yeah, very exciting. We'll definitely take video and things. So everybody enjoy your wonderful September month. I hope the weather is good wherever you are. And we will be back here next month, so have a great one.

Alex: Thanks for listening!

Laura: Thanks!

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Laura von Holt is an author, entrepreneur, and creative coach. Her innovative personality and brand have been an inspiration to hundreds of artists living in NYC. She is well known for her speaking series “Don’t Quit Your Daydream!” and has been featured at SXSW & Seriesfest.

Laura is a captivating voice for women of all ages, and works as a coach to harness self-expression and goal setting, while battling the patriarchy and other oppressive forces, like self-doubt! Laura is an expert in the arena because she has followed a life of passion. Whether she is writing plays that earn her top marks in the New York Times, or wild romance novels (under the pen name Laura Lovely), she is a beacon to follow – which is easy to do because she leaves a trail of glitter behind her.

Laura is the host of The Mermaid Podcast and You're Doing Great. She is proud to be the world's foremost mermaid expert and your personal cheerleader. She writes romance novels as Laura Lovely.

Alex Gershuny

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Alex Gershuny has been a Susan Miller enthusiast for over fifteen years. She has a master’s degree in information and library science and most recently worked at an architecture firm. Before becoming a librarian, Alex worked for many years as an editor at an arts nonprofit. Aside from Susan Miller, some of Alex’s interests include art, baths, NY1, and musical theater.