Episode 8

June 2021 Horoscopes: Princess President-Queen

Published on: 9th June, 2021


This episode is all about you! According to Susan, the double-bodied Gemini brings the possibility for twice the opportunities! Geminis certainly are a lucky group, which is why the gals are so excited that baby Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor has entered the world under such an auspicious sign! 

The episode starts with a discussion of Susan’s posting habits and note to her readers, where she details her grief over her ex-husband’s death. And in true businesswoman fashion, she still gets in a few plugs for her many endeavors. The gals learn some new facts about astrology, including one that will be of interest to anyone who has been married more than once (just like Elizabeth Taylor!) and report on Susan’s practical advice for June. Finally, Alex is happy to report that Cupid’s little fleet of angels is back in full effect for Scorpio, and Laura informs her Taurus friends that they might have to deal with some change.   

Laura and Alex discuss the following at these timestamps: 

Note from Susan Miller: 02:30

Practical advice from Susan Miller: 10:30

Gemini: 13:06

Scorpio: 26:10

Taurus: 32: 50

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Laura: Hello, Alex!

Alex: Hi Laura! It’s nice to see you too.

: You, too. Here we are, June:

Alex: We have. And we're back in that same city.

Laura: Yeah, back in the same city, New York City.

Alex: It’s, you know, very hot here.

Laura: Very hot but you know exciting that like we can be outside, so much of the city is vaccinated, it's really literally a different city from that when we started this podcast ye olde six months ago.

Alex: Wow way back in the day.

Laura: Way back in the day.

Alex: Well, happy Gemini season

Laura: My gosh, happy birthday to all the Geminis. Oh I know before we get into it, let's just tell people, the plan for right now is we're going to tell you the Note from Susan Miller, we're going to cover some practical advice, and then we're switching things up now. Please don't be disappointed. We're just two women trying to cover the most efficient way that we can. So what we're going to do this time is we're going for it, we're going to try to just feature the zodiac sign of the month. So we're going to cover Gemini. And then, of course, Alex and I will cover Taurus and Scorpio because that's what we are but. So every month we're going to be spotlighting the current season, or the current signs so that's what you're gonna hear: the note from Susan Miller practical advice, Gemini what's in store for you, and also for all of us because it’s Gemini season so everything also is applicable, and then Taurus Scorpio. And that's how we're going to do it and if you guys have thoughts or opinions on that format, please email us at astrologyzoned@gmail.com.

Alex: Yes. And if you're a sign other than Taurus or Scorpio and the featured sign and you read something that you feel that everyone else must know, please email us and we will report. Laura: Yeah we’ll definitely report on that. Alright, so I think the first thing we need to cover is holy moly what a wild ride it because Susan Miller posted late.

Alex: What a wild ride! However, to me the uncertainty and chaos was coming from her posting on time.

Laura: Yes, exactly.

Alex: Her posting late was a relief to me.

Laura: Yeah because I think it was a three month streak right and maybe even four. February, March, April, May. Four months where she posted early or on time.

Alex: That's pretty good.

Laura: That's a really good streak. Susan, way to go. Courtney. your assistant, obviously on top of it.The reason Susan Miller posted late as she posted a social media message that said that she had planned a funeral for her late ex-husband, Don Miller, on May, 24 and the family was deep in a depression and grieving and so it was, she needed more time to get the horoscopes out.

Alex: And we send, you know, all good thoughts to Susan and her family. Laura and I have discussed the fact that we we'd never heard a lot about Don Miller, and so certainly you know she is mourning and we would never doubt that but it's strange to read the effect that his death has had on her when she's so forthcoming about her personal life in these horoscopes and yet we've heard very little about Don Miller,

Laura: Yeah so it's almost surprising like oh my gosh there's somebody that you obviously care very deeply for, and he's passed away and it almost as like, we didn't he know existed, so we'd like I'm catching up on her grief, you know like, when Little Mom passed we were like, oh wow we're prepared, we had heard, we've been kept up but this is just like left field, I mean he also died suddenly but this is left field, this, this person that's important to her, which does not diminish her grief, I think we're just still catching up on the importance of Don Miller in her life but it makes sense, like we said last time, he's the father of her children. And, you know, like even if people don't say together they’re still a family unit.

Alex: Yeah.

Laura: So, I'm sure, and he died rather young so I think that's also jarring. You know I don't know I’m thinking maybe, maybe I'm reading too much into it but I'm sure, having your ex-spouse die also makes you kind of face your immortality a little bit so that might be. Who knew we were in the season of life where, like, Susan's time is a bit different. She might have a different perception of her time with us. I mean, I hope she has many more decades with us. But you know, I'm just saying I might be projecting, but like it would probably bring up some stuff for me if I had a spouse that died.

Alex: Agreed. Now last month in the Note, the content was devoted entirely to Don.This time, she starts with Don, but then does many plugs.

Laura: Yes, many, many others. There's like a lot of grief. So it starts out like almost I was like I was alarmed with the first sentence of the Note from Susan Miller. It read: Just when I thought I could not cry any more than I already had, more tears came. I was like Susan Miller, you're a writer, Susan Miller. So a little bit alarming and then she kind of went into some stuff about her children and thanking people for the messages that they had sent on Instagram and on social media. So there was definitely some more about Don and photos of them, because she had been posting throughout the month some photos, like her wedding photo with Don, and things on social media and some photos that her kids had posted. And, yeah, but then it went straight through to like a whole lot of business .Susan Miller businesswoman, she's back to work, guys. Mourning period was over and she was back to work.

Alex: That’s right and Susan can be all those things.

Laura: She can be all those things.

Alex: She was all those things in the Note.

Laura: Yeah, even when she had all her eye problems, she was still, you know, she was on track for work so Susan Miller pulls it together and we'll be there for the people in her horoscopes but um, but obviously Don's death has been very impactful so I don't think this will be the last that we’ll hear about the legacy of Don Miller.

Alex: Me neither. I have to ask, what did you think when she started the paragraph with: I have some unusual news to share in this note.

Laura: Yeah, no, I think I was prepared for anything.

Alex: I was thinking, like, unusual like CBD water?

Laura: Right, right. I was like, what kind of unusual? But, yeah she just had a lot of business news.

Alex: A lot of business news.

Laura: Yeah, there's a thing about a Forbes article, right? She wanted to make sure people knew about the new moon solar eclipse on June 10 and where you can watch it in New York City, and that made me get excited because the last time there was a solar eclipse in New York City it was a really good view and I got the special glasses to watch it, and I was like ooh it’s at 5:30 in the morning, should I Amazon Prime myself some glasses and then they couldn’t be delivered in time, and it’s 5:30 in the morning and if I know myself, this Taurus just isn’t going to be there for that. So, you know, I've seen a few full solar eclipses in my life and this one I just might sit out. Also it might be cloudy. But she wanted to make sure we all knew about it. So there is a full moon solar eclipse if you're in New York City, you can see it at 530 in the morning Eastern. And there's a couple other things. So the Clubhouse app thing was interesting. She’s giving a talk on Cubhouse on I think June 12. She explained the Clubhouse app if anyone doesn't know what it is, it's a social media app, it's audio only so it's kind of like listening to an audio conference, and they're all live and they're not recorded so you have to, you know, you have to join, you need an invite to join, and then you listen to things live. I actually this weekend was attending an author conference on Clubhouse, which was actually very nice. There's a lot of sessions and you could hop in and can always hop in and hop out on Clubhouse. So that I found useful. But Susan's giving this talk on June 12. and I was like I'm not sure if I'm available and I'll miss it, because it'll just disappear, you know, once it's done so. I have the Clubhouse app, I'm familiar with it, I'm going to try to listen to it.

Alex: Okay, I am not familiar with Clubhouse. I applaud Susan for trying out this different platform

Laura: Especially during Merc retro!

Alex: That is a great point. She is just going for it on Merc retro. I also liked that she talks about Clubhouse and then she kind of gives some, like related practical advice about it, and she says that since you're just listening, you can multitask. She is looking out for you. You can cook or clean the house or drive home while you listen to her on Clubhouse.

Laura: I was folding laundry while listening to like a talk on how to be a bestseller. It was very useful

Alex: Great. So she is excited about that. And she has reduced the price of her calendar. Laura. if you're interested.

Laura: I mean I'm not gonna lie, I was like, maybe I will get it. Is it $19.99, is that what she said?

Alex: Yeah yeah $19.99 down yeah the original price of $26.99, so a steal.

Laura: I'm a little bit tempted and, yeah, I mean I also feel like I should buy something from Susan Miller at some point since I have like 15 years of consumption of her content and no monetary exchange yet.

Alex: That’s true. Actually maybe we should be embarrassed.

Laura: Yeah, kind of it kind of hit me this year with the podcast, like, I've never actually given this nice woman money and she's given me so much.

Alex: That’s true. Thank you, Susan.

about the Spanish Flu in like:

Alex: Love it. Can’t get enough of it.

Alex: To our friends in other countries we hope that you will be able to get it and in the meantime, please say as safe as you can. That's the practical advice.

Susan: The best practical advice she could give. So important. Don't let your guard down.

Laura: I mean I was like, look: Anheuser Busch is promising Americans beer if they get the vaccine, there's lottery tickets if you get the vaccine, there's donuts if you get the vaccine, and Susan Miller’s just doing her part for the pure PSA, like get the vaccine. Alright so, so, Gemini.

Alex: Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Laura: Happy birthday, Gemini! Ok wait just one little note speaking of Gemini season. Great news for Geminis. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, their little girl was born on Friday, June 4. She is a Gemini, and she is named Lilibet Diana, which, Lilibet is the family name for Queen Elizabeth, so she is named for Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana. Some people are saying Lileh-bet and some people are saying Lili-bet, and we don't know yet what they say.

Alex: Oh no, we need a royal to say the name.

Laura: No one has weighed in yet. Alex, I'll keep you informed. But anyway, so what I think is very exciting about—obviously there's a healthy little girl and like I'm you know I'm a big fan of Prince Harry and the Duchess, so always exciting when there is a sweet royal baby, but she's a Gemini, and you know Geminis have like dual bodies, right, and what I think is interesting is because this little girl was born in California, she could both be President and Queen.

Alex: And I think she might be.

Laura: And I think President-Queen is like my personal goal.

Alex: Absolutely. Wow that’s very exciting news. She has a lot of potential.

Laura: She has a lot of potential, right? Little Lily. They're calling her Lily so I think maybe it is Lili-bet, but Lileh-bet, I don’t know. But Lily and her big brother Archie, everyone’s doing well. So cute. Yeah, so our little Princess President-Queen is born and is a Gemini.

Alex: Congratulations, Meghan and Harry.

Laura: Congratulations on your Princess President-Queen.

Alex: Well, let's get to her forecast.

Laura: Okay, yeah, let's get to her forecast. So little Lily I don't think this is a big month for you. You were born. I think you should just take it easy. But for you other Geminis

Alex: Yes, give her some time to acclimate.

Laura: She’s not a working royal, she’s just a baby. So for the other Geminis, so Susan talked a lot about the eclipse on June 10, which is also around the new moon. And then there was a lot about the full moon, but so something that she said—this is actually not relevant to your horoscope, Geminis, but it was very interesting to me—first off she was like, the full moon eclipse, there's a lunar eclipse in May. And that one was in your house of marriage or committed relationships. So a person dearly important to you might have been your focus. And she said if you're separated divorce, this area of your chart, so strongly lit, includes your first spouse. And then she went on this whole thing about like, if you have multiple spouses, they are ruled or they fall in like different houses of your chart. And I think she wanted to just say this because she wanted to talk about Elizabeth Taylor, who kept getting married and went through most of the houses like marriage cycle, which I thought was very interesting. But anyway so your first spouse is ruled by the seventh house and if you remarry your second spouse it will be ruled by the ninth house. And, and then and so on and so on, and if you're married three times that marriage will be ruled by the eleventh house and I don't remember what each house rules so I don't know but your first spouse is ruled by your seventh house and my grandmother had four husbands so now I want to go back and like look that up and see like, what would I know about her life.

Alex: Husbands in many houses!

Laura: Husbands in many houses! Which also just sounds like kind of like delightful astrological bigamy, I don't know, or polygamy. I don't know why I find this anyway just so you guys know, if you have multiple spouses in your life, they each have a different house. Yes, like astrologically and in your heart, I don't know.

Alex: Yeah, I think that's right yeah I love Susan's, I love that she told us about this, and I love her like pop culture references. I can't get enough of what she chooses to reference.

Laura: 100 percent. Yeah, Elizabeth Taylor, I was like, Oh, I thought we were talking about Gemini but now we're on to Elizabeth Taylor. And I can’t remember Elizabeth Taylor’s sign. But anyway, it's always a good day when we get to talk about Elizabeth Taylor and her marriages Alex: Exactly. An inspiration. I thought it was interesting and again this is not related to Gemini but really to eclipses. I thought it was surprising how she said that you may feel the eclipse when it happens but you may feel it a month later.

Laura: Yeah I mean I know some says that like full moons correspond to six months later but I didn’t know eclipses were or maybe I did, but yeah, that stood out.

Alex: We have learned so much.

Laura: So there is a solar eclipse—this is hard to understand—there’s a solar eclipse on June 10, which is also a new moon.

Alex: I feel like we should have a segment, although it would be very short, that’s like, what are the moons, what are the moons of this month. New moon, June 10. Full moon, June 24. Keep that in mind.

Laura: Keep that in mind. So yeah for new moon and the solar eclipse that is in Gemini she said it was gonna bring happy news and new moons are all about fresh starts and this new moon falls in the sign of Gemini, because it's Gemini season, so the opportunity that will come up during around June 10 and the solar eclipse will be just your cup of tea and because Geminis are double bodied, there might be like two chances or like two things that like are very good.

Alex: Geminis. So lucky.

Laura: Princess President Queen. You don’t have to choose, Gemini!

Alex: She has very good things to say about your career Gemini. She said there were a bunch of things you could do, one of which was to start a podcast.

Laura: I mean, well, we know how that works out. Well! Works out well.

Alex: Works out so well. So Geminis please start a podcast. I liked, also, I mean I just read this and I think, what are the fun things that she suggests you can do. I mean this is less fun in our current world, but she said you may find work on a cruise ship.

Laura: Exciting.

Alex: Yeah, I kind of liked that. And she wants to, she gave a little plug for you to tell her what happens to you.

Laura. Yes, and you can tell her and you can also tell us, but yes tell her, she also would like to know.

Alex: Yeah, right, but she's very interested in what happens to you on the June 10 eclipse.

Laura: Yeah. And then she's at the full moon on June 24 was going to be one of the most lucrative moments of the year. I think there was like stuff about money but there's also stuff about like starting career advancement and money, and she kept calling the full moon a real peach, it's a picture of a full moon! And I was like, Oh, I just love a peach of a full moon.


or if you're a lawyer you may win an important case and be paid handsomely as a result and she was giving more examples of things that could be lucrative. And she says, I give you these examples to get you thinking. And I'm like, Oh, that's why whatever she says something good may happen she gives you like things you could start she gives you 10 examples like a blog or website, you know, all of these things. And I’m like, why is this list so long, like, but then I'm realizing Susan's like, there might be an opportunity I'm trying to get you to brainstorm what your opportunity is. So that's actually very generous. It's not just her being, sometimes I'm like is she just flaky? Why does she give us all these examples? They feel so unspecific or so broad that I don't know what it could impact and I’m like, oh she’s just trying to help us brainstorm.

And I keep us like aware of, like, the many possibilities for lucrative moments, or abundance or advancement and I was like oh I finally understand, because every time you and I see a list of her suggestions, like we've talked about this before, we feel like we're at the end of a pharmaceutical commercial where you have to talk really fast. And then like oh she's just, she wants to like cover a lot of bases, so that like one of those hopefully will get you thinking, or like, keep your eyes open.

Alex: Yes, I think that's a good insight into the mind of Susan. I agree, I usually read those and roll my eyes.

Laura: She’s just aware she has a broad audience of millions of readers and she has to say a lot of things so hopefully one of them will click.

Alex: Right. Thank you, Susan.,

Susa: Yes, thank you, Susan. Happy Birthday, Gemini. There's so many opportunities for advancement.

Alex: So many. I was excited, she talks a lot about money, good money things for Gemini, but she also said, I don't know why this stuck out to me so much, I was so excited for Geminis to possibly win a prize from a contest you entered.

Laura: Exciting, Gemini. So many options.

Alex: Yeah, I thought that was so fun.

Laura: Yeah. So yeah, so, in sum, great month for you, both at the solar eclipse new moon of June 10 and the full moon June 24, a lot of great stuff. And then one thing I thought it was very exciting and she said that you will probably have the opportunity to travel. And she said: a Gemini cooped up in lockdown at home is like a beautiful bird contained in a gilded cage. Soon you will be able to fly free.

Alex: Yes. And she of course though includes, because she has an agenda which I approve of, you will be able to fly free, and you can do so safely if you are vaccinated.

Laura: Yes. So, again, Susan Miller is looking out for you, and other people and she's doing her patriotic duty and encouraging vaccines.

Alex: Yes. Yeah, I have felt like Susan, the monster moon aside, Susan has been very positive, this year. I don't know if you know she knows that we all need some positivity. And I've noticed that the forecast I've read seem to end on a high note. This Gemini forecast, unfortunately, while very positive throughout, did not end particularly well. Bit of a reality check at the end.

Laura: I felt like she was really embodying Saturn the taskmaster because she was like, yeah

so great month for you, but by the way, be practical and informed because if you want to say the last sentence, go ahead.

Alex: I will say one more thing as I leave this subject. The weakest most sensitive part of Gemini’s body is the lungs. Be sure to protect yourself.

Alex: Dark.

Laura: Stark. Kind of dramatic. I mean, she was already warmed up for dramatic lines with the first line of the Note from Susan Miller where she, you know, there was more tears that came, but I was like oh wow Susan ok.

Alex: Take care of your lungs, Gemini. Don’t get Covid.

Laura: Don’t get Covid. Don’t get Covid. She’s really trying to protect you. It was kind of like the spoonful of sugar. You know she gave us all this like beautiful news of how lucrative and wonderful and abundant your June would be and then she was like, here's your medicine. Protect your lungs. So after you eat your birthday cake, Gemini, get your vaccine. Or get your vaccine and then have birthday cake! Oh my god birthday vaccine! Very exciting! What a gift! What a great gift! Oh my god, exciting!

Alex: And then you can truly enjoy your peach of a new moon!

Laura: Yeah, peach of a full moon. I think that's also why I like it because I think of a full moon but looking like a peach in the sky like a peach of a full moon, just delicious.

Alex: Yeah, I think, good luck, Gemini, Happy Birthday, enjoy yourself, hopefully you'll be getting some money, and that you'll win a contest and get a job on cruise ship in sum.

Laura: Yep. And then one day we will be ruled by our Princess President-Queen.

Alex: Looking forward to that Day.

Laura: Can’t wait for that day.

Alex: Shall we move on to Scorpio?

Laura: Yes, Alex, Scorpio please tell us about the Scorpio forecast.

Alex: Okay, well, she started, there was a lot about money. She starts off by talking about money, and she says that perhaps last month you had many expenses. But luckily, you're going to get some of that money back. She wanted to make sure that we knew that this money was not coming from the house of salary. And now here's where I get caught up again in the lists.

Laura: Sorry, Alex I’m just laughing because in my mind, I was talking about the House of Windsor, but beware the House of Salary!

Alex: Beware the House of Salary! Because the House of Salary is not the same as the house of commissions, royalties, cash advances, insurance payouts, valuable gifts tax, refunds, government stimulus checks, company benefits like matching tuition funds or better health insurance, venture capital mortgages, business loans and lines of credit, inheritances and so forth.

Laura: Whoa. Okay.

Alex: Did you know that there was a house of government stimulus?

Laura: Well, no, I did because in one of the other forecasts in previous months she was talking about that and so she gave a long example of like where this like money that you wouldn't expect could from was like that kind of like earned extra surprise money not like your salary but you're usually planned and prepared for it.

Alex: Ok so that's the difference. Don't think this is coming from your salary, Scorpio. She said it's a good time for medical procedures and surgery, and she thinks that insurance will cover your medical expenses. You know, she would also tell you though to maybe not have surgery during Merc retro, although she would say if you really need surgery, just have surgery.

Laura: Yeah, but like elective surgery and beware of scheduling cosmetic surgery during Merc retro.

Alex: Right. So what else. I mean she gave the usual merc retro thing. She says Mercury rules the gears and electronic chips within products so anything could happen. Never buy a car during Mercury retrograde. She felt this was especially important to the Scorpio. Let's see.

She thinks, oh she did talk a bit about career and she says when Mars enters Leo on June 11 to stay until June 29, you will enter your most critical time for professional advancement, better than you've seen in two years. So that's good. She does say, however, that on August 8, there's going to be some like difficult career stuff with the new moon. And so that's not going to go particularly well. She also said for whatever is happening on August 8, I realize this is a little premature, don't sell your house or make any big changes to your house. What else. Um, yeah don't make she keeps driving this point home about good career things are happening now but maybe don't make any changes in August. So I have some good news for Scorpio, which is that Cupid's little fleet of angels is back!

Laura: Oh my god Cupid’s fleet of angels! I love them. I can hear the pitter patter of those little fluffy wings already.

Alex: Exactly. Apparently they're never far away and they're making a comeback on June 24 on that full moon.

Laura: Oh on the peach of a full moon!

Alex: On the peach of a full moon. So she says that this full moon should quote thrill every Scorpio. And it only is better if you were born within five days of October 26 either way.

Laura: Ok.

Alex That does not include me but I'm excited for the Scorpio is who it does include. So those Cupid's are going to be doing their thing, great for love and romance and maybe having a baby. Laura: Ok

Alex: Heightened creativity generally. So lots of good things. Um, what else. Uh, yeah, this 24th new moon, she's very into. It's going to be great for Scorpios and she says that, I feel like the main takeaways of this were good career things in June, not so good career things for the Scorpio in August, but that's okay. Cupids are back, get excited. Enjoy this full moon on the 24th. She threw in a thing about find ways to improve your appearance. You guys can’t see this, but Laura made a face and I make the same face when I read these things..

Laura: I’m growling at these things. I don't know I feel constrained by the patriarchy every time she says it even though I love like clothes and jewelry and makeup and all of that stuff, too. When she says that I'm almost like, I'm beautiful the way I am.

Alex: Yes, I feel like just so there's no confusion, let me read what she said: So Venus favors you so outstandingly, find ways to improve your appearance for compliments await you.

Laura: Oh, it's Venus. That’s why. So that’s ok, Alex. It’s just just Venus because Venus is like the planet of love and beauty and it's like when you adorn yourself a little extra Venus is like, Oh thanks ,I saw that pretty girl. So it's not really like for the benefit or the gaze of men of the patriarchy, it's you're honoring the Goddess, the goddess of like love and beauty. Yeah, it's for the gaze of Venus. It's like I get upset when it's like you know you have to look a certain way so that like you'll please men or something.

Alex: Oh no she didn’t say that.

Laura: And she never does. But it like triggers some weird thing in me, but it's for Venus. She just like twinkles a little more.

Alex: And to be clear, she didn't say that the fleet of Cupids’ arrival was contingent on any kind of appearance change.

Laura: Okay, great, but, you know, right, that's good because you know we're still doing the thing where we're like pajama bottoms but then put on a nice top for Zoom. Well, you know, like, you know I gotta get out my summer wardrobe, you know, I'll try a little harder for Venus. Alex: Okay. Well, shall we move on to Taurus?

Laura: Yes ok, Taurus. Hello my beautiful Taurus friends. Ok so Susan Miller did acknowledge that like May was a very expensive month, probably because if you're in the US, there was a lot of taxes due and things, so she said that making money, organizing your finances seems to be on your mind in June. Good news that the very friendly eclipse on June 10 during the new moon could easily open up opportunities for you to make money, and she said again because Gemini is double-bodied that it might be two opportunities or like two ways. So thank you to my new patron saint, the Princess President-Queen.

Alex: So powerful.

Laura: So powerful.

Alex: So tiny and so powerful.

Laura: I mean, if she wants to have a normal life, that's totally fine, I'll support her whatever she wants, but yeah. So, she said also you might have to let go of one source of income to take in the new source, because an eclipse will often eclipse out the ongoing but outworn situation to give you a chance to make new and better ones. So that might not be the case but eclipses are in a hurry to move you forward and they bring sudden news that motivates you to change your plans. So there might be a new opportunity for money around the new moon on June 10, but it also might be that you like close out something else. Whatever, it’s all service of something better. And one of my favorite lines, she said: a new moon like the one of June 10 opens a big door that has been previously locked so that you can then walk through it. And I was like, ooh walking through that new door on my way to the peach of a full moon. Yes, sashay. So she also said you currently have Saturn in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement for the first time in 29 years. This is I think the thing she said back in January where I realized like I was stepping into my Susan Miller time like I was under the same auspices that she was when she started astrologyzone.com. She said, so you may have been offered a role that you feel is a big deal you wonder if you can handle it. But yes, you can. Thank you, Susan.

Alex: So much encouragement.

Laura: So much encouragement. So she said also, she said, even though it's like Mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde does show delays in the Taurus second house of financial matters so like if you notice it like that's happening like, don't worry, it'll sort itself out. But she said, again, like that the solar eclipse has Saturn sending kisses to the new moon, and you're offered a promotion or job or if you're self employed, you might want a new lucrative client and that will change will give you a new and solid sense of security that you've not had before. So, like, looks like a new opportunity that will be very solid, so even if it's a change Tauruses, and I know my fellow Tauruses, we don't really like change. But it’ll be okay. And then she said the full moon on June 24, peach of a new moon, could bring about good news about a family member or plan for your house. You know, we'll see. And again, she said, remember it's Mercury retrograde so don't buy electronics until after June 22 and I was like, thank you for the reminder, and she basically said Tauruses you will have a busy month and the idea of making more money sounds good. And then you will get a chance to unwind in a new setting and that will refresh you, so possibly some travel or a little like change of setting.

Alex: That sounds nice! You’re going to go somewhere to get refreshed!

Laura: Yeah to get refreshed and maybe like different new money, and yes you can handle it, she said yes you can. Like, I too could be a Princess President-Queen and if that’s the role that’s offered. I could accept it.

Alex: Susan believes in you.

Laura: I know, she really does. I’m really really excited. So yes, that's Taurus. So I think it sounds good, right? I mean, I’m excited. Peach of a full moon.

Alex: Me too.

Laura: Sounds lucrative for a lot of people. If we didn't talk about your horoscope, please you can also refer to Susan's website, astrologyzone.com. And we're going to have a little episode about Mercury retrograde, so everyone please, you know, we are with you at this time. But don't be too scared.

Alex: Yes. Absolutely. And as Susan would say: tell your friends.

Laura: Tell your friends, hit us up anytime at astrologyzoned@gmail.com, and we will see you back here for the next episode.

Alex: Thanks for listening.

Laura: Bye!

Alex: Bye!

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Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast
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Welcome to Astrology Zoned: A Susan Miller Fan Podcast! Laura von Holt (Taurus) and Alex Gershuny (Scorpio), superfans of Susan Miller and longtime readers of Astrology Zone, share their (non-professional) thoughts on astrology and the woman, the mystic, the oracle herself: Susan Miller. Each month Laura and Alex will break down their Astrology Zone horoscopes and discuss why Susan Miller’s combination of exciting predictions and practical advice causes them to return to her site month after month.

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Laura is a captivating voice for women of all ages, and works as a coach to harness self-expression and goal setting, while battling the patriarchy and other oppressive forces, like self-doubt! Laura is an expert in the arena because she has followed a life of passion. Whether she is writing plays that earn her top marks in the New York Times, or wild romance novels (under the pen name Laura Lovely), she is a beacon to follow – which is easy to do because she leaves a trail of glitter behind her.

Laura is the host of The Mermaid Podcast and You're Doing Great. She is proud to be the world's foremost mermaid expert and your personal cheerleader. She writes romance novels as Laura Lovely.

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