Episode 13

Laura and Alex Met Susan Miller!

Published on: 23rd September, 2021

In her September 2021 horoscopes, Susan Miller told Laura and Alex that September 18, 2021, would be a great day to attend an important and glamorous event. And was it ever! As described in her most recent note to her readers, Susan designed a trunk to celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday. So when she invited her fans to meet her outside of the LV store for the unveiling of her design, Laura and Alex were there without a second thought. Much like the experience of reading Astrology Zone, the gals had no idea what they were getting into, and meeting Susan in person proved to be a very similar experience to reading her forecasts: lots of questions, few answers, many mentions of the calendar, and a smattering of practical advice. In this special episode, Laura and Alex try to make sense of the “event” and give a play-by-play of their encounter with Susan Miller the oracle, the business woman, the epidemiologist, the mother, the woman, and their new friend. 

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Laura: Hello, Alex.

Alex: Hi, Laura. How are you doing?

Laura: Well, I'm doing really well. It’s been only a few hours, not even a full day maybe, since I saw you last, but I'm still riding high on the life-changing event, which happened to us.

Alex: I am too. I'm still reeling.

Laura: Still reeling. So we're not, we're just gonna let you guys know the headline for this episode is that we met Susan Miller. Live, in person, in the flesh. She is not just a headshot and a horoscope. She is a woman that walks the streets of New York City, and we met her.

Alex: Yes, she is the multifaceted woman that we have been discussing on this podcast for months. Neither of us had ever been to one of her appearances before so this was the first time we met her. We had not signed up for like her Bloomingdale's gifting suite, we had not run into her while she was working in a Dunkin Donuts. This was the first time and it was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Laura: It was everything I could have hoped for and also like nothing that I expected, but just, I mean, wonderful. I think after we had met her and we were debriefing, I think I said it was the real-life experience of reading her horoscopes. Like the experience that you have a reading as Susan Miller horoscope, tt was the real-life version of that. Like the same arc, the same sequence of events, the same feelings, the same advice, the same mystery, the same answers, but no answers.

Alex: Yeah, well that's a perfect way to put it. It was like, we left with more questions than answers.

Laura: Yes, but we’re still delighted and charmed the entire time and felt comforted and soothed.

Alex: I really did and as we both observed, the way that Susan talks is really the way that she writes. Yes, it was incredible.

Laura: It was incredible. It was like, yeah, her voice in her horoscopes is the same as her voice and presence in real life, and it was, it was like she was, it was like a live version audio book of her horoscope experience.

Alex: Yes.

Laura: Yeah, so be assured that when you were reading as Susan Miller horoscope, you are getting Susan Miller 100%.

Alex: Absolutely. And we, we had talked a little bit before. And I had a friend, when I told a friend that we were going to do this, she said something like, oh I wonder which Susan you're going to get? We got many parts of Susan. We got a lot of the different facets in this one day.

Laura: Yes, we got Susan Miller businesswoman, Susan Miller Oracle, Susan Miller practical advice, Susan Miller epidemiologist, Susan Miller mystic, we got Susan Miller mother.

Alex: We did.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. Wow. Okay, so let's just set the scene here. Well we want to tell you guys everything about it. We're going to take too long. Don't worry, but we just want to give you the experience. Okay so if you were listening to our September episode, you may have remembered that she had said in both of our horoscopea that September 18 would be an important day for a professional event. Alex I believe you really remember what she said about it.

Alex: She generally in September put in a lot of things like, if you get invited somewhere, say yes, it's time for parties, you might get some kind of glamorous invitation, old Hollywood something like that, which was sort of hilarious considering in the Note she had said, please come see me on September 18 when I'm going to be hosting this kind of like pseudo event. So Laura and I were like, September 18, perfect. We do with Susan tells us.

om Susan Miller for September:

Alex: Fancy.

Laura: I read that at Louis Vuitton. The bicentennial of the birth of Mr. Louis Vuitton, the elder. There was a senior and there's a younger, we learned. And so, to celebrate Louis Vuitton had partnered with over, two quote Susan, over 200 artists and visionaries, and they each came up with a concept for their version of the Louis Vuitton classic trunk. So, they were given the dimensions of a trunk and they could come up with a design for it. And Susan was talking about how hers was based on the astrological chart of Louis Vuitton. And we really enjoyed her description of sending stock photos via FedEx back and forth below the baton team. So then Susan it said, I will be at the Louis Vuitton store on 57th and Fifth Avenue at 1pm on September 18. And Alex and I were like, well if our horoscopes as a professional event and Susan will be there, we’re going to go to the Louis Vuitton store on September 18th at 1pm, and we will report back to our listeners.

Alex: Exactly. So, we were very excited. We talked about our outfits. We talked about what we would want to say to Susan if we were able to meet her. Could we get a photo? It was all very exciting. We make a plan the night before where we can meet based on the train that is around 57th Street and then sure enough

Laura: and wait, and also we were like, what are we going to? Is there gonna be a big press event? Will there be like, you know, photographers? Will be a door? So when we should meet early. Yes, be able to scope it out and see if there's a crowd. You know, Fifth Avenue, you don't know she's got a lot of fans. She's got four hours worth of people who want to call into Clubhouse to talk to her.

Laura: We had to be ready. So, we had made a plan how we're going to meet, what time. And then the morning of the event, I checked Instagram, and there was a post from her that said today, I'll be the Louis Vuitton store, but there's been a venue change. And it was very confusing, kind of the way she, she phrased it was not very clear and I got very confused. But she said, there's going to be a venue changes should be in SoHo not Fifth Avenue which, if you don't live in New York, that is further downtown in Manhattan, it's like, I don't know 50 blocks difference.

Alex: Yeah, it's not like oh let me go five minutes to the right store.

Laura: And Alex and I live in different neighborhoods so if we had gone all the way up to Fifth Avenue and 57th street that would have been far from where we live, and then we would have had to go to SoHo. So would have it was good that I caught that because it would be very inconvenient otherwise. So she said: Today is Saturday. I will be at Louis Vuitton SoHo, Prince and Greene Street, NYC at 1pm, to see my design of a LV trunk in the window. My venue was changed. Not on Fifth Avenue on 57th Street. Excited. My trunk to be shown worldwide with other artists in a 90-minute video loop today only. Please come to say hello. So then Alex and I like, wait a second. Is her trunk going to be there, or is there a video of the trunk? And suddenly we realized we have literally no idea what we were showing up to, but Susan was still saying that she was going to be there.

Alex: Yeah, the video loop really threw me for a loop, if you will, because I mean I don't understand the ins and outs of these Louis Vuitton stores, but why did she need a venue change to view a video. When I first saw it I thought, oh the trunk went to the wrong store, the actual trunk, but no. So, we already had a lot of questions and didn't really understand what we were signing up for.

Laura: Yes. And the one thing that we did forget was the cardinal rule that Susan Miller's never on time or what time she says so, however, we still got there early because we wanted to check out this event. So, Alex arrived first, I arrived second, and we were standing across the street from Louis Vuitton and there was a line and then we were like, oh no, there's a line for this event. We quickly figured out it actually for shopping in the store.

Alex: Yes. These people did not know who Susan Miller was. They wanted to shop.

Laura: No, and then I did notice a video screen in the window and it had, it was a video screen, but the way the video was put up it was kind of set an angle so you could see like two sides of a trunk, and I was like is that the video of the trunk, and it had just been already playing, but then there was also another one that I had black paper over and I was like, will there be an unveiling? So we were very, very confused. So, we were standing across from Louis Vuitton trying to figure out what was going on, was there actually trunks, why are people on line. Will Susan show up? We don't know. Eventually I worked up the nerve and I went ask the woman standing at the front and the line is for people who are shopping and are using their one-on-one service, which I didn't know you could get at Louis Vuitton but you can in SoHo on Saturdays, you can get a one-on-one shopping experience with like your own personal Louis Vuitton person. So, and then I was like well, so are there actual trunks here? She was like, well we sell trunks, and I said, no, no, the 200th anniversary collaboration, like are there trunks? And she's like, oh there was an event in California, and I'm like yeah no but like is it just the video of the trunks, and she’s like, we just have these videos screens. Like she was very confused, and I was like, okay, clearly there's no actual event planned or unveiling. Susan has just decided to go to the store on this day. I think she thinks it's today only. So, we're going to go look at a video of her trunk, and we were watching the video and understanding that it was like different artists names are flashed up and there would be a conceptual the visual digital rendering of their concepts of this Louis Vuitton trunk. And so, that Alex and I are like, I guess we'll just stand and watch this video.

Alex: Yeah, so the other thing to know is if you read Susan Miller or you listen to this podcast, Susan, unfortunately, was quite injured recently, so her health is not great. So she had said when she first posted this, I'm really going to try to be there. I don't know what kind of shape I'm going to be in. I might come in a wheelchair. So, I then became obsessed with looking for a wheelchair. I apologize to the poor young woman that I stared out for about 10 minutes because she was taking a long time to get out of the car and then eventually she pulled out a stroller and not a wheelchair. Yeah, but, you know, we were because we were like looking around like, what do we do? And also it’s SoHo so

Laura: It's very busy, there's a lot of traffic, there's a lot of foot traffic.

Alex: Yeah, the streets are very narrow you can't really be in a car big enough to have a wheelchair in it and stop that car in the middle of the street. So, like, we didn't really understand how this was going to happen.

Laura: Yeah, so we’re on the lookout for someone who was injured, and I said, well maybe she's just on crutches, I don't know. So that Alex and I are like, well it's five minutes to one. And also we couldn't figure out is, why 1pm? What was the magic of 1pm? Why are we there at 1pm when the video was already playing on a loop? So Alex I decide to cross to watch the video and it was one o'clock and we did not see Susan. So we’re gonna watch the video. So we're watching the at one o'clock. At 1:04pm, we notice is says “Susan Miller” and then a 30-second video of planets and cosmic renderings and the trunk plays, and Alex and I took a video ourselves of the video.

Alex: Yeah, because we were like, Susan's missing it!

Laura: Oh no, it played, and it's a 90-minute thing! We’re like does that mean it doesn't come back on again for 90 minutes? Because we had already watched about 20 to 30 minutes of it.

Alex: From across the street being creepers.

Laura: Yeah. So, then we watched it, and then we were like, well, she missed that. And then there's still no sign of her and I said, well let's wait till 1:30 and if she doesn't show up, we're gonna go, we're gonna go home. We can't like wait anymore for Susan. Also, we can tell there's no reason for one o'clock.

Alex: No, there's no reason. And then I thought, you know, what if Susan and her assistant are in their car and they're circling the block and they're like, no one's here we're just going to leave. I mean, I should have known better, but I was concerned about that.

Laura: Yeah. So, anyway, we are, I remember checking my, my phone and It was 1:21, and I was like, she's not gonna come, and just that I looked up and directly in front of me passed me a floral vision. It was the Susan Miller hair I could remember it from her headshot from the Turner Classic Movies intro that we watched, and she's on two crutches walking very slowly and I noticed that before her there was a woman pushing a wheelchair, but the wheelchair’s empty. And then I was like, that must be maybe a helper, and she's on crutches, and she just kind of walks past us and then we see her like talk to the people at the door, and we’re like, is she going to go in? But Alex and I are kind of hitting each other, like, that’s Susan! It’s Susan Miller! Actually Susan Miller passed within five inches of my face. I was already like, oh my god, worth it. We saw her. She showed up. Yeah, yeah, worth it. So then Susan Miller walks down the street and then we run there's another window on the opposite side that has another video screen. So, Alex and I are again creepers across the street, we see Susan watching the video. And we're like, oh no, she doesn't know that she just missed it and we saw it, it's been like, you know, 15 minutes already. And then we're like, do we go and say hello, and we also didn't know if we want to introduce ourselves as having a podcast because I was like I don’t know that we want her to know we have podcast because we don’t always agree with her and I don't know if she's open to criticism or critical engagement. So, we're like we're just going two gals that are fans.

Alex: Yeah, I didn't really want her, you know, I feel like I don't want to give myself too hard of a time for give being critical of Susan because it's very hard not to comment when she mentions like candles as romance for the 15th time but I don't really want her to listen to it.

Laura: Right, exactly. So we're just going to be two fans. And then, but then we're like, oh we don't want to say hello, there’s no one else there. And then a very lovely gentlemen kind of emerged and started talking to her. I think they even hugged?

Alex: Yeah, they might have hugged.

Laura: And then we're like okay, she's got a fan, there's other fans. And then we kind of noticed somebody else coming up and talking to her, as we’re like okay, other fans are just emerging from nowhere. And they’re all like all like, Hi Susan. So then Alex and I cross the street and we’re like, Hi, are you Susan Miller? And she said yes. And she introduced us, all the fans, we all started introducing ourselves. And then she wanted, and so then we're actually talking to Susan Miller and she's like wanting to know our names, and she wanted to know what everyone did. So we all introduced ourselves so we know what everyone did. But first we were like, we're so glad to see you, we weren’t sure you would make it because you haven't feeling well. So then we got the medical update.

Alex: Yes. We did. I mean, she stood out—please while we're talking about you remember the fact that we are on the street in New York outside of this store standing around huddled in a group.

Laura: Huddled in a group. This is an old building in SoH that’s got a lot of like steel outside so there's kind of like two columns where we have a little section but we're still on the sidewalk in New York City, like, and there's like over the course of the hour we spent with her probably ten fans with Susan. So she’s asking everyone’s names, wants to know what everyone did, and then I'm gonna say, we’re like were so surprised you made it because we know you haven't feeling well. And she started telling me that she could only dangle her legs over the side of the bed and I was like, she doesn't know that I read the Note! And I was like, yeah, uh huh. And then she said she had, like, severed a tendon kind of in her leg and then she said, I had a blood ball, and I go, oh, and she goes, some people call it a hematoma. It was the same amount of medical information I got from it from Susan Miller, which also didn't she didn't say what the accident was or what caused it or anything, that's fine, that's her business, but it was still like a blood ball and I was like, Wow!

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah, so she was saying she was very happy to be standing up and she had Rosita was there, her helper, with the wheelchair if she needed to sit down and she was using crutches. But what I remember is that like when we said hello, Susan Miller’s face like lit up that people have actually come to see her and say hello and she was so pleased to meet fans. And while we're speaking, another couple women came up and then one woman walked by and she goes, are you here Susan Miller? And Susan’s like, hello, yes, are you here for my thing? And she was like, no, I was just walking by and realized you look like Susan Miller, and so Susan was like very excited. You know I was like oh it's so cute that like there are fans that actually came here because she said she'd be here around one and she runs into fans on the street like she always says!

Alex: I know, and I, again, in the list of things that I give her grief for, I never stop making fun of those headshots she has, but those headshots are doing the job because people are recognizing her on the streets of SoHo.

Laura: Yes! Oh yes, hi Susan Miller, we know what she looks like. The Susan Miller hair. Gorgeous hair. And her dress was beautiful. A floral. Really bright. Like, I mean she looked, I mean for her first outing in weeks. She looked lovely. She looked great. Yeah, so then kind of right away she just started giving us astrological advice and Alex and I was this whole time Alex and I were trying not to look at each other too much because I kept wanting to go: ah, oh my god!

Alex: I wanted to like pull out a notebook and like start jotting things down.

Laura: Yes. So there was one major development that we're going to save for the end to tell you something that you did that we never would have expected. But we’re just going to give you the practical advice that we learned from Susan Miller. Also Susan Miller did tell us a few things that were secret, and because Alex and I are not journalists but we do have journalistic integrity, we are not going to reveal things that seem sensitive or that she said was a secret and will be announced later. But when those things get announced we will totally tell you that we have found out about it at that time. Okay so, so the first amazing bit of advice is, I don't even know how we got on this topic, but she said something about she had to pick a date for when her daughter got married. Somehow the story just started.

Alex: She's launched into this almost right away, which was very odd.

Laura: So, over like okay great we're talking about how you picked a date for your daughter's wedding. And then we got this very good practical advice where she said that if you ever need to pick an important date for something, pick something close to your birthday. And then she told us that 70% of brides get married within six weeks of their birthday.

Alex: Yeah, and everyone was just rapt. Wow, Susan, we had no idea. Wow. Yeah, and I think our reaction was so good that then she stayed in the wedding marriage genre. And she told us that people tend to marry, tend to pick spouses who have the astrological sign of their parents. So that may not have been a clear explanation, but like

Susan: So Susan for example said well, my daughter told me that, and I said, that can’t be true, then her daughter then said, well mummy, Dad was a Scorpio, Don Miller RIP, Don Miller was a Scorpio, and her mom was a Scorpio?

Alex: I think her father was a Scorpio.

Laura: And then she went back into it, we got the whole family tree of Susan Miller was this long line of Scorpio.

Alex: I've yet to identify anyone that I know who has done this, but I believe Susan.

Laura: I might start doing a little casual poll. I, myself, my parents were a Pisces and a Taurus and I'm a Taurus, so I don't know, but I definitely will now. It never made sense to me why people like, what's your sign, when they're like, you know, getting to know someone on a date, unless they want talk about Susan Miller with me. I don't know, but, like, oh, should I be asking so I can be like, sorry, you're a Capricorn, it’s never going to work because you're not the same sign as my dad.

Alex: Yeah, sorry I'm looking for a Pisces or a Taurus Don't waste my time.

Laura: Maybe they have a Pisces or Taurus rising, it might be ok.

Alex: We should have asked that. We would have looked really smart.

Laura: Yeah so that was our straight out the gate we had a very long story about how to pick your spouse, how to pick your wedding date, don't even know how we got on that topic. And then you know she asked for everyone’s name and then we told her our signs, she wanted everyone’s names, what we all did, I have to say, the highlight for me of one of the fans was a sweetener named Alexander, who, that was fun because his name is Alexander and then you're Alex so we enjoyed that.

Alex: That was nice, yeah, we had a moment.

Laura: Yeah, and he gave us a card because he invented this thing called the Brella Bag.

Alex: Yes.

Laura: Okay, and it is an umbrella that has its own bag so you can wear it like crossbody or on your shoulder so you always have a bag for your umbrella, or something, you know putting your purse or whatever. And he also is working on the set of the new Sex in the City reboot show, And Just Like That, and that came out because another woman there had really good shoes by Sarah Jessica Parker, so you see the conversation was flowing, we were networking, it was professional connections, already having a great time. Meanwhile behind Susan Miller is this, this digital loop of other trunks and she's like, I wonder when mine will be, and we’re like, we’ll keep an eye out for you and meanwhile Alex and I are like, it’s going to be about an hour, Susan, because you were 20 minutes late and it's on a 90-minute loop.

Alex: But of course we want to like impress Susan, so we're like, oh, we saw it, we took a video! Laura: And she goes, oh bless you, and we’re like, ok yes thank thanks. So, I mean, yeah. So, right off the bat, everything was going great. So, then we proceed, I believe, to, we’ve already met Susan Miller, you know, the Oracle, she's giving us like practical advice. We got a little bit of astrological advice. So the other astrological advice that we got was this eclipses are moving to Taurus and Scorpio. And I was like, oh my god, thank you for telling me and then of course, my next thought was, I don’t know what that means.

Alex: No.

Laura: But I was so excited to be told. That is most of my reactions to astrology. Someone will like l tell me something and I’ll be like, thank you so much, I don't know what that means.

Alex: Then I thought it was very interesting, too, when she, she really was very interested in people's professions, I would say more so than their signs.

Laura: Yes.

Alex: And then she told us this little gem, which was that your rising sign is your profession. And then your sun sign is what you bring to your profession. I thought that was very interesting.

er the calendar. She had the:

And so I feel like we were getting the QVC/soap box/desk-side side briefing first look at the 2022 calendar.

Alex: Yeah, it was quite something. Susan Miller businesswoman could not stay hidden for a long. She was very excited about this calendar. And again, it was like this, not that this is a shock, but it's like, the stuff that she writes about when she's so passionate about telling us about the calendar and the illustrations in the calendar, this is what she was telling us. And she showed us each page, and look at this woman is doing this. I mean it was like a full-on demonstration.

again, same illustrator as a:

Alex: Well, there were some really great things. I have a couple that I really enjoyed. We get to one page and it's a woman with her cat, and Susan tells us, I told Isaac, you can't just put in dogs. People have cats. You have to include cats in the calendar.

Laura: Because several pages had people with their dogs but she made sure.

Alex: She made sure there was at least one cat. And then she also said, I said to Isaac for December, we have to have snow, can you draw snow?

Laura: And he said yes.

Alex: And he said yes.

ndar is looking beautiful. At:

Alex: Yeah, yeah. And she was like, this was very important to me, that was very important to me, I wanted the illustration to bleed onto the bottom page with the actual calendar. She said, I wrote everything. I mean, I never doubted that it was a full pitch to ten people on the street.

, but you know, when I got my:

Alex: Yes, she was extremely passionate about this calendar. I think we all could tell by the fact that she mentions that about 500 times in each forecast, yet she is excited about the 2022 calendar.


Alex: Susan would be proud of you, Laura. You didn’t let that opportunity go by.

Laura: I did not. I saw and I was like you know this really helps me anytime I need to like pitch or sell anything. Like if Susan Miller can pitch her calendar at Louis Vuitton.

Alex: On the street. Recovering from an injury.

Laura: I can sell anything, anytime, anywhere. Let's go. I also have romance novels available at Lauralovelybooks.com.

Alex: Bravo.

Laura: Thank you, thank you. Alright so that was a highlight. The QVC moment, a highlight. The calendar.

Alex: Incredible.

Laura: And then many things just kind of kept happening but what I also love is Alex and I are are always curious about the behind the scenes of the production process. So some things we learned. For her app, there's like eight engineers, she's always training them and different astrology things that they need to know. She has five editors, and one of them used to be editor at Time, I think, is what she said. And his name is Edward Rubenstein and at some point during the conversation, he called he,r and I was like, your editor is calling you. She wasn't lying. Edward Rubenstein is calling her on the phone.

Alex: Yeah, she's very busy.

d all the stuff that happened:

Alex: I honestly was totally exhausted afterwards because I think it's been at least a year and a half since I spoke to that many strangers for that long of a period.

Laura: Yeah, just like just small talk and stuff. So I think that's kind of like everything. Is there anything else we want to tell them before we tell them like the really great, well, there's two great moments.

Alex: There's two great moments, it was just, you know, she covered a lot of topics that I was really excited to hear her talk about in real life. Like, she mentioned Shutterstock. And that really fulfilled my desire to hear Susan talk about stock photos. She talked about writing at Dunkin Donuts, which like she talks about a lot and she said that prefers to go to Dunkin Donuts or somewhere lowkey, rather than an expensive place, because they don't make her order, keep ordering food, and she can just be left alone and write her forecasts.

Laura: She aslso said, I love to go to a cafe and write, and then she mentioned Dunkin Donuts, and now Alex I just want to call Dunkin Donuts a café.

Alex: Like under breath, Laura was like, I wouldn't say that’s a café.

Laura: I couldn't help it. I just think of like all the cafes in New York, Dunkin Donuts is not what I would call a café, but she's right, you can sit there forever. So one little bit of astrology news was that she did it forewarn us that she was very worried about the first week in November and the bad moons around November 4. The bad moons.

Alex: I think it's a bad mood.

Laura: Yeah, yeah, so she wasn't nervous but other things she seemed very hopeful about so just pre warning everyone about that.

Alex: Yeah, and people, we didn't do this, but some people did go up to her and say, I'm an Aries, can you tell me what's in store for love, or I did this recently, did I make the right decision, that kind of thing.

Laura: I was very impressed. Like people were like, oh just like well I have attention I’m going to ask her advice. But I just wanted to, I just was kind of like frozen the whole time wanting to like, remember every single moment. I didn't want to ask her any questions.

Alex: No, we didn't ask her any questions, but it was such a small group that I could overhear a lot of it so like I got to hear her telling someone that she needs to take out flooding insurance, which again really hit my list of like Susan hot topics, like oh she told someone about flooding? Great.

Laura: Yeah, we got Dunkin Donuts, we got shipping, we got calendar, we got flooding, we got some random love and marriage advice, like I mean wonderful. It was exactly like reading her horoscope. It hit all of the points. Like a foreboding warning, some epidemiology, some romance, like, oh so great, right.

Alex: And then on top of that, the general confusion.

Alex: The general confusion and chaos because people are just coming up to her and she's skipping from topic to topic. So eventually, after an hour, Alex and I start recognizing some the videos. We’re like, oh it’s coming up really soon. Okay, and so everyone got very excited, but then we’re like wait, it’s going to be a few more minutes. We know we saw that one before hers. So then it was I thought it was like such a heartwarming like communal moment. So everyone's gathered there, and then it was coming up and everyone was like, Susan was like, will someone take a picture of me, but Susan is videoing on her phone the video of her trunk, and we are videoing Susan Miller watching the video and and like as soon as we see her name Susan Miller on the screen everyone starts clapping and cheering and saying congratulations and then we all watched it for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, and then everyone went hooray and clapped and cheered and it was just like, well, what we are actually doing is watching a 30-second video of some planets that like was completely arbitrary, but everyone was so happy to be there together that like it was not an official Susan Miller event, but, but she was there so it made it be an event, and everyone there was happy to have seen her so that it really felt like you know that event though actually we were on a street corner watching a TV screen.

Alex: Exactly.

Laura: Yeah, like Louis Vuitton had no idea Susan Miller was going to be there. This is not a sanctioned event.

Alex: No. And apparently this is the only time her video is going to be shown, which is very strange to me. I still don't really understand how that's true.

Laura: I'm going to be in SoHo later this week and I'm going to go back and see if like the screen’s still there. But she seemed, her information that she had, it seemed as if this was the only day. I don't know, it doesn't matter. That was what she picked, that was when she said she would be there. Therefore, it was the day. So, so after all that it was like really lovely and then we got to take a photo with her.

Alex: It was so great. I mean it's all I wanted.

Laura: Yeah, and she's all, stand on this side, so we stood on the side she wanted us to stand on. And then that lovely man Alexander who makes the Brella Bags, he's tall so he took the picture, so it looks really good. We’ll try to find it. It's definitely gonna be on our Instagram on my Instagram and we'll try to put it in the show notes so if we can see you guys can see. So yeah we got to take a photo with her and then say thank you and say goodbye. But okay. The thing that we've been holding back from telling you is two things. One, one is Alex, I think you should say about what you got to do for Susan, the favor, the honor that Susan bestowed upon you. What happened?

Alex: So you know there's a lot going on. Susan's trying to talk to people, she's getting out the calendar, she's being a businesswoman, the pitch, the whole thing. At one point, she asked me to hold her cell phone for her.

Laura: It’s an iPhone and has a red case and you were just standing there being like, I'm holding her iPhone, what do I do? And I was like, keep holding it. Just keep holding it. She trusted you. You have a face that she said could hold her iPhone.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. So I did hold it for a while and then once she started to get really involved in the calendar and forget about her phone I started to get worried and I handed it off to Rosita.

he had been talking about the:

Alex: I just don't understand, does she not know that she's famous?

Laura: I know. I was like, I am not very famous and I would not give up my phone number when I meet readers at conferences, you know like, my email, sure, but I was like, she's just giving us her phone number and I bet if I texted her she would just mail me a calendar, which I already have once I’m not going to ask her. And then also like, I am going to guard this phone number with my life, because even if she does not think it is like too personal of information, I think it is. And I don't want it getting out there.

Alex: In all these years of writing her horoscopes and presumably giving out her phone number to anyone, has she not had some fan who's abused the privilege of having her phone number? Not like Susan I'm going to come murder you, but like, hi Susan I'm an Aries with a Taurus rising, could you please help me, I'm thinking about buying a house and I'm maybe going to get married. Like, I don't understand.

Laura: I I also am like is this a thing where like, you know, I don't know, I've been on the internet for so long that I really distrust like certain people and things and she's just kind of like, well if you came to an event you're my fan and we were on the street and it was casual and were obviously friends and had good vibes, but I mean, I was like I cannot believe. The last thing that I thought would happen today or ever is that Susan Miller would personally give me her phone number, and it will be in my phone, and, she invited me to text her.

Alex: It was shocking.

Laura: I've only had a couple of New York celebrities on my phone and this is, this is one of the biggest, I think.

Alex: Yeah, I mean, she was very welcoming to us and like very kind and gave everyone like a lot of time. I guess in a way it was sort of, the gesture was sort of representative of her manner generally but yeah I think it was a little wacky.

Laura: I feel nervous for her that she just gave it out and I felt like I want to be protective of it even if she doesn't feel protective of it. So anyway, but you guys, we have Susan Miller’s phone number. Technically we could call her if we wanted to, but we are going to respect the boundary that we think should be there.

Alex: We're going to respect the boundary and we're not going to tell her that we are podcasting about her.

Laura: We’re not putting her phone number on the podcast either. Don’t worry, Susan. Those were the highlights. It was a wonderful hour or so. And, you know, I thought, to the time from when I was standing on the street corner be like, why did we come here at one o'clock on a Saturday, am I a loser with no life? To like the floral vision of Susan Miller, giving us her phone number, and the QVC calendar demonstration, and meeting like the sweet fans that were there, then cheering with her for this video and like, you know, making it be like, you know if I had something in the Louis Vuitton store, I also dragged friends and like made it an event, so like I understand the impulse but, like, there was a few moments before we saw her where I was like, what have we done with their lives? And then I was like, this is amazing.

Alex: Yeah, yeah, I was brainwashed so fast.

Laura: So fast. We totally joined the AZ cule right away.

Alex: Yeah we went from one moment, two creepers across the street, to getting her number and listening to the gospel.

Laura: Yeah. Wow. So, on that note, do you have any like last impressions that you want to share with the people about this momentous occasion where we met Susan Miller on the street in New York City on purpose?

Alex: I'm just so happy that we got to experience it and I would tell people when you read your horoscope, the Susan Miller on the page seems to be the Susan Miller who exists in real life, and, you know, I know she says things like, you know, dear reader, this is what's going to happen to you, and kind of kind of pulls you in in her writing. That's what she's like in person. Laura: Absolutely. My takeaway was that I remember when we first did the first episode we, we read her mission statement and she says something about wanting to help people. And I think the back of my mind was like yada yada everybody wants to help people blah blah. That's what they say. And I was like, no, Susan Miller genuinely wants to help people. She wanted to give them advice about picking dates and picking partners and things that were coming up for them and I was like this is not, this is 100% authentic for her like that she is like giving advice and she wants to help people, she wants to be really generous with helping them, and giving them advice and doing whatever she could to like help their life path or help them feel better, but she was 100% in it for helping the fans and that was like, so heartwarming when I thought about that, like, even though like sometimes we make fun of it because it's like astrology. Is it real? Like what can she really predict? It doesn't matter whether it's real. It doesn't matter whether she's right or whether she's wrong. Susan Miller just wants to help people and they keep asking for her for advice and she's going to keep on giving it, and it was like so, just like so beautiful that it's that genuine from her. She just wants to help people.

Alex: I agree. What a heartwarming day.

Laura: What a heartwarming day. So I can't recommend it enough. Loved, loved this non-event.


Laura: I mean what a moment in time. We stood on a street corner in front of a Louis Vuitton store in SoHo on a Saturday in September. We met strangers and clapped and cheered while this little planet digital rendering a looped on a TV screen and it was like one of those very random but very like memorable New York moments. And that's that Susan Miller, that Susan Miller. So we hope we hope you guys enjoyed this episode, that you felt like you were there. We're trying to give you the full experience of what we are still processing, I think. And again our giveaway is open until October 1, 2021. We’ll put that in the show notes. And we’ll see you guys again in October.

Alex: Yes, we’ll continue on the Susan Miller beat and fill you in as we go.

Laura: Yes. Alright Have a great one everybody. Bye!

Alex: Bye!

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