Episode 23

July 2022 Horoscopes: Get in the Star Zone!

Published on: 8th July, 2022


Get ready to shine this July, Cancers! Susan Miller promises you an exciting month of VIP meetings, unexpected yet exciting news, and the luck of an Irishman! 

Laura and Alex kick off this episode with a discussion of Susan’s Note, a sprawling essay that covers a myriad of topics ranging from Susan’s new app to… Susan’s old app. Just kidding–we’re also graced by the presence of Susan Miller Tech Support, who tells us all about Astrology Zone’s foray into Discord. Susan suggests that we watch an introductory video on YouTube so we’ll be ready to join her–ever the internet pioneer–as she explores the exciting world of Web 3.0. 

The gals then review their favorite hot takes from the world of social media, and finish up with the July horoscopes for Cancer, Taurus, and Scorpio. They don’t have particularly wild forecasts this month, but are both excited to learn that if Laura tries hard enough, she has the power to create diamonds that spew forth from her brain.  

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 2:08

Hot Takes: 14:30

Cancer: 18:36

Taurus: 25:26

Scorpio: 33:05

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​​Laura: Hi, Alex!

Alex: Hi, Laura!

Laura: Here we are again.

Alex: Here we are in July. How are you?

re! And you know, it’s July:

Alex: Amazing how that works.

Laura: Happy birthday.

Alex: Amazing. Yeah. I hope people have been enjoying it for one month.

Laura: I'm still curious but I’m waiting for the Q4 sale.

Alex: Same. I’m not even getting involved at this point.

Laura: No, no, totally. Well, hello, everybody. Congrats to all of us. Susan Miller released more horoscopes, and somewhat on time. I would say in the sweet spot where, like, they almost came out on July 2. But by the time they were released it was July 3 on the east coast.

Alex: Yes, she promised the 2nd and then delivered on the 3rd so all in not so bad for Susan.

Laura: Yeah, not so bad for Susan. And overall, it seems to me, I found the horoscopes, at least mine, positive, but I think I called them blandly pleasant.

Alex: Perfect description. Mine was also blandly pleasant. Sort of underwhelming. It wasn't a bad horoscope.

Laura: No, it was just like, I couldn't really, like, she said good things could happen, but nothing made me be like, ooh, I can't wait, you know.

Alex: No, I know. So that’s too bad.

Laura: Yeah. But I think we should get into the Note from Susan Miller because it was comprehensive,

Alex: Comprehensive. Susan Miller Businesswoman has a lot of new ventures that she needed to tell us about. This was a long Note.

Laura: I’m just so happy for Susan that she's discovered Web 3.0.

Alex: Me too. Girl cannot say enough about Web 3.0 and the journey.

Laura: She was like saying the how she how excited she was from with 3.0 because it reminded her of when she discovered the first Internet and started astrologyzone.com, and I’m like you know that's really positive. We don’t know we don't know what technology will be. Like Web 6.0, or maybe it'll just be analog again because the world will be over and, like, all the Internet will be flooded underwater. But like just like things could still be exciting to us like 30 years later.

Alex: Yeah, I mean, we could be doing a podcast in 25 years and be like, can you believe it when Susan decided to jump on board web 3.0? Such a pioneer.

Laura: And here we are back at the amphitheater doing this podcast live.

Alex: Yeah, exactly.

Laura: So, I think, take it away, Alex. Tell us about Web 3.0.

Alex: Well, ok, I mean, to be fair I should report that she does put like two sentences at the beginning about horoscopes saying that it's gonna be a great month that gets better and better. But then she immediately says, readers, get excited about Web 3.0, and discovering Web 3.0 together, and I have joined a social media platform called Discord.

Laura: Wow.

Alex: I know nothing about Discord.

Laura: I know something about it, but I am not an active user. But I will say that the description and the tech support FAQ that Susan Miller gave is probably one of the better explanations that I've seen. Like, the fact that she actually had instructions because like a lot of times people just join it and then you're like, I don't know how to use this.

Alex: Right. Yeah, so she's very excited about this. This is something we can join, and very Susan Miller Businesswoman, but luckily for us, because she's joined this new platform, of course we got a lot of Susan Miller tech support.

Laura: Yeah.

Alex: Which was really great. So, she explains what Discord is. She says it's divided into different quote servers, but these are really like communities, and her community is Astrology Zone. And so if you join this, you can like interact with people and talk to people and, like, potentially like there's live events or like live video.

Laura: And she was saying you could join like the things for your sun sign. So, you could be conversing with all the other Tauruses or Scorpios or Pisces or whatever. There will be some sort of, like, because it is like there is like a live aspect to it that can be, so she was very excited for the possibilities.

Alex: And she says: “all the while our group will remain organized and supportive of each other.” And I don't wanna say it's not going to, but I think that that's, you know, Susan being very positive.

Laura: I'm glad she set the tone for how she means for it to go forward, and someone is helping her moderate it making sure it stays positive.

Alex: The master moderator from her Clubhouse, Isis.

Laura: Same person. Oh, I didn't catch that.

Alex: Yeah, so she has recruited Isis to come over and moderate.

Laura: So glad Isis is back with us. Okay, great, yeah.

Alex: Don't forget Isis is like a self-proclaimed master moderator. That's something up herself.

Laura: But I'm seeing Isis do this so much that I’m like believing in the master moderator now.

Alex: Me too. You know, I think Susan knows that we're not all going to be on the cutting edge of Web 3.0, so she recommends a YouTube video for us all to watch: a beginner's guide to how to use Discord.

Laura: See, again very helpful. I don't think many people who use Discord get that tutorial.

Alex: No, no, no.

Laura: And then I think we talked about our favorite part about why she's so excited for Discord

Alex: Yes, please take it away.

Laura: So, Susan says: “Discord’s audience is heavily comprised of male users. About 80%. So this gives me and you a chance to hear about topics that men are currently focused on. I want to know what men find maddening, what they wish they could change, and which parts of life they want to stay the same. I invite men to talk about dating, commitment, and how it feels to be a modern man.” And I'm so excited that Susan is excited, but especially after what's been going on the past few weeks in the Supreme Court, I don't know, I don’t care what they think of helping a modern man. So I'm so happy for Susan's audience, and if anybody loves Discord and they love using it, I think you’ll have a great time. I do not share Susan’s enthusiasm for what men think.

Alex: I don’t either and I'm actually kind of surprised that someone didn't flag that and say like maybe not the right time to say this.

Laura: I know she’s really trying to build bridges. Like, it'll improve communication.

Alex: If Discord chat is all about men talking about how it feels to be a modern man, why would anyone subscribe to that?

Laura: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, Susan is so kind, and so equal opportunity, and I’m like so cynical.

Alex: It’s just such a weird thing to say. As you said, especially given the climate.

Laura: Yes.

Alex: Yeah. But you know what? We can't dampen her enthusiasm for Web 3.0.

Laura: I think we should talk about how Susan Miller Businesswoman is always eager to, like, get into different markets, and so like, if this is going to be a way for her to reach more men who want to read horoscopes, so be it. It's a businesswoman thing, you know.

Alex: That's true. So okay, we'll give her that. So Discord, very exciting. If you join, please let us know. Neither of us have joined this group yet. So we'd love to hear some impressions. Although if it's about men musing about their modern lives, you can spare us the email.

Laura: Yeah, you can just give us the broad strokes.

Alex: Yeah, we’ll take the board strokes.

Laura: Ok there’s a big announcement.

Alex: Big announcement.

en waiting since September of:

Alex: We have and if you have been listening to us you know that we've been just waiting for Susan to announce this new app. She's teased it a little bit, but new this month in the App Store quote Moonlight Phases of the Moon by Susan Miller. You will not be surprised to learn when you look it up, there's going to be a photo of her in a white blouse.

Laura: She even told you like, look for the one with the white blouse.

Alex: Yes. So you know you can find it. so. So it’s all about when the moon is void of course.

Laura: Which means a void of the course of the moon, not like, duh, of course.

being void of course through:

Laura: Yes, and also she's very excited about it, because, like when you look up the moon like in other calendars, it doesn't really tell you when it's void. So, like, and you have to look at timetables and do all the time zone math, and this way, like, the GPS on this works, and will just tell you when the moon is going to be void, and that has something to do with like when you want to make decisions, you can look that up. And she was very excited. When she told us about this app when we met her in September outside of the Louis Vuitton store, she was very excited about it, and I remember it sounding quite remarkable. Now that it's been so long my enthusiasm has waned. My enthusiasm has gone void of course.

Alex: Ba-dum-dum.

Laura: Thank you. But you know, it's another app from Susan. Susan Miller Businesswoman. There’s not another app like it, she says, so good for her.

Alex: Good for her, and she said: “this app was three years in development, and I had to teach my engineers astrology first.” She told us that that day.

Laura: And I just wish I could be a fly on the wall when she was teaching these engineers about astrology.

Alex: I wonder how, I bet some of some engineers were into it, and I bet others were like, why am I doing this job? I could go work for a normal person and not have to learn about the moon.

Laura: They just need to, like, convert the timetable into an algorithm, and then put the graphic on it, like, great.

Alex: So, this app, I don't know. There are still things that I need to learn about what the moon void of course is, but I guess, like, it's an unknown period of time. It could be frankly minutes that the moon goes into her boudoir and then I guess during those times it's like not a good time to like do certain things.

Laura: It's kind of like Mercury retrograde but the moon.

Alex: That’s a good way to put it.

Laura: So, again, we haven't bought it or checked it out.

Alex: No. $7 99.

Laura: $7.99. Which is a one-time purchase, she wanted to make sure we knew.

Alex: She did, and then it's a one-time purchase. She feels it's a great buy. But then she immediately is like, don't worry, this is not replacing my other app, and then by the way you should buy that one for $4.99 a month because it's a great deal. “A dollar a week costs much less than your morning cup of coffee and will provide you with great value.”

Laura: Yep. But then she wanted to warn us because prices are rising, she's going to be having to put more ads on the free version of the app. But don't worry, there are some ads she refuses to run.

Alex: Right. Which, I feel like I was trying to think like what would Susan be opposed to. But I wonder if it's more like she picks the ads of the product she really likes. For example, like rose petals and fine china.

Laura: Yes, I don't know. Sort of like categories she can select from.

Alex: Right, like lots of things advertising accessories for a classic date.

Laura: Yes, exactly. Again, Susan Miller, the merch idea that you need to put out is the Susan Miller date night tote bag full of fine china and candles and rose petals.

Alex: So she should advertise that. You’re welcome, Susan.

Laura: Yeah, hello. I thought that was so like, ok great. Again, Susan Miller Businesswoman being like, I have a new app, but I also have an old app. Let me remind you again.

at, too. And also, Year Ahead:

Laura: You can find out. And my favorite part is she said, it's available on a site called Book Baby, which is not a site where you buy baby books.

Alex: Or babies.

Laura: Or babies. So, I really appreciated the like full tech support on that one.

Alex: Me, too. She doesn't want any confusion.

Laura: No, no.

Alex: So, there's a lot of stuff you can buy if you're interested in Susan Miller products.

Laura: Again, congratulations, Susan. This is quite a roster of products.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: Yeah. Ok, so I think we should move on to the hot takes.

Alex: Despite the fact that she posted only a few days late, there were a lot of hot takes this month.

Laura: Oh, yeah, no, definitely.

Alex: Because also you got all the hot takes on all the different kinds of social media. Imagine the hot takes that will be on Discord.

Laura: Oh, I know I kind of want somebody to go on there for us and tell us like what the hot takes are on Discord. Ok, so, I had a few favorites, I think. I'm trying to find my most favorite one—of course now I can't find it—but I was checking Twitter, and one of my favorite rumors that are spreading now is that somebody said that the reason why her horoscopes are late is because they think she's a Pisces rising, and we know that Susan Miller has not disclosed her sign, her zodiac sign, so I just appreciate that they just decided that she was a Pisces rising.

Alex: Yeah, I think this person is really starting rumors. Susan, I think, famously does not disclose her sign.

Laura: No, no. But so now there's rumors that she's a Pisces rising, and that's why it's always late, and I don't know the correlation there, I don't know why that's the guess, but I just I enjoy the speculation. Alex: Same here. I was looking on Facebook and, I don't know, I feel like, not that Susan deserves any of this criticism, but she writes these like over the top descriptions of how hard she's working and

like often there's like some health obstacle that she can't, and I just feel like it's just calling out to people to, like, give her a hard time. And she posted during the holiday weekend about how she was really gearing up and, you know, it's so much, and it's a holiday weekend, and all these people, of course, wrote back like, wow that holiday came out of nowhere, Susan, like, where did that come from?! But she wrote something about like, I'm working hard, but we have a skeleton crew this month, and someone wrote: “You're always on a skeleton crew, Susie.” I just, you know, it already had the attitude. And then Susie.

Laura: That comment makes me imagine like those dancing skeletons from like old Disney cartoons on Halloween, like that’s whose working on getting the old horoscopes up.

Alex: So sometimes there's a skeleton crew and sometimes she's taught the entire engineering department about astrology.

Laura: So many options. Well, she has so many different apps. I think there's one crew that’s skeletons, one crew that gets to learn astrology.

Alex: Right. Wow, okay, yeah, it really depends on your crew.

Laura: Okay, so she had said they’re going to come out tomorrow, and somebody just wrote the lyrics to Tomorrow from the Annie, and I just appreciated the musical theater. I think I think the best hot take is she posted like, oh, they're all in edit, and they're gonna be up now, and somebody wrote: “Thanks, Susiebaby.” Susie baby is all one word. “Always love to get in the star zone with you. Can't wait. Good free entertainment. Yeah!!!!”

Alex: Can you imagine what it must be like to live life as that person?

Laura: Susiebaby! Get in the the star zone. And Alex and I were bemoaning that we did not name the podcast: Get in the Star Zone!

Alex: Because could you imagine? We would have an excuse like ten times an episode to be like, are you ready to get in the star zone?

Laura: Ready to get in the star zone. Oh, what a great hot take. Speaking of which, Alex, are you ready to get in the star zone?

Alex: Funny you should ask. I've never been more ready in my life.

Laura: Oh, ready now, all right. Well, if we're gonna get to the horoscopes. I think we have to say, happy birthday, Cancer!

irthday! Cancer, this is your:

Laura: That's cool.

Alex: You know what? I’m in the star zone. I can't even remember dates.

Laura: It’s the year ahead and the month we’re in.

Alex: Okay, Cancer, despite the fact that Laura and I said our horoscopes were lackluster, yours is really good.

Laura: Really good. I’m very happy for them that like this is this is what they get.

Alex: I mean, like, couldn't be better.

Laura: No, could not. I think she even said: “months this sweet don't come around that often so find ways to make the most of all the good aspects coming your way.”

Alex: Yes, you are due for a glorious month. And it all gets started with the peach of the new moon. Laura: Peach of a new moon. She’s referring to the new moon that was on June 28, so not quite in July, but still in Cancer season, which was an annual gift from a loving universe. And she so that you might have gotten some unexpected good news from a friend or group that you belong to, so I hope that is true.

Alex: Yeah, let us know if you get any kind of like surprise news or anything, Cancer, because this might be what's happening to you, because you know Uranus, planet of surprise, doing things.

and achievements, which makes:

Alex: Exactly. They want to be with another VIP.

Laura: Yeah, VIPs like to hang out with VIPs.

Alex: Exactly. So yeah, this is like a really great time for your career, Cancer, just go for it. Take these meetings.

Laura: Oh my gosh, so good. And then she's got to head to the full moon on July 13, which could bring a partnership or marriage matter to fullness. You might get engaged or married, or if you're already married, you might come to new agreement with your spouse. Also, the full moon may affect you at work, so you should be ready to take action if you have thought about bringing in an expert in your company to work in a confidential close one-on-one relationship. And then she have a bunch of examples like that could be a new accountant, a bookkeeper, lawyer, agent, or publicist. “Or you may have heard from your advertising agency that upon your approval the campaign you asked for is ready to roll. There are many possibilities. You get the idea.” Do you, though? I think so.

Alex: I think so. I mean, she gave you a lot of choices. Yeah, so get excited, Cancer, that's gonna be very good. So yeah, great things happening in your career. She says potential money related to your career is coming.

Laura: Especially around the other new moon of July 28.

Alex: Right. But she does say a little further into the horoscope that I think she says like if you're gonna go in and ask for a raise like, make sure that you're prepared to, like, defend your position.

Laura: Yes, there's a little bit of a warning that Pluto might create pushbacks. So like if you were going to ask for a raise, have all of your accomplishments and your facts, and everything prepared, and then you will come out a winner.

Alex: Yeah, and she says, if by some chance you don't come out of winner, which is not what she predicts, look for another job, because you're like a VIP and people will want you, and that's a good time to like look for another job because your stock is high.

Laura: Exactly. And then, well, then, she gave us one of our favorite lines, I think, from this horoscope. She was talking about Jupiter is in your fame and honors career house and the new moon, July 28, will be based in your earned income and salary house. They will all be within tight communication. “You will have the luck of an Irishman who kissed the Blarney Stone. You will be persuasive and eloquent. Who would resist your request?” Wow!

Alex: Wow! I mean, you’re not gonna do better than that.

Laura: No, I don't think so, I mean, I’ve never kissed a Blarney Stone, but it sounds great.

Alex: Yeah, I mean, I would recommend it. I think it's a great thing to do.

Laura: A great thing to do.

Alex: Yeah, what else does she say? I mean, of course she doesn't really dwell on love, but she does say, you know, get out there and circulate, which she often says.

Laura: Yeah, there’s one thing about Mars was going to mean that people were noticing you and like you're gonna get maybe flattering publicity, and if you haven't heard any good news you just keep working your goals and praise will come, maybe a promotion in October. Jupiter isn’t going to be in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements until next year. So, and Jupiter only visits like this every once every twelve years of take it seriously and you're going to see the reward of having worked so hard.

Alex: Yes, another kind of fun thing is that she said you might make a new friend.

Laura: Oh, yeah.

Alex: So that's nice and you'll be very interested in like nurturing this friendship apparently. Or if you don't meet a new friend, you might meet like-minded people in a charity or humanitarian organization you join to help a segment of society who need greater awareness of their plight and funding.

Laura: Yes, you're gonna be expanding your sphere of influence, including social media.

Alex Yes, that's right, she did mention social media a few times.

Laura: And then I liked that she wrapped up that the end of the month was gonna bring luxury.

She said on July 30 to 31, there will be a perfect trine of divine harmony. So, it's going to be a five-star weekend, and “the transitioning Moon will be in luxury-minded Leo adding more happiness that you can achieve so this is a perfect weekend to treat yourself to a luxurious experience. Go to a lovely hotel with your sweetheart or spouse, enjoy a great dinner, or schedule a spa treatment. You can choose, among other possibilities, too. Sometimes just driving to remote sandy beach or mountain stream would be luxury enough.”

Alex: A nice mountain stream.

Laura: A nice mountain stream! Luxurious.

Alex: Well, I mean, Cancer, enjoy.

Laura: Enjoy. I mean, you're gonna get a raise. You're gonna get flattering attention. There's gonna be some luxury. Happy birthday.

Alex: Happy birthday. I’m just gonna say it, Cancer, I feel like you're in the star zone.

Laura: Cancer is definitely in the star zone. Congratulations.

Alex: Well, I would love to hear if Taurus is also in the star zone.

is is your horoscope for July:

Alex: I can't wait.

Laura: Yeah, Mars is really into Taurus. Mars and Taurus are in the star zone.

Alex: Tell me more.

Laura: Yeah. So, Mars will give you courage, drive, and determination to succeed. You may be working on a plan or project behind closed doors at some point from May 24 to July 4. And if so, everything you've been doing on the project in secret can now come out in the open. So I guess that having Mars in Taurus is a great advantage. So you might meet somebody new. You might be enjoying your one and only, you might be out with friends. She says that Mars means that you will have that “it” quality to one and all for a little over 6 weeks, and you’ve been waiting 2 years for Mars to help you like this. At work, you will find that your ideas are more quickly approved and funded by higher ups. In love, Mars will also make you more attractive and magnetic so you'll be irresistible and quite unstoppable. So like, yeah, Mars is into you.

Alex: Yeah, making you irresistible.

Laura: And then Mars and Venus are lovers so she said in the first half of the month, Venus is going to help so there's a good chance of negotiating a superb fee or you might get a raise, and if you didn't get a raise then you should try when Venus is in Cancer July 17 to August 11, that might be good. And then she went into romance, she said, because Venus will be in Cancer, July 17 to August 11 will be a glorious time for romance. Venus and Mars will be giving you thrilling beams. Yeah, especially on the weekend of July 30 to the 31. Circle that weekend in gold because you will give off sparks of charisma for sure. I was like, Wow! And, especially, if you're single, you want to gather, such as in a resort town maybe, on July 30 to 31.

Alex: To set off your sparks.

Laura: Set off your sparks. Yeah, definitely. So that was exciting. But what's most exciting is this is my favorite sentence. This is my favorite part of this whole horoscope. Okay, so she starts talking about your career, Tauruses, and she said, if you work in a creative job charged with coming up with ideas about an important project, you may decide to stay home over the weekend of July 10 and 11 so you can take time to gather your thoughts and come up with a whole pocketful of original ideas. Then she says: “If you work on this, your ideas will fall from your head like diamonds falling from your brain.”

Alex: What?!

Laura: I’m quoting! I quote: “The ideas will fall from your head like diamonds falling from your brain.” So, I’ve got to go into like my calendar and block off July 10 through 11 because I want the diamonds to fall from my brain.

Alex: But what does that even mean?

Laura: It's gonna be a lot of good ideas. Those diamonds are good ideas.

Alex: I think it sounds alarming. Diamonds falling out of your brain.

Laura: No, it sounded great to me. I was like, yes, a lot of diamonds are to fall from my brain on that day.

Alex: Wow, I’m stressed but also it makes no sense, but I get the idea of it.

Laura: I mean, I just don't think I've ever had ideas like diamonds fall from my brain. But I’m very like excited.

Alex: Okay, well, you're gonna have to update us on that.

Laura: Yeah, well, I gotta put my calendar to stay home and think thoughts. Yeah, that's gonna be the stressful part. Don’t go outside. I gotta stay home and think thoughts.

Alex: But then when people are, like, texting you and are like, Laura, do you want to do this? And you could be like, no, my brain is making diamonds.

Laura: Yeah, exactly. That's my new like, I'm busy: My brain is making diamonds.

Alex: Yeah, and no one is gonna argue with you.

Laura: Please. Contact me later.

Alex: They'll be like, oh, I didn't realize! Right exactly, like when will you be done making diamonds?

Laura: That’s my new out of office or DND do not disturb. My brain is making diamonds. So, I mean, that was thrilling. Furthermore thrilling, the full moon of July 13 was also going to be positive. She's really excited about me taking trips again. There seems to be a lot of trips. So maybe we'll be taking trips around the full moon. It's also gonna light up our ninth house which rules higher education so maybe you'll be opting to take courses, or you might finish up research. She said also if you've been working on a book or a cover story for a magazine, it's time to send it to your publisher, and if you've been working on a segment for a TV show, you might finish it up, and I was like oh, that's very exciting. Or you'll be ready to debut a new podcast series or new app. Maybe if you did an interview with the media it will come out this time. I'm very excited. July 13, something press media. I want to live in Susan's world where just like I casually have been working on a segment for a TV show, and it comes out on July 13.

Alex: Same

Laura: Same. Love it. Okay, then, she wanted to let you know that the new moon of July 28 was good for real estate, so your attention might be in your home or family. There might be like you might be moving into a new house or condo, or you might close on a property, or you might be looking to rent or buy. If you are, like, start after the new moon of July 28, and then you can find the right professional to help you with your home. Also, the new moon in Leo could include cultural events. So maybe you're gonna go see a play or a movie or you're gonna entertain or have guests over. She got very excited you would grill on your patio and like maybe if you live in an apartment, you might invite people over for food and wine, and enjoy an evening where fascinating conversation will bubble, like the diamonds that fall out of my brain. So in sum Susan says that Tauruses, you have a full slate this month. It sounds like great fun, and with Mercury, Mars, and Venus so beautifully supportive of you, you should be able to be highly productive. It's a happy month.

Alex: I’d say so. You're gonna be the proud owner of some brain diamonds.

Laura: Yeah, I’m not here right now. My brain is making diamonds.

Akex: Oh, okay, you're busy this month. It's not gonna be the typical Taurus, you know, take some naps. Laura: No, it’s not. Scorpio, how's it gonna go for you?

t, Scorpio, this is your July:

Laura: Oh, yeah, okay.

Alex: She starts off with that right away. So, the forecast generally was a lot about travel and career, and so she starts off by saying, this month emphasizes travel, and it would be great for you to go away. And she says, find a way to do this in July because she thinks that some career things are gonna happen in August and it's gonna be harder for you to find a time to take a trip to your mountain stream, if you will.

Laura: Yep, gotcha.

Alex: So, it's a lot about the trip. She thinks there could be a long trip, potentially one that involves needing your passport. So that would be interesting. And she said that this is tied up on in the new moon, the June 28 new moon, and she said that that moon was supported by Uranus and so this trip could potentially be some kind of like surprise from someone, like your partner plans a trip for you. But then she says the same kind of thing that's ruling that could be about moving.

Laura: Okay.

Alex: I don't know. She's always saying Scorpio is gonna move so I kind of tune that stuff out. But she says if you're not gonna travel, and you're not gonna move, you may be writing an important manuscript for a novel or screenplay, or working on a podcast or TV show, as your ninth house, lit by this new moon, also covers publishing and broadcasting ventures. And this is similar to yours, there's also a piece about higher education. So, she says, like, maybe you're starting like a new school or heading to like a campus and finding your dorm and like doing stuff. In other just assorted little pieces of information, she says the new moon will help you if you're involved in a legal case right now, if you're trying to file a patent, if you've been waiting to hear news relating to like immigration or citizenship it's a good time to like take that test or get the paperwork started. A she says if your birthday falls on October 30 plus or minus 5 days you will benefit the most from this graceful new moon of June 28 and you will feel the results in July.

Laura: Great.

Alex: Yeah. So new moon, very good, travel, try to make it happen in July. So, the career stuff. She feels like whatever happens with you with the career potentially getting a new job. It's going to change the whole course of your career like it's going to be like a really defining moment in your life.

Laura: Like a pivot.

Alex: Yeah, kind of like a pivot, like a big deal, a big thing. She also says there could be some kind of like unexpected event, and that this will probably be a good thing so don't worry.

Laura: Ok.

Alex: What else is she talking about? She says that Mars has been in Aries, which has made your work life very busy, and she said, this house also rules your health, so you may have felt less energetic than usual but she says that's going to change on July 5. So today.

Laura: Oh, ok. We’re recording this on July 5.

Alex: So, Scorpios, you should be feeling energetic. What else is happening? Okay. So, she also talked a lot about the end of the month like she did with yours. And she said, you need to watch to see what happens July 31 to August 1 when high energy Mars conjoins surprise-a-minute Uranus. Normally this could be a jarring event, but not this month. I am thinking you will love the unexpected events. I don't know. We'll see. She says she did call out these days the end of the month, but she said it could be the week before or the week after. Unclear. And if you get some news that you didn't expect and you feel like rattled by it, which was her word, she thinks that you're gonna find a way to like, turn it around and make it work for you.

Laura: Okay, that's good. That's good.

Alex: Yeah. Very good. Yeah, let's see, I feel like, did she not talk about love at all? I can't believe that.

Laura: No fleets of cupid, no romance?!

Alex: Oh, “before I go, I will touch on romance.”

Laura: Of course.

Alex: She said: “you will do very well when Venus moves into fellow water sign Cancer from July 17 to August 11.” She says, “if you're single, possibly you might meet someone at a resort not far from home.”

Laura: She wanted me to go to a resort town, too.

Alex: It's weird. Because I can tell you right now if I go to a resort, I'm not like gonna be just chatting with people, and you're not gonna be because you're gonna be concentrating on making your brain diamonds. So I’m not sure about this.

Laura: I also just feel like every time I hear resort town, I just want to go into the Dirty Dancing movie.

Alex: Right, right, maybe it’s that. Anyway, the main takeaway, Scorpio, is that this career could be a big deal, and so she says, like, just be ready for that kind of stuff. She says, if you get an interview absolutely go and potentially get your interview outfit lined up in case you get your chance to grab the brass ring. And, actually, she says: “You go, dear Scorpio.”

Laura: Oh, you go, Scorpio.

Alex: So, Scorpios, take your job opportunities where you can. It's gonna be a good month. I didn't think it, I mean, it was positive, I don't wanna say it wasn't positive, I just didn't feel like it was particularly, like, I don't know, there wasn't anything really exciting things.

Laura: There’s no like showstoppers in it. It's just like positive forward movement, pleasant times.

Alex: That's right. No showstoppers.

Laura: Although the career pivot though could end up being major. But it sounds like you won't really know for a while exactly how major.


Laura: Lovely.

Alex: So, I liked that because you know sometimes it's like this is your last chance for 75 years when you'll be dead.

Laura: But there's more chances coming next year. No, that's very positive. Okay, great. Well, wow, Okay. So yeah, it sounds like overall Cancer is gonna have a great time because it's their birthday.

Alex: Happy birthday.

Laura: Happy birthday, and you know Taurus has some brain diamonds, and Scorpio might be getting a new job, like great. And either way we have to go to a resort town.

Alex: We have to go to a resort town and download some Susan Miller-related social media.

Laura: And if anybody checked out the Discord, like, let us know the skinny on that. We wanna know.

Alex: We’ll take it under advisement for the next month.

talking about the Year Ahead:

Alex: Right. Then she’ll talk about it for six months until it’s released.

Laura: Or the calendar. This one sold out. She had a very limited run, so we'll see.

Alex: Right cause paper shortage.

Laura: Paper shortage. So we'll just see what the supply chain does right this time.

Alex: Right.

Laura: Well, thank you, everybody for listening. You know we always love if you want to leave a review or you want to tell us anything about your horoscope, you could email us at astrologyzoned@gmail.com. And otherwise. I think we'll see you next month at some point when Susan releases the horoscopes.

Alex: That's right. So, enjoy the month!

Laura: Enjoy!

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