Episode 14

October 2021 Horoscopes: Some Spooky Stuff

Published on: 6th October, 2021


And not even Mercury retrograde can dull your sparkle! In fact, Susan Miller thinks that all the signs have a chance against Dennis the Menace (aka Mercury) and his slingshot this month, which is certainly a departure from the Merc retro warnings we have come to expect from Astrology Zone. 

Laura and Alex start this episode by revealing the winners of their Susan Miller calendar art giveaway, which segues into… even more discussion of calendars! This month’s Note from Susan Miller is mostly a sales pitch for the 2022 calendar, so unsurprisingly, Laura and Alex have a lot to say about Susan Miller businesswoman, and more surprisingly, have some information to share from Susan herself on the sales trends of calendars generally. The gals then break down the horoscopes for Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus, and round out the episode with a discussion of halloween costumes, eclipses, and the post office. 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Announcement of Giveaway Winners: 

Note from Susan Miller: 04:05

Libra 14:22

Scorpio 22:01

Taurus: 30:22 

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Laura: Hello, Alex!

Alex: Hi, Laura!

Laura: How are you?

Alex: I'm doing alright thank you very much for asking. How are you doing?

Laura: Well, I'm doing fine considering that it's Mercury in retrograde, I think.

Alex: I know. You we're, we're in sort of the start of it, maybe a week in, and Susan says it's extra tough at the beginning and the end so if you've been feeling it.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. And this is also Susan Miller business woman would want us to remind everyone that we have an episode on Mercury in retrograde on what Susan Miller says about Mercury in retrograde so if you need that info in your earbuds, you can go look at one of our past episodes, and another past episode that you should check out—we won't go into too much right now because we had a whole episode on it—but if you haven't heard the news, Alex and I met Susan Miller live in person in New York City.

Alex: Yeah, so if you'd like to hear about our lives being changed forever, I recommend that you listen to this episode.

Laura: Yes, it's the one right before this episode and it says we met Susan Miller so that's how you find it out. It was at a Louis Vuitton store in Soho in New York City on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and we have so much to say about that you have to go listen to that whole episode.

Alex: Yes, probably irresponsible of us to call it an event.

Laura: Yes.

Alex: A sanctioned Susan event but it was still quite something so give it a listen.

Laura: It was definitely a decided appearance.

Alex: That's right. That's fair. Yeah, but yeah, that's a good description. And then the other exciting housekeeping, if you remember we were running a giveaway in September.

your very own page of Susan's:

Laura: Mm hmm. And we actually had such a good time, we're feeling so generous, that we picked not one, but two lucky winners.

Alex: Yeah, so congratulations to Christine!

Laura: Who is a Taurus, like me, and I'm happy to give Christine the Taurus page.

Alex: Great. Christine, it’s coming your way at some point.

Laura: At some point.

Alex: Thank you very much for listening.

Laura: Yes, thank you for listening and for emailing us and entering the contest. We really appreciate those entries.

Alex: We do, and our second lucky winner is Laurel, and we want to thank her for listening, as well. She is a Leo and she’s got her calendar page coming her way.

Laura: So, we will be sending those to you, I don't know exactly when or how, but they will arrive via USPS because unlike Susan Miller, I'm going to support the post office.

Alex: Yes, that’s very nice.

Laura: So one day a calendar page will appear.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. When you least expect it.

nd the horoscopes for October:

Alex: Look at that. Look how you did that.

Laura: Okay, yeah, thank you.

Alex: Yes, despite Mercury and his antics, Susan is very positive that we can beat it, basically.

t about actually the upcoming:

Alex: Yeah, she did not spend a lot of time on the October—you know she does sometimes a little preview of the October forecast in the Note, she didn't really do that. To me, it kind of read as like an introduction and she was going to go into details, but then she just started talking about the calendar.

Laura: Yeah, and then I learned a lot of things about the calendar as I would if she's trying to sell it to me.

Alex: And about calendars generally.

s the same illustrator as the:

Alex: Izak Zeenou? Zen-ou?

Laura: He is a fashion illustrator, and she was talking about how he was very in demand. And then one of my favorite parts I think was when she brought up why the calendar has fashion illustrations, and she said that according to Google Analytics, 40% of her readers are male, so “why did I print a fashion calendar? We know women buy paper calendars, but men don't.”

Alex: To which I thought, “we do?”

Laura: I just bought one this year because it was half off, and I felt bad because I haven’t bought anything from Susan Miller. Apparently, we buy paper calendars, Alex.

Alex: News to me, but you know what, ok, Susan.

Laura: Then I also like that she said, for my male readers the same information is in my app, and if you get the subscription version, then you can also get the same info that's on the daily calendar, just so you know.

Alex: Right, very masterful kind of like business selling happening.

Laura: And then I did a cost analysis for you guys, just want to let you know if you buy the calendar and pay the cheapest shipping on it, it is still cheaper than paying $5 every month to get the subscription for the app. So, do what you will with that information. So, I would say, actually, for once ladies, we aren't getting upsold.

d know that the theme for the:

Alex: That sounds like us.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. Susan must have thought: this is relatable.

Laura: Yeah, this is very relatable. And you really have to listen to our episode because we, she told us about how she came up with the illustrations for it and there's some gems in that episode. Wow it's just really great. So yes, the calendar is coming out. Is it for sale now? Right, she was selling it?

Alex: I think it's for sale now, and she also talked about how she asked her readers for testimonials and just received the greatest responses, even better than she had dreamed of. And I think she said something like, I was always skeptical about products with testimonials, but then I did my own and got such a great result. So, ladies, if you're not already sold on this paper calendar, just check out these testimonials.

Laura: I also am very interested in the fact that testimonials are like a tried-and-true business tactic, you know, to help encourage your customers. And Susan was skeptical but now that she's done it, she's like testimonials work. Yeah.

Alex: Yeah, now that they were so good.

Laura: Yeah, she’s like, I verify this business tactic and testimonials work. To her credit, I have also asked for testimonials and it is like a little bit awkward sometimes you're like, is anyone gonna write back or say anything or what are they gonna say? But I like how she was like, don’t believe in testimonials, oh wait, now I do.

Alex: Yeah. So, this was great. So I would say 75% of the Note was about the calendar. And then she gave us a little bit of a health update.

Laura: Oh, yes a health update, which we got to see in person and hear about, but please, Alex.

Alex: We did, so it was not a big shock. So, you know she had, we don't know what the accident was. We just know that it was bad. She did tell us the new information that I gathered was that she didn't break any bones in this. She just tore a lot of soft tissue and blood profusely internally and severely sprained the tendons and ligaments in her leg. And had a hematoma. And she's been learning to walk on crutches, which she refers to as chopsticks.

Laura: Which I did not really appreciate that reference, but we're gonna move on from that. But when we saw Susan Miller she was on crutches and we were, you know, glad to know that she was able to be mobile. She had been in bed a lot. So, yeah, um, but she didn't mention hiring a nurse, 24/7, and Alex I want you to know that we met that nurse at where we met Susan Miller, Alex: We did. Little shout-out to Rosita.

Laura: Yeah, Rosita, hello Rosita, really enjoyed meeting you, Rosita. Lovely woman. 100% would hire Rosita.

Alex: Yeah, so if we didn't get a shout out in this Note as I had hoped, I'm glad Rosita did.

Laura: And Rosita is the real hero here. She's nursing Susan Miller 24/7. She deserves a shout-out. Thank you, Rosita.

Alex: And then I'm curious what you made of her sign off in the note, she says, “I have some surprises coming down the pike for you that I will tell you about in my November

letter. I can't wait.” So, are you thinking, like me, another collab?

Laura: I'm thinking, I mean, I'm thinking by now when Susan Miller so she has surprises it's always going to be a business surprise, it's not going to be like, and I think that you and I know what the surprise is. Because Susan gave us some secrets when we met her. And so I think that there will be more collabs or more products coming down the line, but it's definitely a business update. It’s not a Susan Miller universal information astrological advice update. It's a business update.

Alex: Right. Yeah, I agree with you, it must be what she mentioned to us, although of course I always hope it’s the Susan Miller romance kit.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, yes, I mean, yes if, if I would love it if it was actually the tote bag with candles and rose petals and fine china, the Susan Miller romance kit that we want.

Alex: I will never give up hope.

Laura: Never give up hope. I mean, if we ever get merch, Alex, you and I are making the Susan Miller romance kit. For the fleets of Cupid.

Alex: Yes. So we'll fill you in on all that in November.

s maybe early:

Alex: Oh my goodness.

Laura: And do you think if she saw our podcast she's like, they're trying to confuse you? We're not trying to confuse you. You guys know we are not Susan Miller.

Alex: No, and listen, if we really wanted to confuse you, we would dress up in a white blouse and a slinky red satin dress and toss our chins over our shoulders and pretend to be Susan.

Laura: yes, and actually if we ever got like a dual headshot together, Alex, one of us would wear the red satin dress and one of us will wear a white blouse and do that pose back to back.

Alex: I want to do that now.

Laura: Me too. So I bring up the white blouse because, because I, when I was checking the horoscopes this month I looked on the website and there was a photo that I think I've seen before we haven't really looked closely at, and it's on the top of similar web page now, and it's Susan Miller and that white blouse sitting at like a news desk with TV screens behind her that have planets and stars behind them. And I don't know if this is from her TV show that she had at some point or if this is just like her staged photo shoot, but I love the idea that like, Susan, if it's not from her TV show, that Susan's idea of a photoshoot is to be like, delivering the

hard-hitting astro news like 60 Minutes. It was like, it was just a real vision, and I suddenly noticed it I think because of the white blouse. And if you go to astrologyzone.com, you can see this beautiful marvel.

Alex: Yes, it's a very arresting photo and blouse and I would watch Susan's astrology 60 Minutes.

Laura: Yeah, 100%. So I think that's everything we have from the Note, right? Yeah, so, so let's get into the horoscopes. And the first thing we have to do is say, happy birthday Libra! And Libra rising! Happy birthday to all of our favorite Libras, and all the Libras, as well. So, let's see, I'm a Libra rising so I was like, oh I'm very excited to read this horoscope, you know, just to see. And I would say the first thing that stuck out to me is, there was a warning for Mercury in retrograde. And the first thing that I noticed was that Susan has several names for Mercury in retrograde. We know them as Dennis the Menace, that little scamp. What else? She's got one more, I think. Dennis the Menace and that little scamp are the main ones.

Alex: I don’t know if “little scamp” is Susan or us.

Laura: Oh, was that just you? Oh, okay I thought maybe she called him that. Well definitely Dennis the Menace. But in Libra’s horoscope she referred to him as Wrecker Ralph when I think she means Wreck-It Ralph.

Alex: I don't know it, maybe I don't understand the reference. Is Wreck-It Ralph a thing?

Laura: Yeah, it’s a Pixar kind of cartoon.

Alex: Wrecker or Wreck It?

Laura: Well, the movie I think is called Wreck-It Ralph. But she referred to him as Wrecker Ralph.

Alex: Do you think Wrecker Ralph is something different? Or do you think she’s confused?

Laura: Yes. I think maybe she has grandchildren and has, like, heard of the movie anyway. Or maybe she watched it while she was recovering. But anyway, we have Dennis the Menace.

Alex: With his slingshot.

Laura: With his slingshot. And now Wrecker Ralph. But, but she was very encouraging towards Libra, and she said that you’ve plenty of experience with dealing with Mercury because it's usually a lot of times in the beginning of your birth month, say like Mercury retrograde happens a lot of the same times. “So you should be able to sidestep the most obvious problems. You've likely learned to be more deliberate in your actions. I find not to take my favorite sunglasses with me all the time because, sure as can be, I forget them at the bank writing out a deposit slip or in a taxi rushing to get to my next destination.” I just love this idea of Susan Miller, gal about town, losing her sunglasses during Mercury in retrograde.

Alex: Well, if that's not a chic woman in her daily rounds, I don't know what is.

Laura: So I'm like, oh this calendar is based on Susan Miller's real life. She’s a chic woman just running about town.

Alex: Yeah. So, Libra, don't let Mercury stress you out because as Susan says, this is not your first rodeo with Mercury. You can out outwit him.

Laura: And she also said that the reason she thinks it's going to be a good birthday month for you is because there's seven out of ten planets will have compatible elements all working to support you. That just sounds very nice, like, that's a lot of beneficence help from the planets.

Alex: Yes, and she says that, so the new moon this month is the 6th and the full moon is the 20th, just to get out of the way. Um, but she says Libra, this new moon is going to be great for you. So, get excited.

Laura: Yes. And she said, the new moon during your birthday time is special and you can use this energy any way you please. And it also applies too if you have Libra rising so she was like whatever you want, you can ask for it right now and during that new moon because it's your time, it's your moon.

Alex: Yeah, yeah. So, it's your time, it's your moon, planets are doing things. That's going to be a great time around October 6th. Also, October 15 is a big day for you. So many good things. Circle this on your calendar, preferably your Susan Miller calendar. Jupiter is going to be in your fifth house of love. So you might meet someone if you're single, you might get pregnant if you're trying to have a baby. And then, if you're creative, this would be a wonderful day to do a presentation or show your client your finished work. October 15 is your day.

Laura: Awww wow, great day for presentations.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: I also thought that was lovely. And then she also said that Pluto will go direct on October six and it's been retrograde for a few months so if you've been looking for a new space to move into you might find that Pluto will help you. And, or a space might come up quite suddenly and Pluto also rules money so you will surely be able to get the mortgage you need so if any of you house hunting Libras are needing some extra luck, it's coming to you. And then she said the full moon on October 20 would be supremely friendly and will light your seventh house of partnership so you may get engaged or married. This will could be an outstanding romantic moment of the month, and you should add five days beyond October 20 to allow the full moon to deliver its message.

Alex: Oh!

Laura: I know, I was like, oh ok, so the 20th to the 25th might be really, really nice for you. She said you can also use us to finalize your choice of a business partner or a one-on-one collaborator. And then we got my favorite, which is a Susan Miller buffet of options. So options for types of collaborators could be a new lawyer, accountant, wedding planner, manager, agent, publicist, decorator, architect, landscape designer, or new ad agency for your business, among many possibilities. The promise you make now should be serious and lasting, and that's why you'd be entering into this association. Ooh

Alex: Great. She also said around this time that your social life may get a bit of a lift. And that came with a little Susan Miller Covid reminder.

Laura: Susan Miller epidemiologist back on the case.

Alex: Back on the case. She says, be careful, wear your mask, and get vaccinated as the pandemic continues.

Laura: Thank you, Susan.

Alex: Thank you, Susan.

Laura: Looking out. And then she said that October 20th and the 31st, those will be two that would have sweet aspects and circle them in gold on your calendar, circle them in gold, preferably on your Miller calendar, but you might take a trip, and a stellar day could be in store for you, especially October 31, and then she said you could also use—it’s also Halloween so I don't know your plans are—but she said on October 31 you could also use this aspect for other purposes: shop, sign a contract, give a speech, judge a contest, hand in a manuscript or report, apply to a college or set up a college interview, or sell something such as just your house.

Alex: Libras, if you find that on October 31, you're judging a contest, please let us know.

Laura: Please let us know. We want to know if any of this smorgasbord of opportunities came to fruition for you. Wow.

Alex: Yeah, so I think it's a great month for you.

Laura: I think so. It sounds really really good, and nothing spooky.

Alex: Nothing spooky.

Laura: Nothing spooky. She got spookier in some other horoscopes, but Libras you have avoided the spookiness.

Alex: Unless what you're judging on October 31 is some kind of Halloween costume contest.

Laura: And I wish that for you. I would love to judge a Halloween costume contest. Wow. Wow. But yeah, overall, very positive and very nice easy month for the Libras.

Alex: Yes, happy birthday!

Laura: Happy birthday, Libras! And should we get into Scorpio?

Alex: Let’s do it!

Laura: Let’s get into Scorpio.

Alex: This is your October:

Laura: A lot.

Alex: So, yes, Susan, at any time you could write to a Scorpio and say you have a secret. She says that I'm not going to be ready to share it with my quote adoring public until Mars moves into Scorpio on October 30 to stay until December 13. But I just want to say, fellow Scorpios out there, I know you have secrets. Don't feel like you have to share them on October 30, but I support you if you do. So again this is like, kind of similar to Libra, and I mean this makes sense because all these planets are doing things but affecting us in different ways so there's a lot of like planets moving around. She talked a lot about getting kind of the proper rest during this month and possibly spending some time alone. She said that generally there's a big focus on kind of like mental health, and she says that if you were thinking about therapy, this is a really good time to start. Yeah, she was just like, you know, if you're looking to get some new perspective on something, therapy will be enormously helpful. She also went as far to say is, if you are wrestling with dependence on a substance, you could get help in October. There was this big kind of, like, self-care angle for Scorpios. In terms of money, she thought that you would get a lot of support from your family, which could mean, like, encouragement generally but also could be financial. And then she also said it might be a good time to move because Jupiter brings crazy dumb luck. If you're not moving, maybe get some new furniture, be creative with your house.

Laura: Wow. She didn’t say, like, how to decorate? Just maybe you might be getting new furniture.

Alex: She said your creative sense of style will be operating at a high level.

Laura: Gorgeous, ok.

Alex: So think of ways to improve your house. But you know sometimes she does give specific advice.

Laura: That's why I asked. I was thinking, like, was she like, only do velvet?

Alex: No, but I wish she would. So in the next part, she gives a shout out to Little Mom.

Laura: Oh, Little Mom! It’s been a while since we’ve heard about her.

Alex: Yeah, I love a good Little Mom mention. Because she says that this might be a time, if you're if you've been looking for solutions to help a parent, this could be a time where you would find possibilities and she talks about when she and her sister had had to help their mother, Little Mom, find an aide to live with her. And so, Scorpios, if you're dealing with that, this is the time to look into it.

Laura: And we would recommend Rosita who nursed Susan Miller during her injury.

Alex: We would.

Laura: I don't know how to get ahold of Rosita or find her. But just five stars.

Alex: Five stars.

Laura: Five stars.

Alex. Like Libra she said October 15 is a great date. For a Scorpio in particular, it will be associated with home and family matters. She didn't have a ton to say about love for the Scorpio. To answer the question you're probably thinking, she didn't say they were fleets of Cupids.

Laura: That was my next question.

Alex: She did say that the first week in October, the second to the third would be a good one for like a romantic getaway to the country. And then she talked about Mercury in retrograde for the Scorpio, and she really talked about it in terms of what we discuss in our special episode about what happens during Mercury and like “re” things like revisiting or like being connected with something from your past. So she talks about finding ways to revisit your past. Maybe you are revisiting a former project that you worked on. She also feels like consulting a therapist is tied to this kind of, like, revisiting as well. In very specific Susan suggestions, she says that if you are adopted and you've always been interested in getting to know your birth parents, redouble your efforts to find your father or mother.

Laura: Okay, I mean, I don't want to insert myself anyone's personal business but those are my favorite kind of TikToks when people take a DNA test and get reconnected with like, relatives, they didn't really know about, so if you wanna tell me about any of that, wanna email us, I am here for your journey.

Alex: I was just gonna say I can't believe that's a thing on TikTok, but I say that about everything that you mention on TikTok and of course it is.

Laura: Yeah.

Alex: Wow. So then she talks a little bit more about some of the things she spoke about in the other horoscopes about all the planets doing things. There are three planets that are going direct after having been retrograde for quite a long time and again this is for Scorpio has an emphasis on home life and family life. What else? I mean, I felt like overall it was fairly positive. Unfortunately, I think the beginning of November is going to be tough for everyone. She says, actually, it might not be as terrible for Scorpio because they are going to have that new moon in Scorpio. And that kind of brings some power. But again, take care of yourself, Scorpio. Get some rest. She says it's important, especially in the first half of October, and get ready for that November 4th when she thinks it's going to be an angry and unpredictable new moon.

More along the lines of the self-care aspect, she says it's a great time to go see some doctors. She told me to see the eye doctor which, you know, I'm not due for that for a little bit, but you know I appreciate the recommendation. And you know I would not disagree with anything that Susan has to say about eyes.

Laura: She knows about eyes. She's had her share of eye health troubles, so yeah.

Alex: Yeah, so things are looking good, I would say, you know, I feel like she was sort of saying to me like take it easy but enjoy yourself. Again, not a strong focus on romance, or even really money, just kind of take it easy. And she closed by saying that from now until mid-December, your haunting charm, subtle, but unmistakable, will be noticeable invisible to one and all.

Laura: Wow.

Alex: And I would just I think like to end on that positive note.

Laura: Yeah, I feel charmed. Definitely.

Alex: Great.

Laura: Well good luck, Scorpios. Next month we’ll be covering a lot of Scorpio.

Alex: We will. Oof. So take your time, take some naps, go see your doctors, maybe go to a therapist.

Laura: I just appreciate anytime someone's like, maybe check out a therapist. Just seems like a nice thing to, you know, maybe look into.

Alex: I agree.

Taurus. This is your October:

you can make good money this month, and Saturn, who is at the pinnacle point of your horoscope will be close enough to send a significant beautiful stabilizing beam on the new moon, so work and income. And she said that because of Mercury in retrograde there could be several changes to projects that you're working on the office so be flexible when those changes show up. And then, this is not where things get spooky but she did have a lot of warnings that I felt I should give my fellow Taurus people. She said that important changes could occur in your life as present situations wind down to make room for the new, and those changes might be coming sooner than you might think. And I have to tell my fellow Tauruses like that of course panics me because Tauruses don't really like change, we just kind of, you know, I just want to roll around in my pretty field of flowers and have it stay the same forever. But so I thought that I should point that out so that you know you had a heads-up. And she says before you get to February, which again will be your best career month of 2022, you will need to get through a difficult new moon in November, in your opposite sign of Scorpio. Hi, Alex!

Alex: Hi!

Laura: That new moon will be on November 4. And you will also experience two eclipses. Those there will be a lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 and after that a new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 3. So this is kind of where we're going to the spooky stuff where she started alluding to November, and the eclipses, and I don't really know that means but I think things could get up and down and I know maybe volatile or something.

Alex: Yeah, it sounds like there's a lot of movement. I mean, don't, like there's a lot of planets doing a lot of things. I feel for you on the change stuff, as well. I don't like it either. But February.

Laura: February. Yeah, exactly. So you have to work hard now because in February something's going to happen. So then she hadn't really skipped over a lot of October and just like keep your eye on the troublesome new moon on November 4 that will ask you to decide about a close relationship in love or business, which I feel like it's good that she's telling us now because she's going to be late with the horoscopes and then like we won’t have any warning and it will be like, Oh. But she's telling you in October that the early part of November—yikes. But again, we shouldn't be too anxious because I feel like you and I always get like we read these horoscopes and we get super anxious and then it's like, you know, something happens and you handle it. If something’s happening around November 4, you can at least say you had a warning about it. But she said eclipses tend to cleanse situations so it might be doing for you what you may be hesitant to do for yourself.

Alex: What does that mean?

Laura: I don't know but that usually means that like Tauruses are forced to change. This reminds of—you and I were just talking about my old apartment building that I had to leave because the foundation was unstable and other things were happening—this makes me feel like it's one of those things where I never would have left but then it was good that I moved because I was in a nicer building for the whole pandemic. You know, one that wasn't unstable.

Alex: Yes, that's true.

Laura: Yeah, so what made me feel like, oh, it's one of those things where like I never would have changed this and then I needed to change.

Alex: That's a very positive outlook.

Laura: Yeah, well I mean it wasn't fun while it was happening and also wasn't fun that like that then it was like, oh it's so nice that I can live in a nice apartment during a pandemic. Like I would, I would also be fine with staying in the broken building without a pandemic.

Alex: Right. Yes, looking back on it.

Laura: So that's what that made me think of, it’s something like that where you're like, I would never change it and then it just has to change and eclipses do that, apparently. And then she did give a financial warning that said that the solar eclipse of December 3 will fall in Sagittarius, so you may make adjustments to your investment portfolio, but do your research and rely on your financial advisor. And my reaction was like, but Susan, you are my advisor!

Because she was saying like, don't take it from me! Check your portfolio with a financial advisor. And was like, you are also one of my advisors so yeah. So, if you have an investment portfolio check in with your financial advisor, not Susan Miller. She is Susan Miller businesswoman, Susan Miller epidemiologist, but not Susan Miller financial advisor.

Alex: I’m glad we found this out.

ipses in your income house in:

Alex: Very positive.

Laura: A change in income. And as a Taurus you tend to like things to stay as is, you will find the change is good and you are ready for it. That’s spooky. Yeah, I know that’s supposed to be encouraging, but as a Taurus, all I hear is, spooky, spooky, spooky!!!!!

Alex: Yeah, I didn't hear anything other than “change.”

Laura: Change. Spooky. Scared. Anxious. Thank you, income.

Alex: Oh, Susan. I mean, she does understand how a Taurus feels and yet she plows through anyway and tells you to just get ready for change.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, if you're gonna have to give an oracle to a Taurus about change, this is how you do it. It's just still, I just don't like it, but then I'm also like well hopefully it'll be good and she says it will be, but you know at the moment that it happens, I'm not gonna like it even though I have a warning.

Alex: No but think of Susan saying that the planets are doing this for you because you might not do it for yourself.

Laura: That’s really nice. That’s really nice. It kind of reminds me of like what I have to force my nieces and nephews to take a nap. I’m like, I'm doing this for you.

Alex: That's exactly what it's like.

Laura: Ok, so anyway back to the month that we are in. Susan remembered suddenly that we it's only that we weren't yet in November so she went back to October. Friday, October 15 would be good for career and making it an ideal day for a client presentation, job interview, or to take a trip to see a client face to face, and I always remember that in Libra, because I’m Libra rising, she said about October 15 as well. And then the full moon on October 20 is a one of great creativity. when working in solitude. It is also the place where much research can be accomplished if you're working on a book or thesis. Depending on what you have on your agenda, you can use this full moon to your advantage if either of these two areas resonates with you. No matter what comes up at the full moon on October 20, the praise from clients or employers will be lavish as this full moon will receive some scintillating golden beans from Jupiter. And you can't see my fingers, but I'm sending you guys scintillating golden beans from Jupiter.

Alex: Oh, you're making those sound very appealing.

Laura: Yeah, because you have to have something, you know, really nice happen before the doom of November and the change.

Alex: I'm not excited about it. This is very rude.

Laura: I'm going to try to repress the memory of it even happening and then just be surprised again so that I don't have to spend all month being anxious for it.

Alex: Ok, I'm on board with that.

Laura: Yes, if you have anxiety, Susan Miller is actually not the astrologist for you. And I have anxiety, yet I’m still here. Ok, so to round this out on a happy note, October 28 and 31 are good for career and money, and it will also be a good time to take a business trip. You could even try for a romantic getaway over the weekend. And then she answered the most important question that I had, which is: will Halloween be fun?

Alex: Did she really?

Laura: Yeah, she said, will Halloween be fun? And that was also my question. I want to know about Halloween because I have an idea for a costume, but I want to know. And she said, well, she said you'll be focused on work but it's also a good weekend for a getaway. So I was conflicted.

Alex: I don’t think she fully answered the question that she posed herself, but it’s something.

Laura: And the day before Halloween, October 30, Mars will move into Scorpio and that will start to draw you away from heavy duty office work and turn towards your established romantic relationship or business partnership and a lot will be sorted and settled once and for all. So, October 30th will settle some things once and for all, but then November 4 is also going to bring change. Confusing.

Alex: It's a little confusing.

Laura: But anyway, October 28 sounds good and so it does October 31.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: So that’s it, Tauruses. I hate to break it to you, but you know you gotta have, it’s October. We have some spooky horoscopes for you, so spooky, all these eclipses, and if you need an idea for a Halloween costume, may I just recommend you could a1) go as Susan Miller in her white blouse, or b) you could go as some eclipses to be spooky,

Alex: How would one dress as an eclipse?

Laura: You might just get like, okay, okay, Alex if you and I go to a party together, this is how we would dress as an eclipse. We would decide if it was a lunar or solar eclipse, first of all, right? So if it was a solar eclipse, then, like, one of us would just stand in front of the other person all the time.

Alex: Yes, this is very good.

Laura: Yeah, so whatever. I forget how the eclipses actually work with, like, the Earth and things but anyway one of us would just stand in front of the other and be like, have a shirt that says lunar or solar and it'd be like, now, it's an eclipse.

Alex: Right. This costume would require me to learn more things about what eclipses actually are.

Laura: Yeah, I would have to remember, like, what the order is and why things are being blocked. But anyway, I would be happy to stand behind you with beaming rays. Or we could just be like, don’t look at us, it's too dangerous to look at an eclipse! You can’t look at us straight on!

Alex: We could hand out glasses.

Laura: Yes, we could hand out glasses and be like, don’t look at us! It's a solar eclipse.

Alex: Okay, this is really good. And if all else fails, you do those spooky arms.

Laura: Yes, spooky arms!

Alex: Ok, great, you're welcome, audience.

Laura: You’re welcome, we have solved your Halloween costumes. If you need suggestions, I didn’t even know I had suggestions until I gave them to you, but yeah, you know, don’t say we never helped.

Alex: Remember, the best Halloween costumes are the ones you have to explain to people.

Laura: Alex, that’s the best thing I've ever heard in my whole life.

Alex: That's what I tell myself when people don't understand my costumes.

Laura: Well, because then you have something to talk about. You’re like, wh, what are you? And then you can go into it, then you like it's an icebreaker, as well, to be like, so, especially there's a story or like a thesis behind it.

Alex: That's a great tip, too. Especially now when we probably haven't been at any parties and we no longer know how to speak to people.

Laura: You can have a little, you know, back story here costume as an icebreaker. And then it gives you something to talk about that's not like Covid death and destruction.

Alex: Yes, maybe avoid like covid-themed costumes.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, I feel like people are going to be over that, but somebody's gonna do it. Alex: Right.

Laura: I mean, it's like I feel like last year I saw some kids doing it, I was like you know whatever they need to do to process, that's fine,

Alex: That’s true. Maybe it's part of some kind of healing process.

Laura: Yeah, to like parody the thing that's threatening you daily.

Alex: Yes. Well, I mean, we both love Halloween costumes so we’d love to see any photos of costumes, but if you do an astrology-themed or Susan Miller-themed costume, please let us know.

Laura: Please let us know. Please email us at astrologyzoned@gmail.com, and who knows I might just give out more pages to the calendar.

Alex: That’s true. Please include you sign.

Laura: Because you just never know. I might get excited. Mailing things out!

Alex: Supporting the post office!

Laura: This is not the time to let people know that I actually have a phobia of the post office.

Alex: You have a phobia of the post office?

Laura: Well, it's gotten better, but I used, now that there's machines and you just do it yourself it's fine but I used to get very, like, nervous or anxious about like, did I tape the package right? Do you write on it before and then they put the stamp on? Like how much is it? Do you stand on line? It really happened when I had to use the post office a lot in the UK when I studied abroad and I like, you know, counting the coins was hard, this was before like debit cards, really, so you can’t count your money. Do say things like “post” and I don't know what that means. Do I write Air Mail? I had to have, like, friends like walk me there and like, do it with me like I was a preschooler learning about the post office for the first time, but now that it’s the self-service machine so I just boop boop boop boop and it tells me what to do.

Alex: Ok, our two lucky winners, that's how it's getting to you. Boop boop boop boop. Laura’s going to go in, boop boop boop boop, the calendar is going to show up at your door.

Laura: Yeah, that's how I’m gonna do it. I also started making friends with the post office people so now if I have a question, I'm not too scared.

Alex: Oh, I like that.

Laura: Alright, so anyway, our congratulations again to our giveaway winners. I will be going to the boop boop boop boop post office and sending you your calendar pages. We will see you again in November. You know, we don't know when the horoscopes will come out so we don't know when you’ll hear from us but just be on guard for November, 4, and read your own horoscope at astrologyzone.com if you need to check up on that. Definitely go back and listen to our Mercury in retrograde episode and our story of how we meet Susan Miller. That is an evergreen episode, always applicable. Always a joy.

Alex: Always.

Laura: And tell us your Halloween costume. Definitely.

Alex: Yes. Ok, good luck with Merc retro. Thank you for listening.

Laura: Thank you for listening. Goodbye!

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