Episode 22

June 2022 Horoscopes: Susan Miller’s Half-Year Ahead

Published on: 15th June, 2022


A very happy birthday to all the Gemini twins of the world! Laura and Alex wish you only the best, even if Susan Miller could only write you a somewhat brief and neutral forecast. It’s possible she cut some corners this month, though, because… the horoscopes were posted on time!!! 

Not only were Laura and Alex filled with surprise that the forecasts were available on June 1, but they were also unfortunately filled with COVID. That’s right—Laura and Alex contracted COVID within a week of each other, so when Astrology Zone published the horoscopes on the first of the month, they were in no condition to read them, let alone record a podcast. But the gals are doing better and had just enough energy to (more or less) coherently discuss Susan’s Note, the long overdue Year Ahead 2022, Hot Takes (where they learn a lesson from icon Mariah Carey about believing in the impossible), and the horoscopes for Gemini, Scorpio, and Taurus.

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Announcement from Laura: 02:18

Note from Susan Miller: 06:22

Hot Takes: 10:10

Gemini: 11:55

Scorpio: 19:23

Taurus: 29:58

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​​Laura: Hi, Alex!

Alex: Hi, Laura! How are you doing?

Laura: Well, I think we should tell the people exactly how we're doing.

Alex: Yeah. The people can maybe guess.

Laura: Yes. Several amazing things happened on the first of this month, which were the first being that Susan Miller released her horoscopes on time. However…

Alex: Let us remind you that she has been posting like over a week late for the past couple months.

Laura: Yeah. So, she released on the first of the month. That was miraculous. Another astonishing event is that both Alex and I had Covid at that time.

Alex: Yeah. So of course, Susan gets it together and we are full of Covid.

Laura: Yeah. And we were both very deliriously we’re, like, “they’re out”.


Alex: Any kind of podcast we would have put together at that point in time would have been absolutely bananas.

Laura: No, absolutely bananas. So we decided to delay until both of us were feeling up to the task, so you might tell I'm still congested. Alex, you sound like actually very much more recovered but you’re a little ahead of me on the curve.

Alex: I’m slightly ahead of Laura by a few days.

Laura: So anyway, we are recovered, though, and we didn't have drastic experiences, although I don't recommend it. Don't recommend getting Covid to anybody.

Alex: No, no, pass.

Laura: So yeah. So, you're gonna get this podcast when you get it. But thanks for being here, everybody. I hope you read your horoscope. This is already the middle of the month.

Alex: Yeah, I hope you took advantage. I mean I don't know, maybe this is what Laura and I get for teasing Susan all the time about being late.

Laura: I know, but whatever. But before we get into it, I have an announcement because I had something exciting happen that also felt like a Covid fever dream, but in fact, while I was feverish, I got a message that my newest book was coming out! And so it came out the week I had Covid!

Alex: So many things happening. And what a rollercoaster!

Laura: Yeah, what a rollercoaster! But I am excited. So, the book that's coming out is something that I wrote during Covid, but I wrote it on Google Docs and facetime with my friend Erin Clark and it is a rom com and it is called The Break Up Artist, and it is exclusively on Audible. So, if you're an Audible plus subscriber, it comes for free with your content, otherwise you can purchase it on Audible. So far, the reviews are very good, and you can find it it's under my pen name, so if you look up the breakup artists by Erin Clark and Laura lovely, it's out now. So, I have a book on Audible.

Alex: Well, congratulations!

Laura: Thank you, and you know Susan Miller like it's very intent on me being very famous, so I do need people to read it and review it so that Audible is like, oh, we should get you a second book.

Alex: Absolutely because first book will lead to second book, which will lead to what Susan promised, which is you being part of, like, a cultural revolution.

Laura: Exactly. In the new epoch. Yeah.

Alex: Exactly.

Laura: Yeah. Yeah.

Alex: This is very exciting. Everyone go listen to this book. Yeah, I mean lots of things happening in the universe. I feel like eclipses may have influenced the fact that the book came out now.

Laura: Yeah at least, Mercury was out of retrograde when I had an audio book release. So I feel like that was good, but I do feel like there was a little Merc shadow in the fact that I didn't know it was coming out until like four days. Like the book has been done for a long time, I was in production, but, like, you're not like once you’ve finished your part, you don't really know when other things are happening. So, I was like, I knew that the cover was done and that it was going to be like on the website soon, but I didn't really know what day they're releasing it, and it's different because audiobooks on Audible, they have their own production studio, it's not like they’re waiting for the printer, you know, and they have to get the bookstores. They can just put it out when they want. So anyway, so I was like, Oh, I have Covid and a fever, ah and the book! So really exciting.

Alex: It’s very exciting.

Laura: So yes, the response has been good. So I hope that other people keep downloading it. So just did not be Susan Miller, but you know, it’s audible.com you can get it on the Audible app or on the Audible website, or it's on Amazon, as well, because they're a related company, and just look for The Break Up Artist, and you want one that has like a purple cover. Because I think there's a movie called The Break-Up Artist, but they have a hyphen in their title, and I don't think that I do.

Alex: Okay, great. Also, Susan Miller Businesswoman applauds you for making this announcement.

Laura: Yeah, Yeah, yeah, thank you.

Alex: And also for giving some tech tips.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. That's why I wanted to give you the thorough guide to how to get it. Yeah, you can get it within your Audible app and again if you're an Audible Plus subscriber that usually means you pay like a monthly fee, you get certain amount of credits, or you have like a yearly membership, it's part of the Audible original content. So, it's content that's exclusive to Audible, and comes for free as part of your membership. It was very exciting and then also Erin and I of the day it came out, we were on FaceTime and we were like, how many people subscribe to Audible? And apparently, it's only a 180 million, so that's how many people have access to it. That’s nothing haha.

Alex: No, haha.

Laura: No, haha. So, thanks. That's my big announcement.

Alex: That's an exciting announcement.

Laura: Should we get into our next topic, Alex?

avorite topic: The Year Ahead:

Laura: Yes, the Year Ahead 2022 came out in June of 2022, which is exactly the halfway mark so great job. It’s here. You know, at least it's here. My favorite part—I have several favorite parts to this announcement, even though it was a brief announcement. There's nothing else in the note but this announcement She did let us know that there is a bonus chapter called the Grand Mutation of Saturn conjunct to Jupiter, a new 200-year cycle that will rapidly shift life as we know it. And I was like, that is kind of a wow, that's kind of sells it to me. Except for the fact that it's on sale in June and not discounted, so I don't know what to do about the other months, but it's out. And then my second favorite part that she said, is that she, and I quote: “I wanted to get this manuscript to you quickly, so I chose to do it eBook, and not print it on paper.” Which I just really loved, since she didn’t release it in June, you know.

Alex: I nearly lost my mind when I read that sentence.

Laura: Yeah, I was like, oh, so because if she had printed copies, we wouldn't be getting until November. I mean, there's a paper shortage, so, you know.

Alex: Yeah, that's true.

Laura: And supply chain issues.

Alex: Thank goodness it’s only June. So, despite the fact that this was a very boring Note, which was just Susan Miller Businesswoman, you know, just this announcement about the Year Ahead. I get it. She's really trying to focus us on that now that it's six months late. If you go to her website, right under the photo of her on the weird, futuristic news desk where she's reporting the news about astrology allegedly, is a link to her new app. And yet, it is not mentioned in the Note.

Laura: That is very interesting. My suspicion was that perhaps the app was ready after she released the Note, and she released the Note when Mercury was still in retrograde, so she's gonna wait to announce the app in her Note, but like I haven't seen the social media post about it either. But this new app that she's been teasing is available.

Alex: It is. It's called Susan Miller's Moonlight app, or something like that. You know, I think next month, maybe we're gonna get, you know, Susan Miller Tech Support telling us all about how to download it. I don't know. I think you're right that the timing wasn't quite right, so she didn't say anything about it, but people, it's on there. It costs $7.99.

Laura: Yeah so, I don't know if we'll download it. We'll have just we'll just see what she says about it, then I’ll see if I’m convinced.

Alex: That’s true. Susan, sell it to me.

Laura: Yeah, I’ll wait for it to sell it to me. it is just FYI It is up just everybody, so you know they're that app but she's been teasing seems to be out but she hasn't made her formal announcement about it. And then she just at least the one thing I did really enjoy about the Note is that she at the very end just signed off with: “I hope you enjoy June. It sparkles with many outstanding days and brings much to be excited about.” So that was, you know, a little astrology. It wasn't all: buy my year ahead calendar in June.

Alex: That's true. She threw us a little astrology bone.

Laura: Yeah. I think now we should get into the hot takes.

Alex: Please. My favorite segment.

Laura: My favorite. So, we found this hot take under the one of her posts where she made when she was telling us that she was writing Pisces, and so she was going to be almost done, that the horoscopes would to be coming shortly, and someone commented under it. They said, in all caps: on time, exclamation point, question mark, exclamation point, question mark, and tagged, presumably a friend of theirs, or someone they knew. And then the person that they tagged replied with, and I quote: “There can be miracles when you believe. Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill. Who knows what miracles you can achieve. When you believe, somehow you will. You will when you believe.” And that is a quote from Mariah Carey’s song Believe, and, Alex, that just satisfied my heart. That when someone tagged their friend and then their friend just wrote back with the Mariah Carey lyrics. I mean, wow.

Alex: Perfect response.

Laura: Yes, excellent. So that that is the hot take of the month. That was perfection.

Alex: Perfection, and you know you may have been thinking: but Susan wasn't late, there aren't going to be any hot takes. But there are always hot takes.

Laura: There are always hot takes. There were some of these, some of the comments, even when she was on time, people were still ungrateful. I was like, well jeez, ok, relax, oh my gosh. I don’t know.

Alex: People have a lot of comments.

Laura: I don't know. Yeah, so congratulations to that hot taker.

Alex: We really enjoyed that.

Laura: We really enjoyed that. Thank you. everybody. Thank you to the many fans of Susan Miller for their insight and their wit.

Alex: Well said. Well said.

Laura: Okay, so should we get into the horoscopes.

Alex: Please. And let's start by saying happy birthday, Gemini!

Laura: Happy birthday, Gemini! We hope having a very good birthday month, and that you don't have Covid like us.

Alex: Absolutely. That's our number one wish for you. You knew, you were having to contend with Merc retro initially. And Susan herself said that you might have felt you were going round and round the mulberry bush, getting nowhere. So, I hope that you're no longer going round and round the mulberry bush, Gemini, and that you've made some progress because she mostly had very good things to say. You know, she always talks about the new moon being your birthday gift, and you can use that in the way that you like, and it's there for you, and to do what you want, and so I hope that you're getting some things out of your new moon birthday gift.

Laura: Yes, she seemed very positive at that the new moon on May 28 was going to be very good for you, that there would be opportunities that come in twos, because Gemini is a sign of the twins, and she said this new moon was going to be influential for six months or more, as they are. And so, there are a lot of planets that were aligned that are to give you support, and particularly she said that Jupiter's involvement suggests that you will be able to earn considerable money from offers and new projects. So, we hope that for your birthday you got lots of new offers and new projects.

Alex: Yes. And buckets of money.

Laura: Yes, and she also said that Jupiter is the natural ruler of your partnership house, so a spouse, steady sweetheart, manager, agent, publicist, accountant, lawyer, other such person you'll be collaborating with closely. That person will provide a jewel to your ability to find and negotiate opportunities. So, I was like, oh, so somebody else is gonna be very important to helping you. So that seems kind of nice that there was like the sign of twins has like an important partner that’s gonna help them get new opportunities.

Alex: Yes. That actually makes a lot of sense. And she said that the collaborations with the partner, or talks with the partner, whatever it is, will be crystallized by the full moon, which is June 14 in Sagittarius.

Laura: Yes, and the full moon of June 14, she also had very positive things to say. There's going to be an entire circle of influence for that moon from June 11 to June 19, and it will describe the outcome of any decision that you make at this time. She was very positive Mercury was going to be in support to Jupiter, and it was gonna bring opportunities in the media. And then she's very happy about Neptune is your professional tenth house of fame and honors. And so she said something about, like, there might be assumptions that will not necessarily play out as you think you will. You might be too trusting or idealistic, or something that you may not find out for months or even years. So that was like a little bit of a warning. And she said especially if you're getting married sure that you know one another well, and I was like, oh, okay, that was a little warning. But she also was like: “if you're crystallizing a marriage or a business partnership, share your thoughts with each other to make sure you both are on the same page. We can't control everything in life and there are no guarantees in life. So we do the best to clarify things ahead of time.” So it seems like you're gonna get like good news and things that we happening for you. But if you have, like a serious partner, you have to like, clear the air before you make any big moves.

Alex: Yeah, absolutely. You know, just some sound advice, I think.

Laura: Sound advice. She also said, if you're signing a contract, it would be best to wait until June 20, but even better, she wants you to wait until June 28 before you sign a contract.

Alex: Yes definitely. She said, money. The new moon is going to be June 28, this other new moon, the next new moon, and she said it'd be good time to start making good money once that new moon arrives, she says it’s a good time to ask for a raise, depending on, you know, like what your job situation is, potentially introducing a new product or service, or something like that. And then she talks about something that she often talks about, which is how people, just how you have to take initiative. It's not like the planets are gonna do everything for you. So, in this Gemini horoscope, she happens to say, like, I get readers from people who say: but I got no money. And it's like okay, but you have to like do things to help that along. So, it's not just, like, even though she uses the phrase buckets of money and suitcases of money, no one's gonna leave a bucket of money outside your door. Unfortunately.

Laura: You have just been making moves already to like help the money come to you. Yeah. So she did what she did want you to have some agency in that. It's not just gonna be like tripping over your money.

Alex: Exactly.

Laura: Which is why she seemed to be like highlighting it like, opportunities will come so you should be taking advantage of them. Yes, yes, and she wanted to warn you that Neptune was going to retrograde, which may slow down your career sector, so that was just like a heads up that things might be going slowly for a while. But that's going to be like later in late June/July, like then.

Alex: Ok. Of course, she’s gonna mention love because it's Susan, and she wants you to know that Venus is going to enter Gemini for the only time this year from June 22 to July 17. You know, she gives some Susan advice: go to your dermatologist potentially, go buy some new outfits. She had said earlier in the forecast that during this time, when Venus enters Gemini, like, you're very charming, you're like at your best, lots of people are gonna be drawn to you, it’s only you know it's only gonna be good so she's very excited about that.

Laura: Yeah, she said, this will be your time to sprinkle fun into your schedule and to make plans. And I was like ooh.

Alex: Ooh sprinkling fun. Yeah. Okay, well, this sounds good for you.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, it was a little bit brief, but she seemed to be like the like, the later half of them was gonna be good, the first half the month was gonna be good. There was just that warning about Neptune and like partnerships during the full moon.

Alex: Yeah. So I can keep an eye on partnerships because, unclear. They could really help you. Something could like come to fruition. But then also, someone could be shady.

Laura: Right, like there might be something you don't know that comes to light later, so make be clear about being on the same page was the advice. But she did say it was your time to shine, and that you would be very popular and have, like lots of romance and things. So I thought I thought it was like fairly positive.

Alex: Me, too. It did seem a little short,

Laura: But it's a little short and she didn’t have any like big zingers or overall like birthday wishes for you, but she did seem positive overall. There wasn't anything drastic. So sorry, Gemini, the best we got for you is that she's happy for you, and it sounds good but there's nothing really drastic to report in either direction. Nothing like super negative or nothing super exciting.

Alex: Right, neutral.

Laura: Yeah, Yeah. But happy birthday, Gemini.

Alex: Happy birthday. Hope you're having a great day.

Laura: Hope you have all these opportunities, and double check your contracts. So great. Should we move on to Scorpio, Alex?

Alex: I would love to move on to Scorpio, and I will say overall, it’s about money. She immediately starts by talking about money, because the new moon that was on May 30 was in our eighth house of other people's money, and so she truly focuses a lot on the money that might be coming your way. And what having the new moon in your eighth house means because it means it can mean a few different things. So, in terms of money, she's says, if you're interviewing for a new job, you know, maybe like you're at the point in that negotiation, where you're talking about salary and benefits and she says the new moon deals with your health insurance, flex time, vacation days, and potentially, how many weeks of maternity leave you get? So, she, like, encourages people to speak up and ask for what they want and like, even, she says if you're not changing jobs, you can still inquire whether you qualify for better health insurance.

Laura: Huh.

Alex: Yeah, so like it's all about money things it's like that, she says it's a good time to potentially like apply for a mortgage. If you need a line of credit or, like, money it's a good time to invest in that. The new moon in your eighth house could also mean you are maybe getting an inheritance. Yeah, she said that, like, if you need financial aid or potentially are going back to school, or you're like looking into a grant for research or something, make sure that you fill out those forms and, like, get the process started. She did give like, it was really a big focus on finance, which, of course, like Susan, then gives some like of her famous practical advice. But not only did I get practical advice, I also got some Susan Miller tech support, because she says that you might want to look into the recurring charges on your credit card statement to see if you want to potentially end any subscriptions. And then she suggests that I find an app that can help me do that.

Laura: Oh, wow, ok, ok.

Alex: She really wants to drive this point home that there are apps for lots of things. She's a good time to review your credit score, she says, review your insurance needs when you're like going over your whole financial picture. Potentially something is going to be resolved in court. I don't know. There’s a lot going on. So money basically transitions into a very long story about from Susan Miller's life.

Laura: Oh, I can't wait.

Alex: Okay, so apparently when there is also a strong emphasis in the eighth house as there is, and it's often related to finance or the other people's money, it could have to do with surgery

Laura: Oh!

Alex: Because it's also the house of like transformation. And so that's somehow can be related to surgery and it's like the transmission is when the surgeon is like doing his work.

Laura: Ok…


Laura: Ok great. Keep going.

Alex: “My leg, which was damaged from birth, broke by me simply walking across the room in my apartment. My doctor discovered that leg had a chicken bone-thin femur, and it had no marrow. No wonder I had broken my femur four times requiring eighteen months recovery each time because they could never operate as I would bleed too much.”

Laura: She's mentioned that before when she gets injured. Yeah.

Alex: “That day I went into the hospital by ambulance and had a very serious operation requiring eighteen blood transfusions.” We've heard this all before. Okay, I will not keep reading it, although I will just say that there is like a huge section of Scorpio, which is devoted to the Susan Miller story. Tt's not really about Scoprio at all but it's basically about how she had the surgery, and the effect of the eighth house which was that the financial part was that she didn't like get money from like winning the lottery, or whatever. She got the money from the health insurance that completely covered all of this stuff that she had relating to this leg injury.

Laura: Oh.

Alex: So, she says: “My point was to say the insurance paid the very large hospital bill, and I was grateful.” It was a very roundabout way of somehow relating.

Laura: That really doesn't sound like you've got money. That sounds like you had insurance that just covered everything.

Alex: I agree.

Laura: That’s what insurance is supposed to do. You like you pay insurance hoping they're going to cover everything when you have a large expense, right?

Alex: But well, then, yeah, right back into the practical advice.

Laura: Keep going.

Alex: And she says, if you're gonna have surgery, call your insurance company in advance and make sure that they will cover the procedure.

Laura: Great advice.

Alex: Great advice. But that was, like, a really big tangent. But I was happy to learn about Susan’s life. I mean, she loves to talk about these blood transfusions.

Laura: Yes, also now, knowing that she—I’m so sorry to keep this hand in a going, Scorpio—but knowing that she was an agent for commercial photography opens up many questions about the images on her social media for me.

Alex: Yeah, actually, it's even more shocking now.

Laura: Like the license, I do not ever see here credit anybody, so I don't know if she's getting them from like free stock photography. But like I’m curious. about licensing and her social media images.

Alex: I am, too. You know, as these stories often do, they raise a lot more questions than they answer.

Laura: Yes, more questions than they answer so I’ll just say that. Anyway, Scorpio. I hope you get money, and I hope you don't break your leg.

Alex: Yeah, so it's really all about money. She says the full moon, which is coming upon us June 14, that could allow you to finish up certain financial talks or tasks, potentially pay a large credit bill, send like a tuition check somewhere. If you had asked for a raise, you’re gonna hear about it about this time. She said to wait, like she said with Gemini, if you have to sign a contract to wait until June 28. Truly, so much of this was about money. Of course, because it's Susan, she does talk a little bit about love. I think it was June 18, she said was like a really good day. I feel that I have a little bit of Covid brain at the moment, and I'm not able to deliver this news. Oh, on June 18, Neptune and Pisces, your house of true love, will send a beam to Venus in Taurus, your committed partnership/ marriage house. This evening will be made in heaven.

Laura: Lovely!

Alex: So that’s this Saturday presumably. I have no expectations, but I’ll report back.

Laura: No, sounds lovely. Sounds very lovely.

Alex: Sounds lovely. What else happened? Oh, she says, you may take a trip. You will crave a little fun travel after June 28 into July. There was some talk of you know, potentially being somewhere with your family and having a good time. I think it sounds like a really good month. I would just watch out for buckets of money coming your way, and also maybe surgery coming your way.

Laura: Yeah.

Alex: Call your health insurance before you get any procedures.

Laura: I guess that money thing also works for like, if you get in a car accident, and then your insurance is like, don't worry, we're just gonna buy you a new car and then like you're like, ok, that was like money. But just yeah, yeah, that's just not quite the way I think of like getting money. But sure, I guess it’s all money. Sure it's money, I know.

Alex: I know, but you're right. I mean, she's kind of like, oh, the insurance company paid the hospital bill, but that's not Susan getting money.

Laura: It's just insurance doing what she had already paid for.

Alex: Yeah. Exactly. It's her insurance working properly.

Laura: I’m just saying that's not one of our best examples, but happy we learned what we learned from it.

Alex: So it was not one of our best examples, and it was like many paragraphs long. But Scorpio, I think I put a weird spin on that. But I think it's gonna be good.

Laura: It sounds overall positive. It just sounds like Susan really through us for a loop with her long story, you know it's a little bit hard to, like, remember what the month is about when you're getting such a big tangent.

Alex: Yeah, I got really wrapped up in that because I didn't understand the point of it, and I felt that I had to share with everyone and here we are.

Laura: Well, thank you. Thank you, Alex. So, Scorpio, best wishes to you.

Alex: Well, maybe then we should transition from Scorpio to Taurus.

is is your horoscope for June:

Alex: You did?

Laura: Yeah, I went to the Bridgerton Ball on May 28, which was the near the new moon, you know, and I mean that's probably where I got Covid, but I had a great time, so like not worth it, but great time, and so I’m like maybe I’m meant to be just like in ball gowns and taking videos.

Alex: Like, influencing people in ball gowns.

Laura: Yeah! I don’t know. I mean it’s hard to watch for signs for me, because I was sick for the first eleven days of June, so I don’t know.

Alex: Right.

u have plenty to celebrate in:

Alex: So, yours is looking very forward.

Laura: Very forward. Yeah. Then she got into the full moon of June 14, and she said: By then you will be ready to send a substantial check to take care of one or more of your financial obligations. Whoa, which I just realized I had to write a check. Wow, ok, she was right.

Alex: Wow!

Laura: Yeah. And then she said the full moon is mixed in outlook because she says, on one hand, Saturn suggests you will add to your sense of security by making a decision, like a purchase or investment that has long-term financial benefits like buying house or setting up insurance to protect those who depend on you. But she said, on the other hand, the sun and moon will be at a hard angle to Neptune, which indicates that you will be making one or two assumptions about future projects that might not be accurate or you’re working with too few facts when making an important financial decision. So, I guess my takeaway from that was like if you're making big financial decisions right now, like, get a lot of information.

Alex: Yes, Susan really likes to ask questions. She likes to consult the experts. This is often her advice.

Laura: Also, she said, if you were gonna be looking for like an employment opportunity, if you're unemployed, Saturn is going to be going retrograde from June 4 to October 22. So be patient, Taurus, because it'll be worth waiting for the right employment opportunity. So just the FYI to anybody looking for work. Sorry. Then she got really into romance and she wanted to make sure we took special note of June 11, when Venus will be conjunct surprise-a-minute Uranus in Taurus. So apparently it was a sparkling Saturday night. I wouldn't know, I was still sick, but hopefully some Tauruses had a nice romantic time. Another romantic weekend is June 18 to 19, especially if you are dating or married, because Mercury, will be in your true love sector of the fifth house. Mercury will also be very busy June 19 to 20. And so basically the weekend of June 18 to 19 would put romantic icing on the cake, was what she said.

Alex: Romantic icing.

Laura: Yeah. Romantic icing on the cake. And then she finished off with the new moon of June 28, which will be in Cancer, will be in our third house, and this will create a lot of room for your social life, so it will bring friends and groups into the pictures, and you'll have flattery, fun, and joy in the weeks ahead with lots of communication going on by email, text, social media, and phone. You may find you are writing more often, or you could be asked to give a speech or judge a competition. Also, she said, the third house rules your siblings or your cousins, so one or all these individuals could be prominent in your life at the end of June, the first part of July. And then this what is my favorite. This is a fun fact that we got. She said you might want to take a short trip, and she says the third house rules trips of short distances, which the ancient astrologers—we love when she brings up ancient astrologers—the ancient astrologers used to say was within a day's horseback ride to the destination, but today we say it's within a day's drive or short rail or airplane trip.

Alex: Oh, Susan, outdoing yourself.

Laura: Right? Classic. I was like o it's a short if you can drive or take a rail or maybe a short plane, you can get there. But it's not a short horseback ride anymore, y’all.

Alex: Yeah, no, it's not. And if we were still judging by horseback ride, you could go a much further distance.

Laura: Yeah. Well, now you can go much for the distance in a day. Like in a car or rail. Yeah, so it does expand the radius for travel. But anyway, I was a fun fact about, you know, because now we say a short car or days’ drive, and then she just wanted to say that the Venus will be touring Taurus most of the month until June 22 so you should be in a very happy state of mind when Venus moves into Gemini from June 22 to July 17, you may find new ways to bring an even more money than you did earlier in the month. “In all I feel like you will like June very much, for it will give you a good work and life balance, including time to spend with those who mean the most to you.”

Alex: That sounds great.

Laura: We're gonna be making money and having opportunities, but she was also warning us about like expenses and financial obligations, so, I thought that was balanced.

Alex: That is balanced. I think I’m going to ignore that part for you, though, and just focus on that part about the social life because this is time to take advantage of your sweet antibodies.

Laura: Yeah, I know, me and my sweet, sweet antibodies and am gonna be getting social.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. So, it's like, she said, you know, get out there. Take your short trip on a horse and don't worry about giving that horse, Covid.

Laura: Yeah, I’m not gonna. I'm like okay, I’m gonna take my sweet, sweet antibodies out on the town.

Alex: Exactly. Wow, guys, thank you for listening to this. I just feel that we're not even responsible for what we've said.

Laura: Nope. We are not. But we thank everyone. You know what? I'm happy to be here, happy to be here, happy to be alive, happy to be here. This podcast is sponsored by my vaccine, my booster, and Paxlovid. So, thank you.

Alex: Exactly, exactly. We're available to do appearances, and Laura can coordinate some kind of viral Tiktok.

Laura: Oh, Susan Miller Businesswoman wants me to remind you all that my new book, The Break Up Artist, is available on audible.com. And if you have any hot takes we would love to hear from you at astrologyzoned@gmail.com.

Alex: We would love it. Hot takes fill us with joy.

Laura: Definitely, and otherwise, we hope you guys stay well, and we will see you next month hopefully earlier. Alex: Yes, we will try. Enjoy the rest of the month.

Laura: Goodbye, everybody.

Alex: Bye!

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