Episode 10

July 2021 Horoscopes: Happy Anniversary to Venus and Mars

Published on: 12th July, 2021


Get ready for money! And friendship! And maybe even a surprise party! But please pretend to be surprised even though Susan just spoiled it for you. Cancer is going to have a wonderful birthday month full of travel; Susan even forgoes her usual Covid safety warnings to encourage you to get to some thickly forested mountains ASAP. 

In other exciting news, Venus and Mars meet up this month for their one rendezvous per year, and all of the signs will benefit from their canoodling. Laura and Alex discuss this exciting reunion, Susan’s party planning tips, and her social media posts from late June teasing a surprise for her readers. What could it be?! The gals had ideas, but of course, it turned out to be something they never would have guessed. And as always, Laura and Alex break down Susan’s forecasts for Taurus and Scorpio. 

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 08:35

Cancer: 14:23

Taurus: 20:14

Scorpio: 26:28

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Laura: Hi Alex!

Alex: Hi Laura!

Laura: Hello! Welcome to July:

Alex: I can't believe it. Here we are.

Laura: I was writing June all over my planner this week so I actually can’t believe it either.

Alex: To be fair, we’re still in the first week so I think the grace period is still happening.

Laura: Exactly. There's like a holiday weekend. The first two days, like us confusing, it's confusing. But you know what else is confusing, but also comforting? Susan Miller was late again.

Alex: Yet again. Honestly this first few months of the year were so unnerving. I really applaud her for being late.

Laura: It made me think that like I had seasonal depression in the first part of the year and like that maybe if Susan Miller does have seasonal depression that hers is like you can tell it's because she's punctual.

Alex: Oh, you're right.

Laura: Yeah. Yeah, mine it works the opposite but for her.

Alex: So she had given us a warning before even July 1 that was she probably going to be late because she had some exciting developments

Laura: She said there would be a surprise.

Alex: She said there would be a surprise so I kept checking and yeah, and I actually tend to use the web version, but I went to the app. And she said, your horoscope for July will be posted by the third.

Laura: And I think she said that on social media as well.

Alex: Okay.

Laura: And then, but it did not come out until the fourth.

Alex: And to be fair, she updated the app. Yeah, she changed it to the fourth.

Laura: Okay, great. But, but in between before she posted she then also said something in a social media post about there was going to be a big surprise. Yeah and you and I had a wonderful conversation over chat about what the surprise could be and I wrote down some, some of our guesses that I think that we should share with people. And she said it was going to be a surprise for would be surprised for you so we were like okay, what does that mean? So, my greatest hope was it was going to be a branded lip balm or chapstick.

Alex: Would have been great and I would have bought that immediately.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. In fact, you are I started getting very excited about what the merch could be that maybe she would release. But then we were like, she says it’s a surprise for you so it's something that like you're going to buy is what we thought so we're like maybe it's a mid-year product. She's been saying that the calendars are half off so I knew it wasn't a calendar surprise. One of us said it will be a guest appearance on something we have never heard of. Alex: I think you said that and I am actually shocked that that was not it.

Laura: And then you: I have no idea what it will be but I’m fairly sure we will be disappointed. And then I started dreaming big and I was like maybe it's branded post-it notes. Also exciting. Then we were like, what about Susan Miller love potion. And then we dreamed even bigger and we were like what if it is a drone in the shape of a fleet of Cupids that can follow you around for your love life.

Alex: I would buy that.

Laura: Exactly. Then, I think this is also a good idea is we were like ooh tote bags and then you were like maybe they're full of rose petals, and then I think the really winner of an idea, which, you know, maybe we'll just have we'll just have to do this, but Susan Miller Romance Kit.

Alex: Perfect.

Laura: Right. And it would include candles, flowers, petals, and fine china.

Alex: Yes. It’s everything you need for a romantic evening if you're in a long-term relationship or, or single.

Laura: Or single. It can work for anybody. Yeah. So, so I was like, these are great guesses and also a great list of merch ideas, so Susan Miller if you're listening and I think you are, those are our ideas and you know, you can have them.

Alex: Yeah, yeah. We're just happy to be a part of the process.

Laura: We’re just happy to be a part of this. We’re just letting you know as two fans what kind of merch we would buy because we have yet to buy a Susan Miller product. Sorry, Susan.

Okay so but then before she could post the horoscopes, she did make her big announcement. And Alex do you want to tell the people what they won?

Laura: Get ready everyone because Susan is coming to you with Turner Classic Movies in something called quote Spotlight Star Signs with Susan Miller, taking place throughout July. The gist of it is, she's picked out some movies. They're going to air on TCM, and she's going to be on the air, talking about the lead stars’ horoscope star sign. And so in very typical Susan fashion she has organized these by type of sign, so like one night it's all air signs and another night it's all fire signs. But you know, I was. I know I said that very mean thing where I said we're going to be disappointed. But that's because I was burned by the CBD water.

Laura: I was very burned by the CBD water and we were like we can't get our hopes up too much even though then we got our hopes up because we're like, post-it notes! Lip balm!

Alex: I mean, TCM is legit. I still would love those post-it notes if she wants to do that. But I'm actually surprised.

Laura: No, I, this was good. I was like oh this is this is like a very good partnership for you, you're giving, it’s something fun for them to have a preshow about. You're talking about the signs of each star and like that's that tracks Susan Miller business lady, and also like it's for its every Tuesday in July, you know, also we've noticed that, that TCM has promoted it and put clips on their Instagram which, like, well can I just talk about that? We’re going to get to the Note from Susan Miller but in the Note from Susan she did tell us how to watch it—make sure to set your DVR. But I didn't read the note in time so I forgot to set my DVR. And then I was like, oh no I missed the first one, and then someone tagged me, a listener tagged me, in the TCM Instagram post. And so I got to watch a clip of it, of Susan talking about a movie with Lucille Ball, and talking about her signs. And that was I was like oh this is fun, this is appropriate, this is great. And then I was reading the comments and the comments to me were hilarious. It was a bunch of astrology deniers and I was like, how dare you. Do you know this is living legend Susan Miller talking about astrology? And then my other favorite comment was somebody was like, ugh, Turner Classic Movies, these are all repeats. And I was like, it’s Turner Classic Movies. They’re all repeats. It’s not: New Feature Classic Movies. I was like, I don't know maybe those have been shown recently on the network, but they were like very mad that it was movie repeats and I was like, that's the whole point of the whole channel.

Alex: Okay, yeah, I think these trolls are very confused.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. So, if you're Susan Miller fan, I think you should go give some love the Turner Classic Movies posts and be like, in fact, Alex, we're going to go do that. We're going to make sure that we comment and be like, yes these are great, great work Susan. Lovely segment.

Alex: So, every Tuesday people. And yeah, we'll talk about it more on the Note, but I will say I was pleasantly surprised. I mean TCM is legit.

Laura: TCM is legit. And there was a very nice like Zoom background that Susan had from her office I'm imagining, and I don't know who the cohost is from Turner Classic Movies

Alex: I didn’t either.

Laura: But I did manage to find the channel, we’ll go to that later, but anyway I did DVR it for next Tuesday, so I can, I can watch it. Alex, maybe I’ll FaceTime you. We can watch it together.

Alex: We should. We really should.

Laura: Oh, you could come over now.

Alex: That's right.

Laura: Oh, my God. Okay, well, okay. Yeah. What a time.

Alex: What a time

Laura: What a time. Okay, so should we get into it? Let's talk about the Note from Susan Miller. So the first thing she posted in her note was about this Turner Classic Movies thing. And you know, actually, we don't have much practical advice from the horoscopes, but I thought there's a lot of practical advice in the Note from Susan Miller about how to watch to the Turner Classic Movies segment and she said, don't forget to set your DVR, again, I forgot to set my DVR but and then she also said, look up your channel, and I was like good thing you told me because I realized I don't know what channel at it. I still have regular cable, not a lot of people do, but I was looking for the channels and I was like, this is harder than I remember. And I was googling the channel and I was like, she's right, you need to be prepared to watch Turner Classic Movies, so I actually once I was kind of like, yeah, yeah, yeah, Susan, I know to turn on a TV and then I turned on the TV was like, I actually don’t know how work this. So thanks, Susan!

Alex: That was some very good practical advice. I was very happy that she said that. Yeah, she made a point of telling us this special commentary by her will not air again, this is by appointment TV. Make sure that you're, you're able to tune in.

Laura: And it's Tuesday nights at eight o'clock eastern, everybody, just so you know. And it's not on the guide. Like it doesn't say, “Star Signs with Susan Miller,” it just lists the movie at 8pm so I'm assuming they talk before the movie ,so that's what I recorded was the eight o'clock film on Tuesdays.

Alex: I mean, she does say, you might want to invite a friend over so you can discuss the movie afterwards.

Laura: Oh, well that would be

Alex: I think, I think she’s talking to us.

Laura: I think she’s talking to us. That would be great.

Alex: She also gives like a shout out to TCM and is like, download their app, which I thought was generous because she's always telling us to download her app, but she’s for all apps.

Laura: Well, she’s a business lady and that's some really good cross promo.

Alex: Yeah, exactly.

Alex: Yeah, I mean I always enjoy her like little glimpses into Susan's thoughts on pop culture. Like, do you remember last month she had that tangent about husbands, like which husband was in which house and she talks about Elizabeth Taylor. And then in this one, she says, if you'd like to find out more about the TCM series, you can click on this link and it will take you to a photo of heartthrob Steve McQueen.

Laura: Wow

Alex: So, Susan's got a little crush on Steve McQueen.

Laura: Oh and then underneath that was like more information about the show, right?

Alex: Yeah, yeah.

Laura: Okay, well we'll put that link to Steve McQueen in the show notes. Heartthrob Steve McQueen.

Alex: Little photo of a heartthrob.

Laura: Wow.

Alex: So she talks about that.

Laura: Oh and she’s gonna be on Twitter every night after the film so that you can converse with her. She said that like she's going to be on her Twitter feed, so you can ask questions, and talk about the film and the astrology.

Alex: Susan, she's really bringing it with this TCM partnership.

Laura: Really bringing it. She definitely is.

Alex: And then not only that, she seems really committed to exploring Clubhouse.

Laura: Oh, yes, and she was reminding us of Tuesday, July 12, and you know what, oh wait was it Monday, July 12?

Alex: It is.

Laura: It’s Monday night and I think I have dinner plans and I can't listen and Clubhouse doesn't record.

Alex: Also by appointment, Susan would say.

Laura: I know and she said she was gonna be able to answer questions and do a Q&A. Well, you know what, if it works out, I'll ask a question.

Alex: Yeah, and it sounds like if you don't tune in, or whatever one says about Clubhouse on July, 12, she seems very excited about the idea of Clubhouse, so I suspect she's going to do more.

Laura: Ok, so I'll have another opportunity.

Alex: Sp she's very excited about clubhouse, she's very excited, of course, the calendar is on sale, as we mentioned.

Laura: And then push notifications for her app. Again, very practical. This was a lot of like, what do they call it, customer education. This is Susan Miller businesswoman customer education. Make sure you look up the channel, make sure you set the DVR, this is how to download the app, the clubhouse app. That's how to join, there's a special link. There’s a special link, you don’t need an invite to join the app, you can use this special link I got from Google, and then put on the push notifications from my app so you don't miss things, and I was like, wow, customer education. Thank you very much, Susan.

Alex: And yeah, she also, it's sort of a little window into like what she thinks of her readers. Like I think she doesn't think they necessarily know about push notifications.

Laura: Yeah, there is some like maybe lag in tech savviness or maybe a gap in tech savviness, but you know I was gonna be like, I'm on the forefront, I have Clubhouse, but I also couldn't work my DVR, so you win, you lose. Oh and, like, luckily, it's not Mercury retrograde. Oh a small plug: we did put out a Mercury retrograde episode, after Mercury was already out of retrograde, but that's the most Merc retro thing to happen. So you guys, if you want to know know about any Mercury retrograde we did an episode on it, but yeah so Mercury retrograde is over, Susan's full on TCM tech Clubhouse push notifications, it's safe for her to push this tech.

Alex: Exactly. So it was a good Note and a good surprise as much as I give Susan a hard time, I will give it to her this time, I'm very impressed with her TCM partnership.

Laura: Yeah, really great. Okay, so should we get into the horoscopes

Alex: Let's do it. It's Cancer season,

Laura: Happy birthday, Cancer! Happy Birthday to our all of our Cancer friends. I texted some of my Cancer friends to be like, here's a heads up, but so you know. I felt like that was appropriate.

Alex: I did the same. I said, get ready for some money.

Laura: That's what I said. I said: buckets of money. Because earlier in the year there was something about buckets of money for Cancer and so now I’m like, oh yeah. So, um, yeah I think there was a lot of good stuff for Cancer. One of the things that stood out a lot is she talked a lot about travel, especially the weekend of July 10 through 11th if possible and then maybe also the 12th or 13th and then maybe July 20, or you could travel on July 29 and stay through September 14, and I was like, basically, go on vacay, Cancers.

Alex: Go on vacay. I was surprised she didn't add like a little caveat about being careful during Covid.

Laura: No, she was just saying travel.

Alex: She just said, go for it. And specifically she says that mountainous thickly forrested terrain will be your best options as Mars will be in an Earth sign.

Laura: Yes, I did notice that. And then I was gonna say, look, if all of you Cancers are going to the mountains and you need someone to housesit your pool or your lake, Alex and I are available.

Alex: There’s an available Taurus and Scorpio who do not need to go to the mountains.

Laura: Yes, if you have like your beach pool situation, we will gladly babysit your water stuff while you go to the mountains for your Earth sign stuff.

Alex: That's right.

Laura: Although Cancer is a water sign so it's kind of weird that she wants them into the mountains, but it's because Mars is going to be around. Oh, there’s a lot in all the horoscopes about Venus and Mars, like the one time of year they get to be next to each other and flirt with each other. SO that's why, Mars was going to be around, so that's why you should go to the mountains. And there is also there's going to be a new moon on September six that was going to be good for—she kept jumping around in time, she was a bit of a time traveler in these horoscopes, I felt.

k she actually says how great:

Laura: Mazel tov.

Alex: There was a lot of time traveling. That’s the perfect way to put it. She said that friendship will be very important to the Cancer this month. Um, and then just to me it was like travel and friendship and money. Like, watch out for that money.

Laura: Well, she also said someone might throw you a surprise party, and then I was like, oh, wow we just tell them that, and then I was like, Oh no, I just told you someone's gonna throw your surprise party, Cancer. So if someone does so you surprise party, act extra surprised now, because we, she and I, warned you about it.

Alex: Yeah. Do not tell the poor person that plans your surprise party that Susan Miller ruined it for you.

Laura: But, and also don't be disappointed if no one does throw you a surprise party, but she said it might happen.

Alex: That's true. And I think that's a product of Uranus, right? The surprise-a-minute planet.

Laura: He’s the planet of surprise.

Alex: So, she had a little practical advice within Cancer which was that it's possible that this year cancers are going to advance into a higher tax bracket, because of all the money that’s coming your way. And so she just said, make sure that you make any loan or credit card payments on time. And you know it's important to have a good credit score.

Laura: Yes, but she also said because Venus and Mars are going to be meeting up and flirting. Oh, this is what she said about Venus and Mars. I got very into the romance of Venus and Mars. She was like, she was like Mars and Venus are known to be highly romantic cosmic lovers whenever they are together. They want to be together but they only get approximately one meeting a year. So the rest of the year they must use their little telescopes to gaze at each other across deep space, and I was like, Ooh. I’m gonna write a romance novel about Venus and Mars just being like with their little telescopes being like, hi, I love you, hi.

Alex: Hi, see you soon!


Alex: Please. We’re available.

Laura: We’re available and we can get references.

Alex: Yeah, we can dig up some references. Don’t you worry about that.

Laura: Don’t you worry. Ok, should be talk about Taurus?

Alex: Please tell us about Taurus.

Laura: Well, my fellow Taurus friends, again there was some time jumping and I got a little confused during our horoscope but I'm going to try to give you the good stuff. She said there's a new moon July 9, and we might travel to be near water, and to see a friend or a sibling or a cousin. There might also possibly be a contract to sign those like okay well alright.

Laura: She also said you have Mars and Venus, those love birds, touring your family home and property sector, and together they will create an influence of love and beauty, comfort and luxury, all directly to your home life. So there was a lot of things that you might want to redecorate or like concentrate on your home or home relationships and I was like, Okay, I don't know I don't know but then she got into more Venus and Mars, and there was some party planning advice from Susan Miller. Party planning.

Alex: I would love to hear about Susan's tips for partying.

Laura: Ok so tips for partying. So she says Venus and Mars are going to be together and they will set up sparks of love and will put you in the mood to give a party at home. So consider entertaining guests for a cocktail or a dinner party. A casual party of pizza and soda would be fun another time, but this month is there something more special, something that Martha Stewart would do.

Alex: Okay. I love that. I will say, I'm a little disappointed that she's saying no to pizza. Because when is pizza not appropriate? But it's fine, I'll move on.

Laura: Yeah, I think she's just saying like go extra with this. Like Venus and Mars, it's their one romantic canoodle a year.

Alex: Yeah. Right, right.

Lura: It's like an anniversary party. Basically, Tauruses, I think we're supposed to throw an anniversary party for like Mars or Venus. I'm like not, I'm not fully sure but on Tuesday, July 13 possibly. Also maybe that’s her Turner Classic Movies night, so maybe we're supposed to throw a fancy party for Turner Classic Movies and Venus and Mars.

Alex: Maybe, but also when I come over, can we have pizza?

Laura: Totally, yeah, great. So then this was kind of a little bit of practical advice slash like warning taskmaster, I felt like motherly about this from Susan, she said: with so much emphasis on home and travel you may forget you have a job.

Alex: That’s not good.

Laura: Well she did actually say she say that is good because the new moon on July 9 will be on a mission to give you rest. However, the full moon on July 23 in Aquarius will likely bring you right back to focus on your career. Something is coming to culmination perhaps an assignment you've been working on for a while and are just finishing now. I was like, okay, okay, so we're going to get distracted but then we're going to have to focus again, I don't know.

Alex: Okay, did that speak to you personally in any way?

Laura: Well, not really, because I, but then the next thing she said did speak to me. So because she said circle Monday July 12 on your calendar. Mercury will be in an ideal angle to Jupiter in a position to receive all of Jupiter’s glittering gifts. Make a presentation, give an interview to the press, launch an advertising campaign, hand in a manuscript, a report, a white paper, or written thesis. If you're an editor you may get a blockbuster novel to edit or you may translate a book into another language. Give a speech or work on your podcast or your website or develop an app. There are so many possibilities. But then I also like she said Monday, July 12, and she said you might hand a manuscript and actually last night I got the edits back from my editor at Audible, and I have to hand in the edits on Monday. So Susan was right.

Alex: Well done, Susan

Laura: And also, like since I am handing a novel to an editor, she said there's going to be blockbuster so I'm just assuming.

Alex: Oh yeah. For sure.

Laura: I mean, I don't know the sign of my editor. I'm going to ask her, maybe. And then, but anyway so I was like okay no Susan I get it, I get it, I get it. Don't forget, I can’t forget I have a job this week, but next week I can forget I have a job again and then come back on the 23rd and be like, you’ve got a job to do.

Alex: Right, right.

Laura: So just, you know, that's it. And then she said the full moon was going to fall at the highest point of your chart. So this particular assignment could elevate your reputation in your field. Saturn is also in this area of your chart suggesting that you may feel pressure to measure up in your career. And also just a warning Pluto is going to be close to the full moon and oppose the sun so your boss might be demanding. And then she said back more career at the end of the month Jupiter's heading back to Aquarius, a wonderful place where to be for you. Because he will be making it back to your solar 10th House of fame on July 28 and this time he is set to leave Aquarius on this in December. So like for the next few months Jupiter is here to help me be like super super duper famous. And then she said, okay here's some complicated astrology, something, something, any planet located on what the astrologers called the angles of the chart, the first house, fourth house, seventh house, and tenth house, is more powerful when those planets move through those houses. They act like wild stallions, full of power and might, and was like, “wild horses.” Okay so planets are ramping through my chart like wild horses, is what I'm getting, and it's going to be my 10th of career during next five months, so push yourself to get to the next level, dear Taurus. You can create quite a stir with your accomplishments. Wow right so I mean that hit me, too, because you know I grew up on a ranch, so I was like saddle up, cowgirl.

Alex: Create that stir.

Laura: Create that stir and just ride. So yeah Tauruses don’t forget you have a job and then get to work late in the month.

Alex: That's such great advice I think generally: don't forget about your job.

Laura: Don’t forget about your job. So, Alex, what about Scorpio?

Alex: Scorpio was great, to be honest. I mean I have said for months that Susan has been very positive but I felt that this was very positive and there's a lot of action. She starts off by saying actually if you thought July would be a sleepy little month, think again. So she says that the excitement gets going on July 5, which the cynical Scorpio in me was like, she didn't report on any of the days before she posted.

Laura: Oh Scorpio. Nothing gets past you.

Alex: I just, I hate that my mind goes but there but I did think that. But she says things get going on July, 5, it's going to be a great day. And then I thought this was interesting just as like, you know, I feel that I learned things about astrology, through all of these forecasts. She says that, you know, exciting things are happening and she says you might hear quiet glimmerings of what is happening through an email or text. Uranus rules both. Did you know that?

Laura: No, I didn’t.

Alex: Me neither. So I thought that was interesting.


Laura: Yeah.

Alex: Does this mean we're finally going to get someone from Susan's team on the show?

Laura: If they're listening, we would like to have you.

Alex: We would love to have you. And then when your project is approved, you will be hailed by management as a rock star. I’m not quite sure who management is in this case.

Laura: Who is management in this case? Usually we just self-congratulate around here. Alex: It’s you. Susan’s team, whether you're her assistant or you’re tech or you're an editor, we would love to hear from you.

Laura: Love to.

Alex: Okay, well the next point is about Cupid and his little fleet of angels. They are back.

Laura: Wow. They never left.

Alex: Exactly, yeah.

Laura: They've been around.

Alex: They have really been around, so she said that they're going to be overhead. And she said, and I know I'm always very cranky about these things, but she said that if you're single, you might meet someone when you least expect it, so make sure that you're looking your best, even when you head to the supermarket or post office.

Laura: Okay, Alex. Well, I believe in you. Just brush your hair. It's fine.

Alex: Just brush my hair.

Laura: Yeah. It's really hot right now. Like what are we expected to do?

Alex: Yeah, also like does she think I'm going to, like, quit my job and go hang out with the post office.

Laura: Yeah, right, like how often do you actually go to the post office Alex?

Alex: I might not even go this month except now I feel that I should.

Laura: Well let's find something for you to send.

Alex: That’s right. She then says that the new moon will be especially strong if your birthday falls on November 10 plus or minus five days. That's not me but I like to let you other Scorpio know. At this point in the horoscope, I just have to point out that she does give a plug for her calendar.

Laura: Well, they're half off.

Alex: They’re half off. So it wasn't enough to mention in the note. It also made its way into Scorpio.

Laura: Okay, wonderful, she might have mentioned it in Taurus as well and I just, I just didn't do it, but then I was like should I get it, it's half off.

Alex: I know, well that's the thing. It's like I read it in the Note, I ignored it, and I read it again in Scorpio, and I'm like maybe I should get it, so well done, Susan. Okay and then I got some Susan romance ideas, maybe not quite as good as yours, but she said that Jupiter will remain in Pisces through almost all of July and he will brighten your chances for finding love, romance, and fun. So she suggests, take a little drive overnight or have a beautiful dinner together that you make, or that you go out to enjoy.

Laura: See, this is why you need the romance kit. Because, like, you could take a drive just have your little tote bag with your candles and your flowers and your fine china and be ready.

Alex: Yeah, yeah.

Laura: At any moment.

Alex: Exactly.

Laura: I would probably also throw some contraceptives into that bag but she that's not really on brand for her but for me I would.

Alex: Yeah, it's not because as soon as she mentioned that actually the next line is about that it's a good time for baby.

Laura: Oh!

Alex: And I thought this was interesting: so she talks about you know this would be a good time to have a baby, a great chance of getting pregnant. And then she says if you don't want to get pregnant, you should be careful. And then she writes in parentheses, if you are male, your partner may get pregnant, and they feel that she has never said that before. And I wonder if someone advised her like, you have some male readers in your millions of readers.

Laura: Oh yeah, I was also like, like the guy that was like mad at Turner Classic Movies for repeating things, I was like, there are some female reproductive organs that are necessary for the pregnancy thing. Although like, you know, there, there are people who are not women who get pregnant. So well sex ed from Susan Miller. I guess you know what, that's nice, so that's giving a little like agency to men, like you know the woman doesn't have to be responsible for the contraception, like you should your reproductive destiny is in your own hands as well, gentlemen, it's your own responsibility as well.

Alex: I don’t know that that's what she meant but I like your reading of it.

Laura: Yeah, yeah progressive

Alex: Very progressive. She says that there's gonna be like you can really count on your family this month. And she also talks about like in yours, it's a good time to move and if you have your perfect home and you don't need to move maybe you're going to like do some renovations or clean or do some repairs. Um, I always love when she talks about the ancient astrologers.

Laura: Oh, what did they do so?

Alex: So she said that ancient astrologers wrote that having Mars in your professional house is a great advantage because Mars will let your passion and your motivation to win. And Susan is not going to argue with these ancient astrologers.

Laura: No, she wouldn’t.

Alex: She says it's a very good time because of what you talked about this, this one-time meeting between Venus and Mars is going to do great things for your professional life and your house of honors and awards and it's all good. She called out July 13 specifically for like a good day for your career when you can quote do no wrong in the eyes of management. Um, and then actually she also tells Scorpio to travel without any kind of Covid warning. Yeah, but she does throw in a little practical advice, which is that if you are a Scorpio and you are planning to travel, consider bringing your laptop along so that you can stay in touch with your office. So Scorpios, do not forget that you have a job.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. Don't forget. Management would approve you bring your laptop on vacation. I would say for balance of life, maybe not, but Susan says you might need it so be prepared.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. So, good things all around. She didn't really say a lot of them money for Scorpio but she did say good things about you know career and awards and achievement and the fleet of Cupids. I finished it feeling very positive about my July.

Laura: Yeah, no, that sounds really nice, really nice for Scorpio. I feel like the other you know we said Happy Birthday Cancer, but the other thing that we really need to just say is happy anniversary for anniversary to Mars and Venus like those two lovebirds are just back together right now it's just a smoochy smoochy lovefest in the cosmos. I

ALex: I’m so happy for them.

Laura: Me too. You I forget they have like a long distance relationship. Very exciting.

Alex: And they're reuniting, which is great but then they're bringing all the joy to us.

Laura: Yes, all, all of this like beneficence so, wow, happy anniversary, Venus. You still got it girl. You still got it. Okay, so I think that's it. I just I had to make one more plug, before we wrap up. I'm going to be on another podcast that comes out Friday July 9, and it is the TV BFF podcast.

Yeah, I can’t remember if I talked about this before, I might have hinted at it, so there is the TV BFF podcast, it’s is a new podcast, and it's two TV producers and they interview people about the like their top TV shows, so you had to pick the best shows that you thought were on TV, your favorite shows that were on TV, and then the ones that you would watch like forever in the afterlife for all of eternity. Stressful. I'm not gonna tell you what mine were, but my episode comes out Friday July 9.

Alex: And Laura, you had told me about this podcast before, when you were filming it or, you know, one doesn't film podcast, recording it. And yes, I would very much recommend that people listen to it because you have a lot of good thoughts about TV.

Laura: I think so. I mean, I really gave them my real opinions. I also liked it because they're like, you know, their TV producers so they did very professional things before we recorded like clap your hands to like get the tone, and I was like, yes, me too, I know how to do that, and then I couldn't clap and it was like very embarrassing.

Alex: I was just about to say, we definitely do not do that.

Laura: No, they but they did all sorts of like very professional recording things and I was like, me too, I know how to. But no, they were really, really, they're really really fun. TV BFF podcast, and it's fun and if you'd like TV and astrology, you know, I think you'll be into it. Um, so yeah I think that's the episode we have for July. If we didn't talk about your sign, please feel free and go and read your horoscopes at Susan Miller's website, astrologyzone.com. And if you want to send us an email about anything we talked about today or in prior episodes, you can

email Laura and Alex at astrologyzoned@gmail.com. And as we always tell people: tell a friend.

Alex: Yes. Just quoting Susan.

Laura: Yeah, tell a friend. Okay, well, have a great time at it during the month-long anniversary party for Mars and Venus, everybody.

Alex: Thank you for listening.

Laura: Thank you. See you next time.

Alex: Bye!

Laura: Bye!

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