Episode 18

February 2022 Horoscopes: Think Good Thoughts

Published on: 11th February, 2022


And Susan Miller thinks you’re going to have a great month! Saturn is here to get you moving on your goals and projects, but it’s not all hard work, Aquarius. You’ve got money, laser beams of luck, and the coveted fleets of cherubs headed your way. 

In this episode, Laura and Alex tell Aquarius, Scorpio, and Taurus what they can expect during the Love Shack Era of Venus and Mars. They’re together this February, all cuddled up and ready to help you find love. And Susan couldn’t be more excited about Valentine’s Day 2022, suggesting glamorous evenings and luxurious restaurants, or possibly a vacation day! But before Laura and Alex can dive into all the Valentine’s Day details, they must discuss the disturbing social media post that led them to believe that yet another medical catastrophe had befallen Susan. Then in the Note, the gals are introduced to Susan Miller Help Desk, who has a lot to tell everyone this month, along with, of course, Susan Miller Businesswoman.   

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 5:52

Aquarius: 14:05

Scorpio: 22:44

Taurus: 32:29

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Laura: Hello, Alex!

Alex: Hi, Laura! How are you doing?

Laura: Great-ish. I really tried to fake it hard for that one. I failed.

Alex: I don't blame you. It's getting harder to convincingly say that. Here we are in February.

Laura: I hope but this podcast finds you well everyone and if you don't want to be found, that’s fine.

Alex: Yes, that's absolutely fine. We approve of that. We approve of hiding and hibernation and whatever you need to do to feel good.

Laura: Totally. But you know, look, here we are, it's February, and Susan Miller does have some horoscopes. Finally.

Alex: She does. We were waiting a long time.

Laura: We were waiting a long time.

Alex: She just had one little sentence up on her website about that she was working on them, and they would be up very soon, and it said that for four days.


Alex: That’s true. The shadow.

Laura: They didn't post until like Mercury had like just ended retrograde, on the day that it ended. So, I guess there's that. But speaking of Mercury retrograde and communication mishaps, we had quite the hullaballoo.

Alex: The scare, really.

Laura: The scare, really. So to preface I think longtime fans of Susan Miller know that she often has medical catastrophes or calamities, and that will be part of the reason why things are late. And so I was just scrolling through Instagram and I was not paying attention or reading very closely, and I see something from Susan Miller and I read the first few words of this post and they say: my head is under the hood of the car. And I immediately thought, oh my god, Susan Miller is stuck. I thought her head was trapped in the car, and I thought this because I was not reading closely and also I have had cats that have gotten stuck in, like, the engine of a car, and for a brief instant I really thought that Susan Miller had her head under the hood of a car, she was stuck, and was somehow messaging to let us know that she would be late because she was stuck in a car.

Alex: She had her head stuck in a car, but she was dictating to someone that the horoscopes are going to be late while she was trapped.

Laura: I’m just imagining her being like, “Courtney, Courtney, tell them I’m gonna be late!”

Alex: Ok but the other very legitimate reason that you thought this is that is not an expression.

Laura: Yes, so she goes on to say, “my head is under the hood of the car, which is why you haven't heard from me on social media.” Again, I'm thinking she's stuck. “But, but dash dash, I'm concentrating. That's what it's like when I'm in production for Astrology Zone. I'm writing slowly finishing up Sagittarius now, it's 7:53pm eastern on February 2.” So then I understood that she was just slow writing, and somehow “head stuck under the hood of a car” was some sort of expression for focus.

Alex: An expression for focus used by Susan Miller.

Laura: You and I both were like, that's not a, that's not a thing people say. We have asked other people, if they say that, so it's just, it's not a thing. It's a Susan Millerism.

Alex: And, and truly, as someone who does get into many accidents, that's not a great thing to put out there to your followers on social media. It was alarming.

Laura: My head is under the hood of the car. I just had so many thoughts flashing in my head like, oh my god she’s stuck, oh my god, is she ok? Oh my god, is this early dementia? Like, what’s happening? So many things happening. So many things happened.

Alex: I know. The visual is disturbing.

Laura: Yeah, but no she was in fact just concentrating. Also, it was a little but alarming because I was like you know people put their head and ovens, like I don't know, it just seemed like what what what? Why are you in the car? Yeah

Alex: That post was a real rollercoaster.

Laura: Yeah, yeah. So anyway, so sorry to have brought up the idea of calamity and catastrophe and harm of Susan Miller, but I just got very alarmed when I misunderstood her post. Which, you know, Mercury's in retrograde, communication is hard.

Alex: That's a perfect Merc retro communication problem. Like, someone says something that they think other people will understand, although frankly she should not have thought that. And then it gets interpreted in a very bizarre way. Although, I think you interpreted it as you should have.

Laura: I think I just took her face value.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: So, everyone be rest assured Susan Miller is fine. She was just late with the horoscopes. Mercury retrograde has passed. We are over it now. I think we're even almost out of the shadow, I think.

Alex: I think we could be out of the shadow. And last month, too, it was Venus retrograde and that's over, as well, so that’s good.

Laura: Lots of retrogrades, which Susan did talk about in her horoscopes. But first, I think we should get to the Note from Susan Miller, and the many things that also happened there.

Alex: Yeah, there were a lot… ok so the Note is… Susan is so excited because there's now something in the app called “read to me,” which was approved by Apple and Google, and it's so that, you know, if you're not able to read it, the app will read to you.

Laura: Yeah, very inclusive. Wonderful.

Alex: Great. Basically, Susan spends a ridiculously long amount of time explaining to us how to set this up on our phones.

Laura: And this was like a combination of like Susan Miller Businesswoman and Susan Miller Help Desk.

Alex: But Susan Miller Help Desk in the past, it’s been like one or two sentences. This was I think five paragraphs, or four paragraphs, about how to do this.

Laura: Yeah, it was. Anyway, so there’s a read to me feature. You can pick different voices. It's in the settings of the app if you have her app. Even the free version has this feature. And so I tried it, and I picked the character of Samantha to read to me, and I think, more than her Help Desk, we'll just play for people what it sounds like. So, here's my daily horoscope from, well you'll hear: “Monday, February 7, you may experience major breakthroughs at lightning speed. If your self-imposed beliefs are keeping you from your goals, eradicate them.” And then it keeps repeating until you stop it. So just FYI, that's the robot voice that reads your horoscope to you.

Alex: Yeah, so get excited. If you are unsure of how to do it, there are step-by-step instructions. A little tip from me and Laura is that she has these, there’s like six options for voices although, frankly, I think, actually there are only two different ones, a man and a woman.

Laura: Yeah, but then there's several different female voices but they all sound about the same with a slight change in vocal quality but not really know anything noticeable.

Alex: No. But if you decide to change the voice, make sure you close the app, quit the app, and then open it again, and you'll have the new voice.

Laura: The new voice, yeah. And she teased this feature before and Alex and I were wondering if it was gonna be Susan Miller's voice doing all them, but that seemed like a lot of work, so no it's an AI, like a Siri robot voice, so anyway, that's the new read to me feature, it was the focus of most of her Note this month.

Alex: Yeah, yeah. I wish it had been her voice.

Laura: Me too. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Alex: I mean, she would have had some time trapped under the hood of that car.

Laura: That’s when she was recording. So very interestingly, voice AI for recording artists is really picking up. I think I read that Dolly Parton has recorded her voice so like songs could be made post-death.

Alex: Whoa

Laura: I follow people who are like into this like futurist stuff but like other authors who are like, they record their own like nonfiction, and they, like, sometimes use a robot AI to record their audio books. And so, like, technically Susan Miller could have her voice recorded and then be reading her horoscopes postmortem.

Alex: I hope she does this.

Laura: I know, sorry. That’s maybe too much for just the end of Merc retro but I'm just saying like that's why I got excited it was gonna be her voice was if she did record a catalog of her voice, we could, we could have that.

Alex: I mean, you might be able to get the material you need from her, like, 85 million hours of Clubhouse discussions.

Laura: Right, exactly. She's probably got enough recorded already, enough recorded audio. I don't know the particulars, but anyway it could be done. Now we're in the era, in this Age of Aquarius, we could get Susan Miller’s voice recorded for an as an AI robot that could speak for her for later.

Alex: I'm on board. So, she talks a lot about this read to me feature. And then she sort of goes off of that into her usual kind of discussion in the Note, which is about downloading her app and if you don't have the app you're really missing out and you should get the paid version of the app because she writes even more and it's even better and, you know, she spends a lot of time on it. And you know, Laura and I don't have the paid version, we have the version for the free people and it's fine. Sorry, Susan.

Laura: I mean, we just live with these monthlies, I think, so. Anyway, she said it was taking her a long time because she had to rewrite different sections and she had to crack the code. And she rewrote them, and everything took longer, but anyway we have them.

Alex: We have them. I thought it was interesting, she told us, it sounds like the minimum for writing one sign is seven hours, but it could take an entire day.

Laura: I was like, how long is an entire day in Susan Miller’s mind? I mean I know a day is twenty-four hours, but I don't think of, like, an entire day being twenty-hour full hours. I think, like, you know, maybe twelve, fourteen.

Alex: So seven to fourteen hours.

Laura: So, so seven working hours. Like working hours.

Alex: And she said yeah it was spending a lot of time on writing the daily horoscopes. And then she said: those readers who have my app already knew what was coming up for each day, so there was no information lost. Which I felt like was kind of like, you people, because people were complaining this month, online on Twitter and Instagram about how late she was. And I felt like she was kind of like, ok, well, you know, if you had my app like I tell you every freaking month, you wouldn't have to complain about this.

Laura: But you don't get the monthly on the paid version, right? You don’t get the monthly any sooner if you do the paid version.

Alex: No.

Laura: And I think the overview of what people are really looking for.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I mean, I don't consult the daily one every day.

s: the InStyle boxes with her:

Alex: And then she's also participating in an Instagram Live on February 8 at noon eastern time. You know, she wants people to listen, and she says, “since Instagram no longer cuts off the video after an hour, I can go longer to be sure I answer as many questions as possible.” Which is so Susan and one of the reasons we love her.

Laura: I know.

Alex: Is that she really gives her time to her fans.

Laura: I wonder if it’ll be like a five-hour thing like some of her Clubhouse episodes. So anyway, you guys are supposed to read the horoscope and then bring your questions. So, yeah, Susan Miller is going to be generous so if you have a question, like, it could get answered. But yes, I don't know if I'll be on it—actually I know that I won't be on it at that time—but I think I might check in and see how long it goes.

Alex: Yeah, if it starts at noon, you may be check in at 4:00.

Laura: Yeah, I'll see you probably because I know I have a meeting at that time, but I was like, probably, I'll have plenty of opportunity to log in. So, yeah. And then, then the Note ended with a paragraph I loved. So, my favorite writing from Susan Miller was she said: I hope you enjoy February, dear reader. It's got so much to offer. This year's Valentine's Day with the meeting of Venus and Mars, the two lovebirds, is a good sign of this year could bring quite an enchanting experience on Valentine's Day. Let's think good thoughts. Awww.

Alex: Lovely.

Laura: Lovely, right. And I was like, you know that's what we need, that's what we need in February. Let's think good thoughts.

Alex: Yeah, she knows. She knows.

Laura: Yeah. So, should we get into the horoscopes, Alex?

Alex: Please! And a very big, happy birthday to Aquarius.

Laura: Happy birthday, Aquarius! I'm not gonna sing the song from Hair but you know I'm singing in my heart.

Alex: That's right. Um, I think, Aquarius was one of the ones that she spent the whole day on. It was very long and very detailed.

Laura: Yes, yes, and as she should, Aquarius, it's your birthday. You deserve that attention. And this sounds like there's gonna be a lot of attention for Aquarius this month astrologically. Some parts of this horoscope, like, I know they were good news, but some of it made me nervous, but you know let's think good thoughts. Let’s think good thoughts.

Alex: Yes. The beginning started out with like, you know, you're going to do all these things and you set these goals into motion and accomplishments and planets are, like, wanting you to get it done, and I was just like exhausted just reading it.

Laura: Totally. It was like, you’re going to make this big decision about, like, Saturn is going to help you make this big decision about the direction you're going to take and it's going to build a foundation for like your future and something substantial and it's only every like 29 years, and something, something, and I was like, oh my god, the pressure is on. But then she was like saying that Saturn had kind of already been around for a while so you might already be in that direction, so I was like ok, maybe people already understand what's happening but that was like, whoa, a lot of pressure.

Alex: I felt like it was a lot of pressure. I think she said something like, pick your new challenge or something like that.

Laura: Yeah. And she's like, Saturn teaches that the accomplishments we are products of our invariably those we work for the longest and hardest and Saturn asks that you simply do something new and not repeat old experiences or formulas. And the whole reason you've chosen your aim is to give your life stability, which will allow you to experience personal growth within that area in the years to come. And I was like, okay, so she said: This month Aquarius may be the time you'll choose your new challenge if you've not already done so. If you have, you will go deeper into your goal and experience a greater understanding of its intricacies, and I was like, oof ok.

Alex: It was a lot.

Laura: We’re thinking of you, Aquarius. It sounded kind of a little overwhelming to me. But you know if Saturn’s there, it’s gonna happen.

Alex: That’s right. And I guess Venus is also around kind of like smoothing maybe the edges of Saturn a little bit and helping you out.

Laura: Right. It won’t be as, like, scary.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: So, a recurring theme was that Venus and Mars are together right now, and I don't, we don't really know when that happens, I think happens every year, because I know we've done like another episode when we’re talking about Venus and Mars were together. But she was saying that like Mars is in your 12th sector, a place of secret, solitude, and confinement, and you seem to be reflecting on plans and refining how you’ll proceed. You're also putting final touches on your present projects before you show them to the world, but the 12th house is also the house of hospitals, so you may be helping an elderly relative locate a new doctor or bringing your cheer to that person if he or she is shut in, but you could also be in the hospital, such as to see your sister's new baby, and I was like, whoa, whoa, that was a little whiplash redirect, like, why are we in the hospital? I don’t want to be in the hospital. Oh, to see a baby. Ok, that’s fine. So anyway, a little warning there and also part of like the bumpiness of sort of this horoscope.

Alex: There was much bumpiness.

Laura: Yeah. She seems to really believe in Aquarius but then there are some things that made me feel like, oy yikes. But anyway, Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, will be traveling together, which is remarkable. Because Venus is at her happiest when she's at Mars’ side and Mars feels the same way about Venus.

Alex: Awww.

Laura: I know. Awww.

Alex: Yeah, there was lots of romance in this one.

Laura: Lots of romance. Your friend might set you up for a blind date.

Alex: Yes, and she says, go on that blind date, you know, see what happens.

Laura: She said, if you're attached it would be great idea to go away for the private weekend together like around Valentine's Day in a beautiful setting. And if you have children ask your parents or sibling to babysit or call that babysitter you trust. Not the babysitter you don't trust. Call the babysitter you do trust.

Alex: I marked that as well because I was just like, Susan really thinks that we're big dummies.

Laura: Yeah. But yes, very romantic around February 12th to the 13th and would extend to February 14th, too, if you can you take a vacation day, she thought, yeah.

Alex: Yeah, exactly. And then. Yeah, so lots of romance, lots of good things. Aquarius, consider yourself very lucky, you got big time mention about Cupid, and the fleet of little cherubs armed with their tiny bow and arrows are coming for you.

Laura: Literally when I read that I literally said out loud: They're coming to get you!

Alex: Yeah, but not in a menacing way.

Laura: No, no, no, but we love a fleet of Cupid sighting on this podcast.

Alex: We do, I put a huge thing in the margin: Cupid exclamation point. And then, this is good. So she talks about Cupid. She's very excited and then she ends the paragraph with: This is great, exclamation point. Wait, exclamation point. There's more, exclamation point. If you're not interested in romantic commitment, you can use the full moon of February 16 to form a successful business union sealed with a contract. You might hire a business partner, agent, manager, publicist, wedding planner, architect, home decorator, or other expert who can help you accomplish what you set out to do. Again, getting back to that, like, you know, you got to make it happen this month, and there was another part in here which I found, like, I think another person might find this empowering, but she said something like, the planets are not in charge, you are.

Laura: Oh, yes, I read that, and I was like, ok, thank you. We're the ones making the decisions, ok, thanks so much.

Alex: Yeah, exactly.

re aspect making a feature of:

Alex: Yeah. Laser beams of luck. Everyone's working for you. She said something I found interesting about, you know, you have Venus and Mars and they're there to help you but they kind of help with different things and she said, “Venus teaches the value of not trying too hard to let the other person come to you.” And I just liked this idea of Venus like not being too worried, like she's, you know, no one would accuse her of having no chill. She's like very like, you know, what's gonna happen is gonna happen, I’m awesome.

Laura: Yeah, I mean Venus doesn't have to work hard because she is literally the goddess of love, like everyone chases her. So, I enjoyed that that that image as well. Like Venus can't help it. People are just in love with her because she's the goddess of love. And it seems like that's the same thing for you, Aquarius. It's just love all the time right now.

Alex: Love all the time. And we could just talk about your love for the rest of the time, but I also just want to mention you could potentially have some money coming your way on February 17. So, mark that down in your calendar. She says, “outstanding news about money that will come suddenly and unexpectedly.”

Laura: Ok so for your birthday Aquarius, you're going to get a ton of romance, if not romance some super good contract, and then some lucky money, and Venus and Mars are like hanging out in their love shack.

Alex: Yes. And if someone asks you to come to the hospital, it could be for something good.

Laura: Yeah, don't, don't panic like we did.

Alex: Right. It’s not because someone got their head stuck in the hood of a car.

Laura: Yes, which, to get that joke, please refer to the top of this podcast. Yeah, I thought she ended on kind of a very nice note from, she just, she said it's a positive, productive, mainly happy, possibly exciting month, far better than January,

Alex: Good because that's what she's been promising us now for quite a long time, that February and were gonna be much better. So Happy Birthday, Aquarius.

Laura: Happy birthday, Aquarius. Let us know how the love shack of Venus and Mars and all the laser beams of luck works out for you. We are excited for you. Happy birthday, Aquarius. Alex, what's going on for Scorpio?

corpio. This is your February:

Laura: How are you doing with that, Alex?

Alex: I just don't believe a word she says at this point.

Laura: Ok great, just checking.

Alex: Nothing has changed in that department. But you know I enjoy her positivity, but, you know, Susan, we’ll see, I'm skeptical. But she spent so much time on love, I think I will first tell you about the other aspects of your life because truly this is all about Venus and Mars and just, you know, she doesn't mention Cupids, but I felt their presence, you know, I felt the tiny bows and arrows throughout this whole thing, even though they didn't get a real shout-out. So, in terms of career, she says things are very good. You'll have an important career development in February. She said that you may bring an important high-profile project to conclusion. She says, like, people, you know the thing she says about like VIPS will notice? She doesn't say VIPs will notice, but she says kind of something like that, like, you might get a promotion or someone at your job is going to notice what you're doing. You could get a raise. You could get a promotion that comes with like a salary increase that will be very happy about. So that's very good. She also talks a little bit about home life. And she says, you know, again, this is a good time for Scorpios to think about moving. She says that you could be at a point in your life like maybe if you're a bit younger where you're ready to rent your first apartment and then she says if you're a little further along in your life, you might be looking to buy your first house. She also said, you might be tasked with selling property that you no longer want, or that you inherited. So there's also this element too of like home and family and she says that generally while Scorpio is very focused on career, this month is going to signal kind of this new change where you're turning inward and making more time for your private life, and like nurturing those relationships, and like creating a better balance because you want to like have these relationships with your family and your friends and all that kind of stuff. So, things happening in career, it was all very positive. In terms of finance, I think it was all very positive too. I don't remember that she said anything like she said to Aquarius where you're getting lots of money. But still, because she really didn't dwell on any of these things, she just immediately started talking about love. So, let me get into it.

Laura: Okay, I'm ready for your love language.

Alex: I just, I don't even know where to start. It was just like romance is just coming from everywhere. From February through mid-May you have Jupiter, the planet of happiness and expansion, in your fifth house of true love, which also rules romantic love as well as pregnancy birth and adoption. If you are single, you have a superb chance to meet someone new. If you're attached, this month can put vibrancy back into your relationship. So then she's talking about Venus and Mars, the cosmic lovers, the two little love birds, that come together, and she just says they're going to meet again in February, and I think in March. And then she says: it will be as if every day this month is Valentine's Day.

Lura: Ooh la la! Wow. Ooh la la.

not meet again until February:

Laura: Whoa so this is like the love shack era. Yeah, okay.

Alex: This is. Sort of like she told Aquarius to go on a blind date, she tells Scorpio that the third house governs siblings. So, if your sister wants to make an introduction, don't roll your eyes, reviewing in your mind all the terrible dates she has set up—this time could be different.

Laura: Oh ok, so give peace a chance.

Alex: Thank you for reducing that down to what it really means. Okay, so then she says, February 17 you will have a major five-star aspect that is exceedingly rare. And I guess it involves Jupiter and Uranus, and she said: Jupiter's entire job is to make you happy and he asks nothing from you in return. Jupiter delights in seeing you smile and being excited, and then with that, Uranus is bringing the surprises. And she says that this is going to be a good surprise. I mean she says that a lot, but we don't really know, and she’s sort of convinced that a lot of Scorpios may experience a surprise marriage proposal around February 17.

Laira: Oh, my goodness. Okay, yeah.

Alex: So, you know, get ready. I think this day she just keeps saying this day is really important. February 16, it's really going to be great. But, February 23. The things that happen on that day will be sweet as sugar.

Laura: Oh phew, I was like, what?! Sweet as sugar. We haven’t heard that phrase very much. It's almost as good as a peach of a full moon. Sweet as sugar.

Alex: She says it's great and then also February 24, she says that the divine Venus in Capricorn will be sent elegant vibrations from Neptune, the planet of unconditional love, and she thinks that you might have a glamorous evening.

Laura: Oh, okay lovely.

Alex: Yeah. She also said, and she says this often, that, like, if you're not into romance, and she admits: I have spoken a great deal about romance. But if romance is not what you're after, creativity is something that, you know, might be at the forefront for you. And she says, you can still use the dates I've outlined to let your creativity grow as big as a high hibiscus flower, as big as a dinner plate.

Laura: Okay, I don't want to knock Susan Miller but that is a much smaller scale than my concept of creativity.

Alex: I just want to know what she was like, I'm gonna give two examples for this metaphor. And one of them is going to be a flower and one of them is going to be a plate.

Laura: But like when I think of like creativity, you know, let your creativity expand, I'm thinking like cosmos, like nebulas, like stars being born, you know, and so hibiscus and dinner plate is kind of like a small project to me.

Alex: Me too. Why a dinner plate? A dinner plate, not that big.

Laura: I mean, I guess, if I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and really work this metaphor for her, I would say there is actually quite, you know, a single flower is quite a miracle, like the amount of creativity that it takes to make a single blossom, but a dinner plate? I don't know. I guess like, I'm not going to knock the small kinds of creativity, but those size differentials are now but I was expecting.

Alex: It was very surprised by that line. It was a little strange to me. Okay, um, she says it's a great month to pamper yourself. She says, you might want to take a little trip, especially February 12 to 14. And she also recommended the vacation day on Monday. She said, you know, that's like a nice Valentine's Day thing you could do if you're in a relationship, but she said also if you're single, short weekend trips to a resort taken any time this month could bring in intriguing first meeting.

Laura: Oh, okay. Very nice to know.

well. So, she ends by saying:

Laura: Wow. Love Everywhere: The Scorpio Story for February 2020.

Alex: That's right. That's right. As big as a dinner plate.

Horoscope Story for February:

Alex: So Many Questions and Zero Answers: Every Horoscope Ever by Susan Miller.

hlights for you from February:

Alex: Yeah, yeah, good job.

professional area until March:

Alex: Saturn is, like, really tough.

Laura: Yeah, but she was saying that for a while so I was like, and then Saturn he's kind of like moving around, but yeah, she been saying that for a while. So Susan Miller was late with the horoscopes this month as to be expected, but I do feel like there were some moments where we were really kind of abandoned, but you know it's like fine, we live through it, like here we are. But she said that the new moon in Aquarius will put a spotlight on the surprise planet of your Uranus and Taurus, and Uranus is the landlord or ruler of your prestigious 10th house of career success. And there's also gonna be like Venus is your ruler and Venus is with Mars and like Venus and Mars are happy and will set up sparks of love and joy. There's also Capricorn. So anyway that's all means that like, there's a lot of stuff in our ninth house that rules travel, higher education, the media, which is broadcasting and publishing, and your efforts to attain a degree in higher education. So one of those areas lit up around the new moon of February 1. I'm just letting people know that's what she said in case that happened and you should see good results. She also says that Venus and Mars will be contacting fortunate planet Jupiter, so she says your friends and your contacts will be most helpful to you on many levels of getting ahead in your career. And this came this came up again later that like your friends and your acquaintances and your network are, like, the best parts of this month. So just letting people know, like, keep your friends close.

Ok then she made a digression into something, which I felt was alarming, which she said was the saddest day of the year. She said something else might be the core of why you may feel a little bit down on February 4, and I was like okay thank you because I didn't feel very down between February first and February fourth. No idea why. But then she said social science scientists say the saddest day of the year is when people are most likely to have seasonal affective disorder, and that unhappy day is January 17, but Susan disagrees.

Alex: With science.

Laura: Yes. Susan says the saddest day is when Saturn conjuncts the sun to exact degree on February 4, and I was like whoa, because then she released the horoscopes late on February 4, and then I was like, I don't know I like it was maybe Saturn moved out of that conjunction because then I started to feel like a little bit better about life, and I was like, was I waiting for the horoscopes? Was it Saturn? But anyway, if any other Tauruses were also, like, having the saddest day of the year in the first few days in February, this is why. We were having a rough go. And then she said, then, you know, of course anytime she mentions living situation I throw into a panic because she's been so right about living situation stuff for me, so she says: Keep your eye on your living situation as it may change due to this conjunction of the sun in Saturn. The sun rules your physical home and also your parents. And so, this exact paragraph, one of my friends who is a Taurus screenshotted it and sent it to me with a big “what” because her parents have just been ill and she's been taking care of them, and so then like this paragraph was alarming. So it was something like the sun rules your physical home and your parents may be moving or temporarily living elsewhere, or you might have to move in to help your daughter with her newborn baby, and then there’s a lot about home and family life and I think another paragraph there’s something about that you might have to like make a decision about elder care or something so we were just like alarmed. Alarmed. But then she was like, I'll circle back to that leader. Okay, great. And then she went on to say, back to the saddest day of the year, if you're a little down on February 4, know that feeling will be fleeting and will dissipate within a day or two after February 4, and I was like well it's February 6 now and I'm like, oh yeah, correct. Anyway, she was accurate, but I wish I'd known that in advance.

Alex: I know, and she could have even done a social media like post about that.

Laura: Yeah, so I don't know if I was the only sign that had that going on because I didn't read all 12 signs but anyway there's a reason, guys. Ok so then she was back to Valentine's Day, which she's like very happy about. February 14 will sparkle brightly this year because Venus and Mars will still be cuddled close in Capricorn. And she says this is so fortunate for you. So, some Tauruses may find themselves engaged or getting married or going out to a luxurious restaurant.

Alex: Ooh great.

r and not again until July of:

Alex: I think that is very true. That's lovely.

Laura: Yeah, I mean, you know, seeing friends these days is always like so thrilling because winter, Omicron, lockdowns, whatever, but yeah. So, friends will be the joy of your life. So I also thought that was kind of nice for like a Valentine's Day romantic thing that like, you know, there's a romance with your friends. But yeah, so Taurus overall positive, a little curveballs maybe with like home life and family matters. But good for your career and maybe some lucky stuff around February 16 on the full moon so fingers crossed.

Alex: That's great. I kind of feel like you hit the jackpot with that forecast. Because we've complained many times that Susan has these very narrow views of romance.

Laura: You're right.

Alex: You know, and for her to kind of acknowledge that like your friendships are so important and like bring you a lot is a big deal for her, I think. It's usually like get out your fine china and your rose petals.

Laura: Yeah, and she just kind of briefly glossed over, like, you'll get engaged or the luxurious restaurant, which I was just like, I love that idea. Love that idea. So the most Taurus thing that I maybe have ever done: one of my friends who is also Taurus sent me this link where you can get from Costco 50 roses for like 50 dollars, maybe a little a little bit more, and so I have 50 hot pink roses coming to me a few days before Valentine’s Day.

Alex: The most Taurus thing, but maybe the smartest thing you’ve ever done.

Laura: Like, I don't know how they're gonna, I don't think they're gonna be packaged very prettily because they're just kind of like you know bundles, but I'm like really hoping they come to like the front desk in my building, and I have to go down and be like, “Oh, Carl, I just had 50 roses delivered.”

Alex: Like, oh my goodness, 50!

Laura: 50!

Alex: How will I ever get these upstairs?!

Laura: I don’t know, I’ll have to borrow the cart! That’s my favorite is when you have a delivery that requires that cart, then you know it’s like either IKEA furniture or like something really major.

Alex: Yeah. Yeah, well 50 hot pink roses can do it.

Laura: Yeah, I mean exactly. Better get my vases all lined up!

Alex: That's true, you could spread them out. You’ll have to.

Laura: I’ll have to. I mean I might just start giving something away, they'll be so many.

Alex: Well, to your adoring friends!

Laura: Exactly. My adoring friends. Um, yeah, I think that that was it. So, uh, overall, she does say that February is going to be better and I'm cautiously optimistic. Like she said in her Note: think good thoughts.

Alex: If we can leave you with anything: think good thoughts.

Laura: Very important. So, I guess we'll be back next month when it's March, and we'll see what she has to say. She did start to clue clue us in good things are also happening again in March, so yeah, seems to be a theme thankfully. And otherwise, you know, you can always go to our website if you want to read the transcript of this podcast, and you can always email us your thoughts. Tell us how your very romantic Valentine's Day in the love shack era of Venus and Mars goes. You can email us at astrologyzoned@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you.

Alex: We'd also love to hear from you if we're wrong and getting your head stuck in the hood of a car is really an expression.

Laura: We need to know. If that’s an expression. If you’ve ever had your head stuck in the hood of a car.

Alex: We hope not. We want all of our listeners to be safe.

Laura: I have so many questions.

Alex: But yeah, please weigh in on that because we are very confused.

Laura: Yeah, definitely. And then, you know, if you enjoy this podcast, please tell a friend. And Happy Valentine’s Day to our listeners.

Alex: Happy Valentine’s Day to our listeners. Whether you are celebrating in a classic Susan way or in another way. Have a nice day.

Laura: Happy Valentine’s Day. Have a nice day. Ok everybody. See you next time.

Alex: Bye!

Laura: Bye!

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